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   by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

 SYBIL LEEK (1917 -1982)

    A prominent Wiccan and self proclaimed successor to Aleister Crowley. Leek claimed she knew Crowley, but turned out later she lied after the dates of Crowley's whereabouts and other details didn't match up with the facts.  Also, Crowley never mentioned Leek or her family even once in his voluminous writings. 

    When the Wiccan craze started in the 1960's in the UK, Leek jumped on the bandwagon, claiming (falsely) to have come from a long line of witches. Leek worked at a televison station, and was able to exploit this to gain publicity.  Leek managed to pull off her con and write several books. She even claimed to be part of "the Jet Set" due her new found fame.  

    Historian Rossel Hope Robbins was one of the few people speaking out against the history revision going on at this time, which made him hated by Leek. When Robbins gave public lectures on the real history of witchcraft, leek would be in the audience with her pet crow. She would have the bird squawk whenever Robbins said something she didn't like...which was quite frequent.

    If she were Crowley's successor though, that would make her the next "Great Beast, 666" (Crowley's self dubbed title). Leek also claimed to have powers, especially the ability to heal. This is why friends who knew her were puzzled when, unable to heal herself. Sshe died of lung cancer at 75 (she didn't even smoke). 

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