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by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

    Bohemian Grove is the site of a yearly two week, three weekend  Monte Rio, California retreat held each July, which is owned by The Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club is a men's art club...unless you're a conspiracy theorist which case you believe it's really a meeting place for a super duper secret Satanic order which operates the “shadow government” that really runs everything!

Pictured Above: Disney World For Satanists?

    The Bohemian Club consists of male only members who are prominent artists, journalists, politicians, as well as millionaires and big wigs in the Republican party (same thing, actually). In recent years it has been dubbed a place where creepy, weird Illuminati type rituals with bloody Satanic human sacrifices and super spooky occult stuff takes place. Yes, can't you just picture someone like retired General Colon Powell dressed in a black robe reading passages from The Book of Black Magic And of Pacts right before he slits some naked girl's throat? Oh, you can't? Well then good for you, you're one of the smarter ones, in that case. I like you!

    The yearly shindig for rich cats started in 1872, when The Bohemian Club had an outdoor party where everyone got drunk and slept it off on blankets on the ground. OK, I have to admit so far it sounds like my kind of international Satanic conspiracy thingee! People had so much fun, that it became a yearly event that eventually devolved into the exclusive all male hoidy toidy snob fest it is today.

    The crazy notion of American Republicans being Satanists who attend prayer breakfasts when not conjuring Old Splitfoot started when Bush 41 mentioned “The New World Order” in a speech in the 1990s. While Bush was simply referring to a world without our arch enemy, The Soviet Union, to Conspiracy nut types, this clearly meant Bush was a member of the Illuminati. Even though the phrase
Ordro Novus Seclorum has been used by America as its motto since 1782, the conspiracy nut crowd thinks it's something sinister and means "New World Order"...but it actually means "New Order of Ages". Get a Latin dictionary and you'll see I'm right. Oh, and "seclorum" does not mean "secular", either.   After that speech, Bush was on the tin foil hat crowd's radar after that. When the FBI shot some Neo-Nazi losers on their dirt farm at Ruby Ridge, Idaho while he was President, they didn't like that either (but that's whole 'nother conspiracy!).

    As you probably know, his son was elected President in 2000 in a very close and highly contested race, and this left many people who voted for the other guy very bitter. Since the Bush's were both members of Skulls and Bones...well that only fueled the conspiracy fires. Yes, a lot of people on the Left believe the Bohemian Grove malarky too.   

Blinky the Baphomet says,

"Don't believe any of this! He's really an Illuminati member trying to trick you![snicker]"

    Conspiracy nut Alex Jones claimed to have infiltrated Bohemian Grove in 2000. The BBC aired the video allegedly depicting a “Satanic ritual” that allegedly took place there. Basically a human effigy labeled “Care” was burnt in what was obviously (obvious except to paranoid idiots, that is) meant to be a humorous stunt. One of the evil Illuminati members, The Simpson's Harry Shearer, said the place was basically “summer camp for rich guys”. Well of course... that's what the Illuminati wants you to think! (That's sarcasm, by the way)

    The video was quickly debunked, and if you pay attention when you watch, you'll quickly realize it doesn't actually show anything evil going on...and there's really even no way to tell if it's even happening at Bohemian Grove for sure. And of course, there's also common sense, which tells us a bunch of Mr. Burns wannabees (as well as the voice of Mr. Burns himself!) just aren't the types to belong to Satanism.

    This video shows how Alex Jones lied his paranoid arse off in the infamous Bohemian Grove video.  Pay attention to how Alex Jones considers Neo-Nazi Texxe Mars as a credible source.

    Bohemian Grove is where plans for the Manhattan Project (the first Atomic Bomb) were made, and no doubt other important things have been planned there as well. Sure, if a bunch of rich, powerful people get together, they'll probably make plans and exchange ideas. Der Hey. But that in and of itself doesn't mean they're all members of some Satanic more so than when the board of some large corporation convenes, or when guys at a country club write up a business contract on a cocktail napkin. It's called “networking”, and it doesn't have anything to do with Satanism.

    But for all you haters and tin foil hat wearers out there in T.V. Land sulk away disappointed...there does seem to be a secret about Bohemian Grove. It seems it could possibly be a (rather harmless) retreat for closeted gay rich guys. So at least there's that.

    Allegations of homosexual activity going on there are nothing new. For years it's been well known women had to leave the premises after 9PM, weren't allowed to become members of the club, and all the staff that worked there were males. A politically incorrect President Richard Nixon can be heard commenting to John D. Ehrlichman, and H. R. Haldeman on one of his tapes from 1972 that  “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time--it is the most faggy God damned thing you could ever imagine...” So apparently Nixon saw some stuff going on down there that didn't involve sacrificing chickens! Nixon sounds like he had some uncomfortable moments there, and  when you consider Nixon's nickname was “Tricky Dick”...well, that must have only exasperated things quite a bit!

It's hard to tell what's going on in the picture, but I imagine Nixon is explaining what happens when you bend over to pick up the soap at the Bohemian Grove shower room.

     When you connect all the dots and keep in mind it's an all male art club based out of San Francisco, Bohemian Grove starts to sound like it could possibly be a more benign and upscale version of the “Women Haters” clubs of long ago that were really just gay bars.  So then, Bohemian Grove isn't an outdoor orgy of Luciferic horrors, but simply just a place where rich guys go to have fun and also possibly a retreat for closet gay Republicans...not that there's anything wrong with that. From all this we learn it isn't just Fundamentalist Christians who believe in crazy conspiracy theories, but Left Wing Christian haters as well. So there you go.

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