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by The Notorious Doctor Zoom Zoom

       The Cabala, also spalled Caballa, Caballah, Cabalah, Kabala, Kaballa, Kabalah, Kaballah, Qabala, Qaballa, Qaballah, and even Q.B.L. The Cabala is the epitome of all occultism, superstition, and heresy. All medieval grimories of the European middle ages are based on it. All Western occultism is derived from it.

       The Hollywood Cabala is not the same Cabala of Jewish mystics. For one thing, the Cabala is only supposed to be studied by men only, who are at least 40 years old. Otherwise, it is said the student will go mad. When people like Brittany Spears and Madonna can study the Cabala and not go crazy, we can see why this claim is false. Jewish Cabalists also don't wear the cute little red string bracelets that Hollywood stars do either. This tradition is apparently borrowed from Santeria.
       The Cabala of Hollywood is not like the Jewish Cabala when it comes to morality, either. The traditional Cabala says that people are expected to keep the 10 commandments.
       Reincarnation is found in the teachings of the Cabala too. The idea is lifted straight out of the teachings of Eastern Religions and has nothing to do with Judiaism. The Cabala teaches people are reincarnated repeatedly until they are perfected and can be part of God. The Bible teaches this no where, not in the Old or New Testament.
       The most bizarre concept the Cabala teaches is that God and the Devil are really the same. Often times on depictions of the Tree of Life you will see the serpent. Some people who study the occult eventually go to the "Left Hand Path" (doublespeak for        B L A C K    M A G I C ) when they get to a point in their studies and feel that the Serpent is somehow the key to it all. In Aleister Crowley's occult order called the Argentinum Astrium (the A.A.) gave it's members a choice of going on the Left Hand Path or becoming a "Babe of the Abyss" upon entering the 7th level. In other words, the Left Hand Path was the only choice. Why is this? Because the Cabala teaches the concept of Ain Soph. Since everything is Ain Soph, then God and the Holy Angels are part of the same things as Lucifer and the Demons. In the book 777 and Other Cabalistic Writings, A L E I S T E R   C R O W L E Y  equates Satan with the Holy Ghost, which any Christian would find blasphemous.

     Some people who study the occult come to the conclusion that the only path is the "Left Hand Path".. Crowley apparently saw this, and I know I came to the same conclusion when I was studying the occult. I know of someone who left Golden Dawn type occultism who came to this same conclusion as well (subsequently he too left the occult and became a Christian). As for me, I'm an Agnostic now, so I don't really have a dog in this fight. 
     It might be worth pointing out that occultists like Crowley had miserable fates. See the F A M O U S   O C C U L T I S T S section for more info. I think this because occultists are relying on magic to help them when they should be helping themselves. 

Most of what occultists consider "Cabala" is actually not what Jews would call Cabala. Hermetic Cabala is the Jewish cabala combined with European Ceremonial Magic. Many books on Black Magic such as the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the Greater Key of Solomon, and the Lesser Key of Solomon claim to be books of the Cabala. Some occultists call books such as these "Qabala", spelled with a "Q" to differentiate them from traditional Kabala books. So-called "Christian" books on the Kabala are spelled with a "C", and Jewish Kabala books are spelled with a "K". For more on occult grimories, see the NECRONOMICON section.

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