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by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom 

The Bloody bucket Bridge is a bridge located in Wauchula, Florida, that demonstrates how urban legends and ghost stories can quite rapidly evolve. According to the book Weird Florida, a freed black slave took up midwifery after the Civil War. But she killed dozens of the babies she delivered, and somehow no one noticed right away. 

Eventually she went mad from guilt of killing all those babies (of course she must not have been playing with a full deck to begin with. Der hey.), and started to think her mop bucket filled with blood. She would dump the bucket out on a bridge, only to have it fill back up with blood again. (Urban) Legend says if you go to the bridge on the night of the full moon, you can see the river below turn to blood! Muhahahaha! 

The Bloody Bucket Bridge must date back to at least Civil War times, if the legend is true. So what does this old, scary bridge look like? It looks like this:


Now you're probably thinking, "Wait the bridge doesn't look like it dates back to the Civil War." That's because it doesn't. It was built in 1970! I've heard there was a bridge before that built in 1950, but even so a freed slave would still have been around their 90s back when that bridge was built.      

    Now for the real truth: The bridge is actually called Griffin Road Bridge, and it wasn't built until the 20th century. Prior to that, there was no bridge! In the 1940's, before Hardee County became a dry county, there existed a bar on Griffin Road (located at a curve before it runs into Miller Road) called “The Big Apple”. It was a rough and tumble kind of place, where you'd go to get a drink of rot gut and try not to get in a knife fight. It was a real place, and I've talked to several old timers who went to the bar in their younger, rowdier days.  Because of the fights that often occurred in the place, it was nicked named “The Bloody Bucket”, and the name stuck.  

    The bar went out of business after the county went dry in the 50's, and the building was torn down. Even so, the curve in the road where the bar once stood was still called “The Bloody Bucket”. When I moved to Florida as a kid in the 80's, the site where the bar once stood  was still called “The Bloody Bucket” even then, and anyone could tell you it was named after a bar.  There's still to this day a concrete slab on the ground on the site that people said was the bar's floor. 

    Griffin Road is nicknamed “Bloody Bucket Road” and the bridge on Griffith Road over the Peace River became known as “Bloody Bucket Bridge” solely for that reason, and that reason alone!

    The story about the midwife killing babies is a load of tripe. No one in Wauchla ever heard of that story before the book Weird Florida was published. Not only that, it's just plain impossible even without the supernatural stuff. For one thing, the people of that era in Florida had their own ways of dealing out frontier justice. 

    I knew a local historian who told me how his great-grandfather's brother had been killed by an Indian, and then later avenged his death. He spotted the Indian one day crossing a creek, started fighting him, and finally killed the Indian by stabbing him to death with his pocket knife. That's the kind of people they were...they were tough, because they had to be to survive in the 19th century frontiers of Florida!

     If there was a woman killing babies, she would have been hanged on the spot, regardless of color...and people of color certainly had a hard enough time back then not being killed by Whites just for the sheer Hell of it.  Look up the history of a town called Rosemont, Florida, and see of you still think a Black midwife could kill dozens of White babies and get away with it in the 19th century! 

    So, either the authors of Weird Florida  invented the story, along with the “life long resident” mentioned in the book who allegedly gave them the tale, or they were very misinformed. The story circulated on the Internet, and now there are many younger residents of Wauchula who are repeating the “murdering midwife” myth. 


Blinky The Baphomet Says "This website really cracks me up. Really."

Blinky the Baphomet says, 

"That's just one ghost story created out of thin air, rather than ectoplasm. I imagine plenty of others are created the same way!"

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