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By The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

TONY AGPOA (1939-1982)

 Agpaoa began the famous psychic surgery scam in the Philippines during the 1960's. The Philippine  psychic surgery scam goes back hundres of years. Spanish conquistadors recorded it as far back as the 16th century. Spanish Priest/Explorer Pedro Chirino wrote in 1565, "He (the sorcerer) placed one end of the hollow bamboo upon the affected part while through the other end he sucked up the air; then, he let  fall some pebbles from his mouth pretending they had been extracted from the affected spot...In times of sickness, these men were at there best, because in times of sickness they (the patients) were ready to venerate anyone who could give or at least promise to obtain a remedy for them."

    Agpoa was a Filipino psychic surgeon who took his act on the road to the United States where desperate people paid thousands for his "services". Agpoa made enough money from his scam to afford a palatial home and even a gold plated Mercedes Benz! In 1968 on one such trip he was arrested in Detroit, Michigan, skipped out on $25,000 bail, and fled back to the Phillippines.

     Despite that, he was still sought by terminally ill people and even featured in the 1977 mondo shock-umentary film, Journey Into The Beyond. Even in the documentary, the narrator (John Carradine) stated some people accused Agpoa of using the tricks of a stage magician. Agpoa and other psychic surgeons, could make their hands seem to go into solid tissue, remove growths, and seal the entry point  without even leaving a wound. James Randi and other magicians have demonstrated that slight of hand and sometimes a magicians gimmick...a phony thumb used to create the illusion of removing tumors, blood, etc.. The psychic surgeons conceal parts of chickens and blood inside their hands or fake thumb tip, and claim they're tumors or such, and the patients blood. The reason no scar or wound is left is because the surgeon’s hands never actually enter the patient's body in the first place!  Agpoa actually performed simple surgery such as removing cysts and draining infections on some patients using a knife, which was certainly dangerous since it was done in less than sterile conditions and he had no medical training!
     Psychic surgeons play on people’s desperation. Their patients usually are people who have been diagnosed with incurable diseases and turn to these con men for help. Since the patients die rather than get better, there’s no one around to sue or complain to the authorities.
       When Agpoa was suffering from appendicitis himself, he was flown in a Chatered jet to UCLA medical center for surgery, rather than use his own "psychic skills" to just simply yank the appendix out. When his son developed cancer, rather than use his alleged "powers", he had him taken to an American hospital as well, although the boy did not recover, unfortunately. Agpoa and the con men like him prey on the desperation of sick people, and are the worst kind of occult con men. Agpoa died at age 41. He, and all psychic surgeons, are fakes and frauds of the worst kind. 

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