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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

SCOTT CUNNINGHAM  (1956-1993) 

    Scott seemed to have all the answers, because he wrote several books on the occult, and how people can cast spells that work (at least according to Cunningham). Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner is on the shelf of almost every Wiccan, and many non-Wiccan occultists.

    Scott claimed to have first learned about Wicca from an unamed female High School classmate in the 1970's. He later went on to take creative writing at San Diego State University. He claimed after he had more published works than his professors, he dropped out to pursue writing full time. Along the way he rubbed elbows with fellow Llewellyn authors Raymond Buckland and Donald Michael Kraig.

    But Cunningham, despite all this “magic” and occult knowledge he supposedly had, still unfortunately died from AIDS-related cryptococcal meningitis at the age of 43 anyway.

    With all due respect, his life doesn’t seem to have been anything extraordinary. He didn’t do anything that most people would consider to be actual "magic", and thus Cunningham’s books don’t work. Even though Cunningham claimed he could do magic...including spells for health...he died from AIDS anyway. 

    Nevertheless, his books are still in print. (By the way, I know some readers are already disappointed I keep saying “His magic didn't work”, or “His books don't work”, or “She was a fraud” because you “know” there is such a thing as “real magic”. OK, show me some of this “real magic”, and then I'll believe you. OK then.)


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