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From Now To 1900

Picture of Serial Killer and Satanist Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez
       Here is a collection of news accounts from all over the world  involving occult related crimes. Crimes involving psychic scams, ritual murders, rapes, grave robbing, and even cannibalism and slavery can be found here. crimes that have been well documented listed by year but in no particular order otherwise. The list starts at 1900, which I made the cut off point (because 19th century newspapers aren't exactly known for accuracy in reporting, for one reason), and goes into the present day. The list includes Wiccans, Voodooists, Santerios, Abqas, Crowleyites, a Theosophist, "Gnostic Alchemists", and of course, lots of Satanists (Sorry, but Satanists seem to commit most of the occult crimes. Go figure).

There are, of course, urban legends about Satanists running international global conspiracies involving the non-existent "Illuminati" and pedophile rings involving heads of states. Such crackpot accounts can be dismissed at the get-go. Even though there aren't intercontinental murder rings, or Satanists placing backward messages in Rock albums, that doesn't mean there aren't the "rouge" occultists out there who run afoul of the law.

Of course, it's not all skulls and bones and such. Some of the crimes are actually humorous, such as the Wiccan who accidentally shoved a sword through her foot during a "good luck" spell while trespassing in a graveyard, to Satanists who got arrested for performing a spell that "turns dead people gay" in a cemetery.

Relatively speaking, there's not a whole of stories for the first 50 years or so. That's due to time and a lack of resources to really research newspaper archives of the past.

The 1980's experienced an occult boom, which lead to an increase of occult related crimes. The 80's were also the beginning of 24 hour media, and later the Internet. Thus more news items are preserved and accessible from the 80's onward.

Plenty of occult crimes get little media coverage. I've listed a couple here that I personally know of, but that haven't got any airtime air time at all and only got mentioned in the local papers. Plenty of things happen that never get covered, I'm sure. In Miami for instance, finding Santeria items (used in trying to cast spells on judges)at the Dade County parts of animals (chickens in particular), roots, herbs, candles, stones, etc., are so common place, they are not even considered news worthy anymore.   This list is by no means a list of every occult crime committed by occultists since 1900...and it's not meant to say that all occultists are criminals. Most aren't. 

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 ...and as a matter of fact, yes, I have heard of the "Satanic Panic"!

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