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The Anti-Christ, also known as “The Beast”, “The Great Beast” or “The Beast of Revelations”. A mythical supernatural figure which End-Time Christians (and some occultists) believe will come at some unknown future date and rule the world until the real Christ returns to beat the living cream cheese out of him. Some Theistic Satanists (the kind that believe in a literal Devil), being contrarians, think the Anti-Christ will be a good guy, so they eagerly await his arrival. In fact, Michael Aquino, who heads The Temple of Set (the other leading brand of Satanism) was said to be someone obsessed with the 1976 horror movie The Omen; a movie about the Anti-Christ. Not only were all three novelizations of the Omen movies required reading on the group's reading list, it seems Aquino even went so far as to tattoo three 6's on his head!

    There's of course, many different views on who the Anti-Christ  will be and what the prophecies concerning him mean among believers, but roughly, it goes something like this: According to the book Revelations in the Bible, The Beast will rise to power and rule the entire world. He will be born in territory that was once part of the ancient Roman Empire, or one of the old Seleucid kingdoms (not everyone agrees on this point). He will have a “mark” which will identify him, which is 666, although some manuscripts have the number as 665, or 616. So, if some world leader has a connection to a three digit number starting with “6” somehow, you'll at least know it's him at any rate!

    According to the prophecy, At first the Beast seems like a man of peace. He receives a head wound that should have killed him, but then recovers somehow or possibly rises from the dead. He rebuilds the temple in Jerusalem which somehow won't piss off a bunch of Muslims, because he'll have to tear down the Dome of The Rock Mosque to do it, and then everyone in the world will be forced to worship the Anti-Christ instead of whatever they were worshiping beforehand. To identify his followers, they will all have to take his mark either on their heads or forehands (the three digit deal starting with “6” again).  People who refuse the mark will not be able to buy stuff or do business, and will wind up getting their heads chopped off, or killed in some other horrible way.

    There have been several candidates for the Anti-Christ in the 20th century. 

Alesiter Crowley liked to call himself “the Great Beast 666”, and even called himself “the wickedest man in the world.” Oh sure, being a bisexual drug addict into the Qabala, who shaved his head was pure evil for turn of the century British and American tabloids, but nowadays Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Amanda Byrnes, Mylee Cyrus, or Kim Kardashian do stuff like that and worse on a daily basis...not to mention Crowley never even made a sex tape! Yaaaawn! Besides, Adolph Hitler came along right at the end of Crowley's career, proving what a rank amateur Aleister was at evil. Geeze.

    Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist and also a disciple of Crowley, once wrote him a letter telling him he was going to be the new Great Beast 666, and more or less told Crowley he was all washed up. Since this happened during Crowley's flophouse years, you can't help but feel a little sorry for poor old Aleister. Parsons, however, blew himself up making nitroglycerin in his basement later on down the much for Parsons being the Anti-Christ.

    Speaking of old Shicklegruber, many people thought Adolph
Hitler was the Anti-Christ during his reign, and it probably seemed like a sure bet. I mean...HELLO...he was Hitler! At first, Adolph was the “man of peace”, and was nominated for the 1938 Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, really, look it up. Then he started World War II, killed 6 million Jews and an estimated 10 million Christians, turned people into soap, lampshades, and dog food, and that was certainly evil as Hell by anyone's standards!

    So where does the three sixes part come in with Adolph? Well, if you create a cipher system where 100 = A, 101=B, 102=C, etc., the word “Hitler” adds up to 666. Oooo -weee-ooo! Spooky ain't it? But wait, there's more. While he didn't make everyone wear three sixes, he did have the swastika...and he stuck it on everything. The swastika represents (among other things) the Sun, and in the Cabala, guess what the number of the Sun is? Yep, 666 again!

    And now for a real stretch, and whoever came up with this one had way too much time on their hands: The coordinates of Hitler's birthplace, Braunau, Austria, are 48.25 North by 13.05 East. Assuming the Earth's radius as 1, the cosine of 48.25 is .666! Yikes! And no, I don't really know enough math to actually understand that last one, but let's just pretend I do (and thanks to Jason Boyett for providing that in The Pocket Guide To the Apocalypse).

    Herbert W. Armstrong of the Radio Church of God (later renamed the World Wide Church of God) was one that thought Hitler was The Beast. As a final similarity to the Beast, Hitler shot himself in the head...but he didn't recover from it, as the Beast of Revelations was supposed to have. Hitler died and lost WW2, and that was one of many of Armstrong's failed prophecies (along with predicting the world end in 1938 and later predicting it would end in 1975).  To save face, Armstrong's followers today are saying Germany will produce the Anti-Christ at a latter date. So there! Nyeah!

    Some people who thought Hitler was the Anti-Christ even believed he would rise from the grave...but he didn't, obviously. When Hitler didn't pan out as The Beast, Joseph Stalin looked like the next best candidate. On the evilness scale, he ranked right up there with Hitler if not pretty close, and wound up killing even more people because he lived and ruled longer. Plus, he persecuted Christians and Jews, turned churches into horse barns, burned Bibles, and enslaved millions of people in a state that tried to force atheism on everyone.  Sure sounds really Anti-Christ-y, right there...AND he even had a bigger mustache than Hitler to boot! But Stalin died, and eventually the USSR became extinct some 40 years later. Hitler and Stalin were sure as heck tough acts to follow, but end time prophecy folks keep up looking for The Great Beast still to come.

    Honorable mention (or should that be “dishonorable mention?) for Anti-Christ also goes to Il Duce himself, Benito Mussolini.  Once, a group of Christians told Mussolini that he was the Anti-Christ. Being a closet atheist, he didn't know what the Anti-Christ was and got them to explain it to him. When they told him about the prophecies in the Bible he smiled and said “Really? That's in there?” and he actually seemed quite flattered! Well, I guess evil is in the eye of the beholder. Geez. It was probably a good thing Mussolini was flattered for the sake of the Christians who explained it to him, since Fascists aren't known to handle criticism well...and comparing Il Duce to the living embodiment of the Devil and stuff right to his face was hard core (although not undeserved). 

    Mussolini did seem to be resurrecting the Roman Empire, and he was certainly born in one of the qualifying countries to be the Anti-Christ. Not to mention the shaved head and wearing all black most of the time made him look like Lex Luthor. So at least there was that. Well, needless to say playing second fiddle to Hitler rules him out, and being shot, hung upside down and having your corpse mutilated by an angry mob doesn't make you the Anti-Christ either (EPIC FAIL!), even if your kid does marry Sophia Lauren. So the search continued.

    Some other people who were/are candidates for the role of real life Damien Thorn are former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan (because his, first,middle, and last name all have 6 letters), both Presidents Bush, Prince Charles, both Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Pat Robertson, Bill Gates (well, hey, he did invent Windows Vista!), Sadam Husein, and any Pope since the Protestant reformation.  A few prophecy folks think Judas Iscariot himself will be reincarnated to be the Anti-Christ, showing even the Devil keeps trying things that failed miserably the first time around, just like Hollywood film executives do.

    There is another school of thought, known as the Preterist view, that says the  events of Revelation were all fulfilled during the 1st century Christians' lifetime, which mean the Anti-Christ has already come and gone. Even though Babylon was mentioned as the Beast's kingdom, all end-time Bible scholars realize this is a reference to Rome , accept briefly when Sadam Husien was causing a raucous, and some thought maybe it was really Babylon(modern day Iraq) after all.  But once Sadam was dancing at the end of a rope, needless to say people again once looked to Rome. Although Since this I.S.I.S. thing started...they'll probably switch back to iraq. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE!

    Rome may have been described as Babylon to compare it to the fallen empire, and/or to use as a code word against Roman persecution of the day. A woman riding on the back of a beast happened to be the seal of Rome, and could be found on Roman coinage of that era. Emperor Nero was busy killing Christians and doing all kinds of sick things, like nailing them to crosses in his gardens, throwing them to dogs, and using them to light his dinner parties. There was also a cult of Emperor, where Nero was literally worshiped like a god, and Christians were persecuted for not participating. Likewise, The Beast of Revelations expected people to worship him.

    Nero as the identity of Anti-Christ is by no means a new idea. St. Augustine mentioned in 422 A.D. that the early Christians believed Nero as the Anti-Christ, and Augustine himself apparently believed this too. An apocryphal book titled The Ascension of Isaiah , dating from the late 1st century A.D., suggests Nero was the Anti-Christ. St. Paul seemed to be familiar with the book, because he mentions the Archangel Michael and Satan fighting over the body of Moses, and this was only found in The Ascension of Isaiah.

    There are many Roman Catholic Biblical commentaries that state Nero was the Anti-Christ as well. Nero was the first Emperor to persecute the Christians, and many 1st century Christians believed he would rise from the dead. The International Bible Commentary: A Catholic and Ecumenical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century by William R. Farmer states on pg 1864 :

"According to 17:9 the heads [ of the Great Beast] are kings, and the text seems to allude to a legend very widespread in the first century C.E., especially in Asia Minor, that Nero would return from the dead (Nero redivivus)."

And The Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn says on page 783,

 "Clear allusions to [ the struggle against Roman authority] can be found in Rev. 13:18, where the number of the beast (666) is probably a cryptogram for Cesar Nero and the harlot seated on seven hills in Rev. 17:9 may be an image of Jerusalem and its leadership propped up on the authority of Rome, whose capital stands on the crest of seven hills."

    Hebrew letters have a numerical value, because they were also used as numbers, and when the name “Nero Cesar” is translated into Hebrew, it adds up to 666. It looks like we have a winner! Shucks, it was just Nero all along! Well, it's been 2000 years, and I doubt we'll be hearing much from him. But on the off chance I'm wrong and Nero does rise from the grave, even with the zombie fad at this writing, I imagine most people will flee in terror from an ancient Roman Emperor  back from the dead, rather than make him a world leader.

    So now we know Nero was the Great Beast the author of Revelations had in mind when he wrote it. While you can't make a movie with that kid from Growing Pains out of it (at least let's hope no one ever does), the Roman Emperor Nero is almost certainly the correct identity of the Anti-Christ. There is no Anti-Christ to look for in the future. So right now a lot of Christians reading this may be breathing a sigh of relief, while Satanists reading this are really, really bummed out about it.

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