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Police unearth bodies from mass grave at Hell Ranch

1990 Ogden, Utah - Alan B. Hadfield was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse after his own children testified against him. Prosecution said that at "least fifteen adults and fifteen children were identified as participants in various unusual sexual activities,including instances of group abuse of children by adults. The activities described by the children involved Satanic ritual, costumes and masks, photography equipment, men dressing in women's clothing, and frequent episodes of playing with and consuming human excrement.  Alan Hadfield was released on probation in 1998. (Salt Lake City Messenger)

1990 Waterbury, CT - Two 16 y.o. Satanists were arrested for stealing urns with human remains from a mausoleum. The pair admitted the remains were for use in Satanic rituals. A third suspect was sought by police.(AP)

1990 Bradenton FL - Satanist Willie J. Hills, 28, was sentenced to an 80-year prison term in a plea bargain over attacks on elderly women that included sexual battery with force, attempted felony murder, armed burglary and two counts of aggravated battery, amony other charges. Hills was accused of beating two women in their 80s until they were unconscious, raping and beating a third elderly woman and fondling and tying up another. Hills flashed a victory sign after he pleaded no contest to the charges. Hills told police and psychologists that he believes in Satan and that he committed the attacks "to gain power."  Hills suffers from possible brain damage and hallucinations, & has a history of violent crime (which is the kind of person attracted to Satanism). (Tampa Tribune)

1990 Brentwood, CA - Michael Pacewitz had tried joining a local Pentecostal church, but it didn’t work out, because he kept dropping his pants and mooning people during the service. In fact he mooned people anywhere he felt like, which landed him mental institutions from time to time. Failing at Christianity (and also at taking his anti-psychotic medication), he became a Satanist. It seemed to make him even crazier. On 3-4-90, he confessed to police for raping and murdering 3 y.o. Marcelline Ornick, for whom he was babysitting. He told police the devil had commanded him to kill the girl, and he did not regret it. He recieved 26 years to life. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton)

1990 Berkley, CA - Sex magic cult "Ordo Templi Orientis", and seven individual plaintiffs filed a suit in Federal Court against the City of Berkeley, County of Alameda, 10 named officers of BPD, two other individuals and as yet unidentified additional defendants.  Their legal lottery suit asked $9.5 million in compensatory damages with additional special damages and remedies.  The damages arose from allegations of violation of civil rights, civil conspiracy, false arrest and imprisonment, slander, libel, conversion, assault, battery, malicious prosecution and abuse of process,among other things. The O.T.O. made an appeal for people to donate to their legal fund, citing their failure to win past cases and sue "renegade O.T.O. lodges" due to lack of funds. One would think with all that magical power they would have won their case, but alas, they didn't. They could have bought a lot of dope with that much money. Their demigod, Aleister Crowley, died a penniless drug addict in a flophouse half a century ealier, you know. (

1990 Durango, Mexico - Police in Northern Mexico have arrested 14  people  accused  of belonging to a Satanic cult suspected of carrying out more than 30 human sacrifices. The aurthorities have begun digging up a mass grave containing victims in the Northwestern state of Durango.  The cult which allegedly carried out devil worship and ritual killings, was uncovered by police in the small town of Mezquital. The  victims were believed to be  local farmers killed  during ceremonies in which they were hung unpside down  and  had  their throats cut. The crimes seem to have been similiar to those at Metamorors, leading some to think claims by that group that the cult had more locations to not be just mere bragging after all.

1990 Providence, RI - Two teens and two adults were arrested for stealing an infant’s corpse from a cemetery. The body was later recovered at an abandoned house used for Satanic rituals. (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton)

1990 Pan Handle Texas - On Friday the 13th, 1990 Frankie Garcia was sacrficed to Satan by his "friends" in a barn known locally as the "haunted house".Witnesses said Garcia was forced to kneel as the 223 Cal. rifle barrell was placed in his mouth. Residents were shocked when the killer turned out to be self confessed Satanist Kenneth Glenn Miller. Miller was said to be "an admirer of Charles Manson and Jack the Ripper". Miller was also chareged with the attempted murder of Kenneth Willimas (his high school principle) and Jimmy Britten, an ex's stepfather. Miller was described as having good grades until depression hit him in high school. It was then he began to turn to Satanism and serial killers. (

1990 Los Angeles CA - William Tracy, 51, and his Wife Mary Ellen Tracy, 46, (a.k.a Lady Sabrina Aset) are convicted for prostitution as part of an occult sex cult called "The Church of The Most High Goddess". The couple, prviously Mormons before becoming Neopagans, claimed their sex rituals were derived from Egyptian texts. Mary Ellen claimed she had sex with as many as 2700 men as "High Priestess". Male particpants could have sex with Mary Ellen Tracy for a "sacrifice" of $100. Tracy described the acts as "sin cleansing rituals". The church was founded when William Tracy recieved a revelation in 1984 (apparently to pimp out his wife). Betwen 1986 until their arrest in 1989 some 2700 were "initiated".(AP)

1990's South Florida - several victims fell prey to a Santeria scam that cost them their lives. The scammer told vicitism that by drinking a certain potion they would be able to find buried treasure. The potion cost several thousand dollars and turned out to actually be a deadly and quick acting poison. The story was profiled on NBC's Unsolved Mysteries. (NBC's Unsolved Mysteries)

1990 NYC - Most Satanists say they don't believe in charity, and perhaps it's actually a good thing. Daniel Rakowitz, self-styled leader of the "Church of 966" (his own peculiar variant of "666") was convicted and sentenced to life in New York City of the murder of Monika Beerle. Cult member Randy Eastherday was also arrested in 1992 and charged with helping Rakowitz dissect and boil Beerle's corpse, after which Rakowitz carried her skull and bones around in a bucket. The soup made from her body was then fed to the homeless who didn't know the soup's disgusting ingridents...which is really why Satanists should leave the whole soup kitchen thing to the Christians.  In 2004, Rakowitz was denied parole despite his claims he was no longer a threat to society. At his sanity hearing, the prosecution presented several books the inmate had in posession while in prison...all involving murders and serial killings. Rakowitz tried to obtain copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf and Grey's Anatomy, a discetion manual, but was denied by prison authorities. Imagine that. Rakowitz had a copy of "Mein Kampf" on him during his first interrogation by cops, explaining that his father gave it to him when he turned 13.  (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton)

1990 Phoenix Arizona - William Schmidt, wanted by police as a suspect in four murderes, two involving his wives is found dead from suicide in a Phoenix motel. Schmidt belonged to an occult group called "The Osirian Order", and wore an amulet with the order's name on one side and a pentagram on the other. In 1987 Schmidt was arrested on a firearms violation. Police discovered Schmidt had ran a hose from his exhaust pipe to the camper on the back of his pickup, creating a gas chamber on wheels.  (Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime by Michael Newton)

1990 San Jose, California - The Board of Directors for the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross claimed Imperator Gary Stewart bilked the orginization out of $500,000 and hid the money in Spain. Stewart denied the embezzelment charges. In April, 1990 a lawsuit was filed by the AMORC Board  and as a result of the allegations, Stewart was kept from returning to AMORC's properties by a restraining order.  The case never went to trial, but the Insurance Company of North America's made a motion for intervention on June 3, 1993 alleging insurance fraud against the new AMORC Board of Directors. AMORC  settled out of court & on August 10, 1993 dismissed their case against Stewart with prejudice.  Even though the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross swears their founder H.Spence Lewis could turn lead into gold, Imperator Gary Stewart apparently couldn't.The order derives it's income from the monthly dues it charges it's members for monthly occult lessons, sale of occult books, and related paraphenailia.  Original Imperator Leiws was a disciple of Aleister Crowley, the bisexual sex "magicican" who died penniless in a flophouse, so it sounds unlikely anybody was changing lead nto gold now or at any time. Since the Rosicrucians aren't fundamentalist Christians, the scandal got little coverage outside of San Jose. (San Jose Sun)


1991 New York, NY - Matias Frias, 21, is arrested for stealing 5 skulls from a cemetery and selling them for use in Palo Mayombe rituals. (AP)

1991 Saginaw, Michigan- Jamie Rodriguez and Augustin Pena were convicted for the murder of 15 year old runaway Stephanie Dubray. Rodriguez had been a Satanist since age 16 when, at 21 he met Dubray, who had a "666" tattoo herself. Rodriguez persuaded his cousins, the Penas,  to take the girl in. In mid July 1991 he and Pena decided to sacrifice Dubray. Rodriguez held her while Pena stabbed her to death. Rodriguez cut of a finger to be worn around his neck as a souviner. Dubray's head was skinned, cut off ,and placed in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Later that day a vistor to the home discovered the frozen head and called the police. At his trial Rodriguez's Satanism was entered by his lawyer as evidence of insanity, but the prosecution countered that a person could chose evil over good without being insane. The jury sided with the prosecution. (AP)

1991 Des Moines IA - A 100 year old mausoleum was broken into, and a skull stolen. The skull was later recovered at an abandoned hotel covered with occult symbols and frequented by a Satanic cult known as “The Lost Boys” , name taken after the vampire film (for some reason, several Satanic cults take their name from that film. It was an 80's "Corey & Corey" film for cryin' out loud!) (AP)

1991 Phillidelphia, PA - Satanist Jason L. Enders and his friends were convicted of false imprisonment and assault stemming from their participation in a Satanic cult ritual. The victim stated he wanted nothing to do with them but he was forcibly taken to an abandoned barn and tied to stakes in the ground over a pentagram drawn in the dirt. A Satanic ritual was performed over him. He had a leather collar with nails placed around his neck. One of the defendants punctured his neck by pressing on the nails and placed his fingers in the victim's blood and then to his lips. He was released after being warned he'd be killed if he told anyone.  Human skulls and occult books were taken from their homes as evidence.(AP)

1991, Bute, Montana - In April, Leon Lloyd Whitcher, A 30 yr. old self-described "high priest" of a satanic cult was convicted of raping a 14 yr. old girl. Prior to the assault, he asked her a series of questions about initiation into his satanic cult, whether she wanted "power," and if she'd "obey a high priest." He told her to change into a black robe, lie down, and stare at a pentagram painted on the ceiling before he assaulted her.(Billings Gazette)
1991 Ft Wayne, IN - Two enterprising young Satanists got busted for their money making scheme that had zero overhead: a service that delivers stolen corpses for use in occult rituals. An undercover cop posing as a Satanist offered them $400 for a dead body. Adam Barnaba and a 17 y.o. friend were arrested after they tried to steal a corpse from a mortuary. The pair advertised their services by word of mouth...maybe the Yellow Pages would have been better. (AP)


1992 Salida, California- In July two Satanists are sentenced to die for the 1990 decapitation murders of four cult defectors in Salida, California. Two more defendants are convicted and sentenced to life in January 1993. [Modesto Bee, 1990-93]

1992 Palmyra NY Post-Standard Wed. August 12th 1992 Satanist Chad Campbell (who had spent 18 months in a juvenille detention center), 16, recieved 18 years to life for the murder of a todler and her 15 y.o. babysitter Cynthia Lewis.(8-1-90 on Lughmas, a Neopagan holiday). Campbell's mother claimed that her son had been bullied into going along with the murders by another Satanist, Michael Huthcinson, 18. Hutchinson died a few months after the murder by an aparrent drug overdose. Campbell was 14 at the time of the murders. The mother of the toddler latered sued Cambell's mother for "failing to restrain her child." (Palmyra NY Post-Standard Wed. August 12th 1992)

1992 Milton-Freewater, Oregon Cemetery workers discovered a grave robbery of a human skull. Police suspect the crime is occult related. The skull belonged to a  Robert Z. William, who was buried in 1929 in the Bowlus Cemetery. To date the culprits have not been caught. (AP)

1992 Atlanta, Georgia  A self-described high priest of a Satanic cult named Mike Earnest was convicted of murder. Ernest performed a Satanic ritual over the female  victim. Evidence of Satan worship and evidence of the cult's involvement in church vandalisms was admissible as evidence as to motive for the crime. (AP)

1992, Eastland County, Texas - In Sept., Phil Stanley Rogers pleaded guilty to "Indecency with a child, younger than 17 years, committed during the course of a ritual." The occult sex rituals began after the purchase of a Ouija board by Rogers. Items police took as evidence included books covering Satanism and the occult, pentagram symbols, candles, daggers and wands. He recieved 99 years. (AP)

1992 Minneapolis, MN - In April, a Satanist woman had her parental rights terminated by a court. By the mother's own admission, her past included "years of sexual and physical abuse, parental neglect, early and long-standing addiction to numerous drugs, serious mental health problems, and involvement in a Satanic cult." The mother also tried to commit suicide, and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.Her child was taken into custody after two hospitalizations due to overdosing. The mother was involved in four incidents, three involving criminal convictions, which caused harm to children. (AP)

1992, Orlando, Florida - In Jan., Margie Wright pleaded no contest to three charges of attempted sexual battery and two charges of attempted lewd acts and was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison. Jim Wright was convicted of raping and fondling five children.couple were charged with molesting children in the context of satanic rituals. The parents of three of the victims moved residences and the prosecutor expressed concern because the children had been threatened by the cult not to testify. The children reported that they saw Wright sacrifice a stray dog, slit its throat and stomach and remove some entrails. Sheriff's investigators found the dog's skeleton near the Wright's trailer. The Wright's molested children during their "Magic Show." The victims said he pulled a gun out of a hat and made their underwear disappear. They stated that Jim Wright put a "bad curse" on them and said "devil words." The children described Satanic symbols, chalices filled with blood and a box containing a corpse. They had been told not to tell or their parents would be killed. Maggie Wright testified against her husband while she pleaded no contest [which means "I'm guilty but I don't want to say it"] to reduced charges. (AP)

1992 Parksburg, Washington  18 y.o. Chad Franciscus is convicted for the ritual saacrifice of 16 y.o. Michael Divine of Parksburg. Police found a Satanic altar and books on witchcraft in Fransicus' home. Franscicus told a cellmate he had killed his vitim to "feel the power of his life go into his hands". (9-16-1992 The Intelligencer-The Record)


1993 Oslo, Norway - Odinist Varg Vikernes a.k.a, "Count Grishnáckh" was arrested for the burning of several Norwegian churches described as being "of great cultural importance". Vikernes was said to be a deeply anti-Christian & anti-Semite Black Metal musician who believes in Old Norse gods like Odin and Thor, and a  Neo-Nazi looking back to a (non-existant) "golden age" in the Viking Era, hoping to restore it in the future. Police decided they didn't have enough evidence to go to trial, and he was released.  Only days later he was arrested again, this time for one of the most brutal murders ever committed in Norway. The court did not buy his story that he had to stab the poor guy scores of times in self-defense, and he was convicted to twenty-one years in prison. His motive for committing the murder remains unclear; some think that he simply loved to see his face in the papers. He laughed when the judge sentenced him to 21 years. Even though non-racist Odinists say the Neo-Nazi odinists are rare...I kinda doubt it.. (Reuters)

1993 Moscow, Russia - Three Russian monks, Bro. Ferafont, Bro. Trofim, and  Bro. Vasilij, are martyrs for Christ after they were stabbed to death by a Satanist In Optina Pustina, one of the most famous monasteries in Russia, during Easter time. "666" had been carved into each of the victims. After the arrest the Satanist declared: "There is a war going on between God and Satan; the monks are the soldiers of God and especially hostile towards Satan. Therefore I killed them." The Russian Ministry of the Interior claims there are about 30 organized Satanic groups in Moscow with estimated 2,000 members.(Reuters)

1993 Tampa, FL - Assistant State's Attorney Stuart Baggish shuts down production of a Satanic “comic book” called Boiled Angel, published by Tampa underground comic artist and Satanist, Michael Diana. Diana and his girlfriend “Suzie Morbid” became local minor celebrities in the Tampa alternative scene that radiated from Ybor City. Diana was subsequently charged with several counts of obscenity and fought a long legal battle with the aid of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which was eventually lost. The magazine is just a series of Xeroxed papers, stapled together which even Diana describes as "Satanic filth".

    The artwork is rather crude, and talent wise, looks like it was drawn by that kid you knew in Junoir High who always drew pictures of trucks. The artwork is a disturbing collection of cartoons, depicting, rape, incest, necrophillia, and usually just plain blasphemous stuff. One picture depicting a woman dressed in S and M attire climbs on to a nude, crucified, Jesus, and the caption reads “It’s OK., we’re married”. Another picture shows a little girl with the caption “F*** her, and kill her!”  There also various newspaper clippings about Satanic slayings, serial killings, pictures of surgical instruments, as well as numerous pictures of goat’s heads, upside down crosses, and prayers to Satan. The magazine bears a striking resemblance to another Xeroxed collection of Satanic filth called Onslaught! That was put out by the neo-Nazi Luciferian Light Group, also based in Tampa. Diana had a few other brushes with the law, including a incident involving trying to pass a counterfeit $20 at a local nightclub a few years later (AP)

1993 Brownsville, TX - Dora Cisneros, a Brownsville mother, was convicted in federal court for the 1993 murder-for-hire of her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Joey Fischer. She went through a folk healer to hire the men who killed Fischer for breaking her daughter's heart. According to testimony, the folk healer had done a tarot card reading and determined that Cisneros' daughter would not end up with Fischer, spurring Cisneros to have him killed. (AP)

1993 Syracuse, NY -  Domonick Tucci was arrested and charged for the murder of Ann Resnki, aged 40. Resnki was first strangled to death, and then her corpse stabbed several times. Tucci left a pair of knives and a pair of scissors in the victim in such a way as to make police think the victim was slain in a ritual manner. Upon investigation, it was discovered Tucci was involved in the occult, and the victim had been a “human sacrifice”. (AP)

1994 San Jose CA - Christian minister turned Satanist Eric Pryor was arrested in his Mountain View home for spousal abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. His wife, Shelly Kolt, divorced him shortly afterwards. Pryor had been a Wiccan with the craft name "Lord Gandolf" prior to being a Christian, and once held a public "cursing ritual" against a Christian evangelist that included several prominent Wiccans, including Z. Bhudapest.  Pryor's "conversion" to Christianity is questionable. Pryor still seems to have been practicing both Wicca and Satanism even while he was the "pastor" of Jubilee Christian Center...easily switching and combining the three.  Anton LaVey once published an article in the CoS newsletter titled "How To Make A Bundle As An Ex-Satanist", which might be where Pryor got his inspiration.  For a while Pryor gave lectures with the usual "Wicca is just a front for Satanism" line given by Warneke and Todd.

    In 1998 Pryor created "The Serene Foundation" which he described as a combination of "Christianity, Shamanism and Satanism" (but seemed to be entirely the last two) which met in a home once purportedly owned by Elizabeth Montgomery (actually owned by her uncle). Most of his staff seem to be miniskirt clad women, who were usually stoned.  Billing itself as a place where teens can kick drugs, one wonders at the effectiveness, considering the fact the group made its own "wine" with liquid psilocybin, and the use of Mescaline and psychedelic mushrooms by the group as part of "vision quests". In 1998 Pryor was arrested for posession of cocaine, but the charges are dropped over a legal error. The group apprently ceased to exist after his arrest and his current whereabouts are unknown. (AP)


1994 Paris, France On Nov. 15,French Police arrest 22 y.o. Pazuzu worshiper Nicolas Claux on suspicion of the murder of Thierry Bissonnier, 34.  Upon investigation, the Brigade Criminelle discovered the inside Claux's apartment was littered with human bones, blood bags (used for drinking) in his refrigerator as well as slasher films, S and M porn, and occult books. Claux admitted to cannibalism and grave robbing, as well as a life long facination with the occult. Claux told police he was emotionally withdrawn as a child, having no friends. "This is the time when I also developed a fascination for death and the occult.", said Claux," I would spend hours reading books on vampires and werewolves. A photo of the statue of the Sumerian demon Pazuzu especially fascinated me. I found it in a book my parents had bought in England. For me, it symbolized something extremely ancient and powerful -- something that I respected. A few years later, I saw the same statue used in the movie The Exorcist, and my interest in the occult grew stronger." As he grew older, Claux claims he also became obsessed with death, and later graveyards. This lead to descrating graves, mutilating corpses, necrophillia, cannibalism, (at least according to Claux's websote)and his graduation into a homosexual killer. He did kill and rob someone he met on a gay Bulletin Board, and that much is certain. After serving just seven years and four months of a 12-year sentence, Nicolas Claux was released from prison on March 22, 2002. Some critics of Claux, however, have noted there was no mention of any of the bizarre things at the time of his trial in the French press, and that the stories of corpse mutilations and such are simply exaggerations of an active imagination. A Satanist exaggerate? Who would think such a thing?(Reuters)

1994 West Memphis, Arkansas, - Jessie Misskelly, Jr. is convicted and sentenced to life plus forty years in prison for the mutilation-murders of three eight-year old boys at West Memphis, Arkansas, the previous year. A month later, accomplices Damien Wayne Echols ( who had a history of mental illness and hospitilizations for it) and Charles Baldwin are likewise convicted, with Echols sentenced to death and Baldwin sentenced to life without parole. Echols enjoyed playing the role of the neighborhood boogeyman and usually dressed in black and displayed sharpened fingernails. After his arrest, he was described in the press as a Satanist. But Echols insisted several times he was a Wiccan. Born Michael Wayne Hutchison, he later changed his name to Damien in his teens after being adopted by the Echols family.  Echols briefly joined a local Roman Catholic church, however this was apparently done to  in order to steal the eucharist for occultic ceremonies. 
Prosecutors describe the triple murder as a ritual slaying. Echols seemed to combine Wicca and Satanism in his belief system, which certainly isn't unheard of umong teen solitary Wiccans. A notebook of Echols contained the "upright" pentagram of Wicca surrounded by upside down crosses. Probably the most incredible claim made by a witness for the prosecution was that Echols and his girlfriend had planned to have a baby and offer it as a human sacrifice.  (USA Today, March 21, 1994)
1994 Birmingham, Alabama - Self-described Satanist Carey Grayson, 19, and three younger defendants are charged with the murder of a female hitchhiker they picked up in Birmingham, Alabama. Police say the victim was mutilated "in an apparent ritual that involved cannabilism". They are currently waiting on death row.  (USA Today, April 28, 1994) (AP)

1994 Mechanicsburg,PA Satanist and fortuneteller Timothy Ray Sweger, 23 lured the three teenage girls (ages 17, 15, & 13)into his home with the inncoent promise of telling their fortunes by merely "touching their hands". The oldest girl fled as he began to pretend to tell her fortune, apparently realizing something was very wrong. When the other two tried to leave Sweger told them he would "rip their heads off" if they tried. He then raped the youngest girl, aged 13 right in front of the other girl. Perhaps his fellow inmates will enjoy having their fortunes told as he touches their hands. (Mechaniscburg News-Record- Sunday 7-24-94)

1994 Quebec, Canada In October Tony Dutoit, a member of the Rosicrucian order called the "Order of The Solar Temple", sacrificed his infant son (Emmanuel Dutoit), aged just three months. The ritual murder took place at the group's center in Morin Heights, Quebec. The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake. It's believed Dutoit thought the child would prevent Christ from returning to earth in the form of a sun god. This murder seemed to be a warm up killing for a mass suicide by the cult 3 years later. The Order of The Solar Temple was an occult group that drew inspiration from Crowley, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, the Golden Dawn, and Templars (Reuters)

1994 Tunis, Estonia  On 1-25-94 respected poet Hando Runnel was stabbed to death as a human sacrifice by a Satanic cult. This group of four young males between the age of 17 and 20, were also involved with the case of necrophillia with a woman's corpse. One of the Satanits explained this sick act as “the baptism by Satan” (Reuters)


1995 Indianapolis, Indiana Jimmie Lee Penick and 3 other practitioners of Satanism sacrificed, William Ault, a prospective member of their "Satanic Church."  The cult chose Ault because they feared he knew about a prior murder.  During what he thought was going to be his initation, Ault was mutilated, and an inverted cross was carved into his chest. Penick dismembered the victims head and hands and Penick admitted he removed the head to give the skull to a friend. (AP)

1995 Houston, Texas Satanist Steven Brian Alvarado killed two people, a mother and son, during a drug deal and sentenced to death. A year or so prior to the murder Alvarado had been in the hospital. The psychologist stated he was considered "violent and dangerous and that he had a full-blown antisocial personality disorder."... he had "no concern for the rights of others, and that he admitted selling illegal weapons, abusing and selling illegal drugs, sexually assaulting a woman, mutilating human infants in Satanic rituals, and committing numerous other crimes. He was discharged after twelve days in the hospital because he was felt to be a danger to the other patients and that he was not suffering from a mental illness that was treatable, and, therefore under the mental health code had to be discharged." So rather than being a threat to crazy people, he was turned loose on society. (AP)

1995 Las Vegas, NV Satanist Edward Bennett was sentenced to death for killing a young girl. Writings were seized showing that the murder was "ritualistic and Satanic." Some of these statements included: "There's a problem in this country and has a lot to do with being white. There's too many people with ugly skin."... "I need to kill somebody or tear someone apart. I got to satisfy my need, cure this thirst for blood. So as I make the sacrifice by doing it just for you and kill this child, for it is a first born, I'm giving you my soul, Satan. Where is my reward?" Well gee, he got you death row, isn't that enough? (AP)

1995 Greensboro, NC Satanist Michael Allen Parker recieved 8 life sentences for raping his own children as part of a Satanic sex rituals that sometimes involved drinking small amounts of the children's blood. The children testified that Parker raped and sodomized them in the family's trailer near Saluda and in nearby woods, while other people wearing black stood around chanting with lit candles. (AP)

June 1995, Athens, Greece; Satanic Cult leader Asimakis Katsoulas and Manos Dimitrokallis were found guilty of kidnapping, raping and murdering a 30 year old woman and a 15 year old girl during occult ceremonies. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Dimitra Maryetti was found guilty of complicity and sentenced to 23 years.Katsoulas and his "high priestess" confessed to leading a 20 member satanic cult, which had conducted animal and human sacrifices for three years. The first victim was killed at her initiation ceremony. Katsoulas claimed he was the vehicle for "ancient demons." Another witness was abducted when the murderers told her they were police officers who wanted to question her.(Reuters)
1995 The French Alps A mass suicide of the Rosicrucian group calling itself The Order of the Solar Temple took place. The occult ritual suicide ocurred on the Winter Solstice, a time sacred to the sun god in Neopagan religions and Thelema. On December 23, on a remote plateau of the French Alps police found 16 charred bodies arranged in a star formation with their feet pointing to the ashes of a fire. Like the rituals of 1994, they all died by stabbing, asphyxiation, shooting and/or poisoning. Their bodies were burned to a crisp as part of a "cleansing ritual". (Reuters)

1995 Brest, Russia In October Satanists burnt the Church of the Holy Aphanasij.  Police said the arson had "a ritual character" which lead to the arrest of several admitted Satanists. The suspects were students from the technical college and pupils from the tenth class. In the same town a group of young people who produced and the distributed pamphlets with anti-Christian content and Satanic symbolism were also arrested in connection to the case. All plead guilty and were sentenced to prison. (Reuters)

1995 Athens, Greece Asimakis Katsoulas, 24, and Manos Dimitrokalis, 23, also known by their cult names Amon and Enigma, were found guilty and given life sentences on two counts of rape and murder and one count of kidnapping. Katsoulas's former girlfriend and "high priestess" Dimitra Marieti, 22, was sentenced to 18 years and four months in prison after being found guilty as an accessory to murder. The three confessed after their arrest in December 1993 that they led a 20-member satanic cult, which had conducted animal and human sacrifices on the outskirts of Athens for three years. The cult's first victim was Dora Syropoulou, 15, who was killed at her "initiation ceremony" in August 1992. She was lured to an abandoned winery, stripped, handcuffed, raped and strangled. Marieti, who said Katsoulas sexually assaulted her during her initiation, was used as bait to trap the girl and waited in a car during the murder. Katsoulas and Dimitrokalis kidnapped hotel maid Garufalia Giourga, 30, at a bus stop, raped and tortured her in their car before crushing her skull. Former cult members told the court Katsoulas convinced them he was the vehicle for ancient demons by performing miracles such as producing a snowball in his hand in mid-July (no doubt by slight of hand). He raped one of my daughters and assulted the other saying the demon demanded it," Evangelia Riga, the mother of two former cult members told Riga. Convicts serving life terms can request to be released after serving at least 20 years. The death penalty was abolished in Greece in 1993. (Reuters)

1995 United Kingdom  20-year-old David McCallum stabbed a 15-year-old boy 11 times after they and two others used a Ouija board to "talk to Satan". McCallum, who professed to be a Satanist, believed that he was speaking to Satan himself at the time, "If you are Satan, what is it you want me to do?" he asked. Apparently the answer was to comitt homocide. McCallum was placed in an institution for the criminally insane. Another British occultist, Aleister Crowley also used a Ouija board to talk to "preternatural beings" too...and was probably just as psychotic. (BBC News)

1995 Tsitsikamma, South Africa  Satanists Frans du Toit,  and Theuns Kruger, known as "the ripper rapists" are arrested and charged with multiple crimes. A psychiatrist who evaluated Kruger at the Elizabeth Donkin Hospital in Port Elizabeth testified that Kruger suffered from a very low self image (as do practically anyone into the occult) and seemed to be easily influenced. Du Toit said he had been introduced to Satanism after an affair with a "Satanic witch". He in turn introduced Krueger to Satanism and demons. Du Toit claimed that during a ritual in 1985, conducted by the witch he'd met in Adelaide, a demon had taken possession of him. This demon, which du Toit called Incubus, supposedly spoke to him "inside his head", and would sometimes give him orders to have "violent sex", according to his testimony in Die Burger of June 20, 1995. The demon, according to du Toit, made him "attractive to women"; despite this, however, his victim was so repulsed by him that she pushed her hands against the car's ceiling so as not to touch him. Judge Jansen found Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger guilty on all charges - abduction, indecent assault and rape in relation to the attack on a pregnant woman, and abduction, indecent assault, rape, attempted murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances. (Reuters)

1995 Bellaire, Ohio In September Nathan Brooks killed his mother with an ax and decapitated his father with a hacksaw after shooting him to death. Nate chopped off his father's head in the family home in and planned to use it in a Satanic ritual. When arrested, he confessed to the sacrifices. Investigators also found books about satanism and the occult and a biography Jeffrey Dahmer. He also had an altar in an old abandoned house that mysteriously burnt down after he was arrested. There he had a list of 16 people he was going to kill. He planned evicerating them, then burning there skin off. Days before the murders he allegedly told a friend, "Just wait until I'm famous." In court he pleaded innocent by reason of insanity. He will probably spend the rest of his life locked up, regardless.(AP)


1996 Minsk, Russia A Satanist was arrested for a Satanic ritual murder.  The accused did not deny his guilt and admitted that he had prepared himself during many years by killing cats. When the number of "executed" animals reached the number "666", the Satanist killed a human being "in the name of his master." The Ministry of the Interior admitted reluctantly that it was the second case of ritual murder. It was reported that a law was prepared in Beloruss, banning Satanic organizations. Metropolitan Philaret of Minsk and Beloruss declared "the clash between people on the way towards witchcraft, sorcery, magic and occultism is due not alone to the negligence of the civil authorities", - but also because far from all Christians bear testimony to their faith in their own lives.(Reuters)

1996 Minsk, Russia In July, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit was desecrated by Satanists. Icons of the Holy Trinity, of the Holy John the Forerunner and of the Holy Cyril and Methodios were smeared with black colour. The walls were painted over with blasphemous writings with direct threats to physical annihilation of Christians, and Satanic symbolism. The Belorussian police arrested two students from the local technical school.  During the interrogation one of them openly admitted being a member of a Satanic sect and that he acted "based on his religious conviction." A russian court gave him a differnt kind of conviction. (Reuters)
1996 San Louis Obispo, California - Three teenage Satanists, Jacob Delashmutt, 16; Joseph Fiorella, 15; and Royce Casey, 17 were arrested for raping, torturing and murdering 15 year old Elyse Pahler. The Satanists took Elyse to a secluded eucalyptus grove about a quarter-mile from her home, force fed her drugs, raped her, tied a belt around her neck "to make it easier to stab her", and offered her up as the "ultimate sin against God" on a Satanic altar they made. Prosecutors allege in court documents that the boys formed a musical group to glorify Satan. The boys "selected and stalked" Elyse believing that a virgin sacrifice would earn them a "ticket to Hell". Unfortunatley for them, they may be right. Ah, they Alien Elite! Now they will have many decades to think about what they did in prison. (Modesto Bee)

1990s A rash of church burnings sweeps the south, Flroida in particular. The culprit caught in the Florida burnings in 1999 turns out to be a Satanist. According to the Christian Science Monitor, over 1,000 churches have been burned nationawide in a 4-year period of time.  In 2005, three wealthy University of Alabama college students, Mosley, Debusk, and Cloyd, ditch Christianity for Satanism, and begin to torch Churches. All three are now in Federal Prison for Arson. (AP)

1996 Lima Peru  Police intercepted a 440 pounds (200 kg) drug shipment which contained a Voodoo doll. The doll, representing a policeman had its hands tied, eyes shut and nails stuck to his body. Milanio Vargas said the doll was his "insurance against being caught". (Reuters, 10-24) Guess what? It didn't work and he got caught! (Reuters)

1996 Miami,FL Esnel Jean was a Hatian immigrant who practiced as a Voodoo prietst out of his home in the  "Little Haiti" section of Miami.  Haitians would come to Jean for help and forgiveness of bad deeds he would pray for them, advise them to wear beads, light candles and take certain actions to fix their problem (for a "donation", of course). Police say that on March 25, 1996 Esnel Jean strangled his wife after a heated arguement over money.  When the children came home from school, detectives said their stepfather beat them to death.  Detective Ojeda says the evidence shows that after Jean killed his family and buried them in the crypt he'd constructed, he conducted a voodoo ceremony.  Inside the garage near the crypt, police found voodoo-type pictures, literature, statues and candles -- all items typically used by voodoo priests. Ensel is still at large. The case was featured on America's Most Wanted. Anyone with any information should call 1-800-CRIME-TV or law enflorcement.  (America's Most Wanted)

1996 Kingersheim, France Satanist and car factory worker David Obertorf, 18 y.o. stabbed to death an elderly priest in a church in France. "The priest's body bore very specific wounds which suggested satanic symbols," a police spokesman said.  Obertorf stabbed 68-year-old Father Jean Uhl, who is a martyr for Christ, 33 times in his church in the Alsatian village of Kingersheim on December 20, 1996. (Reuters)

1996 Eustis, Florida A group of teens formed a cult involved in vampirisim, fantasy role playing, Wicca, and the occult known as "The Vampire Clan" (inspired by The Lost Boys) were arrested for the brutal murder one of the member's parents. and indicted by a grand jury.  Rod Ferrell, Scott Anderson and Charity Keesee, all 16, and Dana Cooper, 19, in the slayings. It was Ferrell who police think broke into the animal shelter, stomping one dog to death and pulling the legs off another in Murray, KY. Neighbors at the public housing complex where he lived say they never noticed anything unusual about him or his mother, Sondra Gibson. "Cool Mom" Gibson is herself charged with solicitation to commit rape. Police say she wrote to a 14-year-old, inviting sex and hinting she was involved in vampire-type activity. "I longed to be near you ... to become a Vampire, a part of the family immortal and truly yours forever," the letter reads. "You will then come for me and cross me over and I will be your bride for eternity and you my sire." Small wonder why the kids turned out like they did. Accused with Ferrell and Ms. Wendorf of killing the Wendorfs are Dana Cooper, 19, of Murray, and Scott Anderson, 16, of Mayfield. Charity Keesee, 16, of Murray was charged with being an accessory to murder. Extradition proceedings in Baton Rouge are to begin Monday. Calloway County prosecutor David Harrington described Ms. Cooper as a "follower, someone who wanted to be liked. (AP)

1996, Milan, Italy  Marco Dimitri, the young leader of the Italian Satanist group, the Luciferian Children of Satan (Bambini di Satana Luciferiani), which is described as "a neo-pagan cultural association",  was arrested twice in the same year on charges of rape. Dimitri was accused of raping a two-year old boy and a teenage girl in Satanic rituals, a case which sparked intense media attention. After 14 months of prison, he was released and exonerated of all charges, however. Marco Dimitri and his followers,  always the subtle types,  dress all in black, wear a plethora of Satanic symbols, and have appeared as spokespersons for Satan in popular Italian TV talk shows. (Reuters)

1996 Larksville, Pennsylvania Shaun Marc Zarcufsky (16) and Stanley J. Szcuzupski (16) were found dead in Larksville, Pennsylvania's West Side Landfill. Both had died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head resulting from a "Satanic worship pact." The teens' interest in Satanism was only 3 to 4 weeks old before the double suicide. In that short time, it was evident to parents, teachers and friends that their personalities changed dramatically. A search of Zarcufsky's bedroom at home uncovered "scores" of occult-related literature on Black Magic (AP)

1996 Boston, MA The State Supreme court ruled in favor of adopting out the children of a member of the Ordro Templi Orientis who had lost custody of them through court order. The court cited Social Services case that found neglect, sexual molestation and statements of the children as the reason. The children described being made to participate in child porn and being molested by several different men. While describing the past history of the father, the court said: "In 1983, the father joined a religious organization called Orlo Templi Orientis and studied the so-called Satanic Bible. In January, 1984, he was convicted of grave robbing, and sentenced to two months in jail. After release, he returned to his transient life-style, alternating between Los Angeles and San Francisco."  Every man and woman is a star? Not in this case. (AP)

1996 Hannibal, Missouri  A self-described Satanic family had been in and out of social services for many years. Parental Rights were terminated as to three of the children. There was constant and severe domestic violence; the father continually abused the mother, including using a cattle prod to electrically shock her, shot her with a gun, cut her with a razor blade and violated her with a baseball bat. Physical evidence was discovered, and indeed she had a stab wound in her side and she was bleeding internally. Both parents had been arrested for the rape of a teenager, but the witness wouldn't testify so the charges were dropped. Both parents had tried to commit suicide and were involved in drug usage. The mother admitted to sacrificing animals in front of her children and giving them drugs to forget the ceremonies. The children also stated that this occurred. [In Interest of P.J.M, 926 S.W.2d 223, Missouri Court of Appeals, Termination of Parental Rights Affirmed.]

1996 Bellaire, Ohio In Oct., Satanist Nathan Brooks found guilty of the mutilation slaying of his parents and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. The 18 yr. old perpetrator decapitated his father and hacked to death his mother. Brooks told the officers he used the head in a Black mass ritual that he believed would "increase his Satanic powers". It apparently didn't work unless his idea of success was spending the rest of his life in an 8 by 10 cell until he dies. He said he had also planned to kill a younger brother, but the youngster was visiting a friend. (AP)


1997 Equatorial Guinea; An unnamed individual was condemned to death after removing the eyes, tongue, ears and genitals of his 10-year-old female victim as part of a Pagan human sacrifice. Malabo radio reported that 17 ritual murders were committed in Equatorial Guinea in August and September of 1997, according to official figures. Another news report cites a Spanish journalist and ethnographer, Jose Manuel Novoa, claims that anthropophagy (eating human flesh) is widespread in the country. He stated, "Eating human flesh was a tradition of warriors pertaining to the ethnic group of the Fang, which lives in Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Gabon and Cameroon they conquered new territories, Fang warriors ate parts of their victims to absorb desirable qualities such as youth and strength... human organs are eaten by members of secret brotherhoods which practice sorcery in forests at night. New members are initiated in ceremonies which invoke spirits...bodies are obtained through murder and robbing them from cemeteries ...the secret groups are known as 'evu societies', because many Guineans believe the human body to contain an organ known as the 'evu.'"... "The human brain is known to be highly toxic, for which reason the cannibals seek to immunize themselves by ingesting potent vegetal poisons in small doses... nevertheless, the cannibalism led to a disease known as kuru." (Reuters)

1997 Virgina A 13 yr. old female Satanist was found to have molested two children in the context of Satanic sex ritual ceremony while she was entrusted with babysitting them. The kids reported to their parents and the girl had molested them, made them draw a pentagram while she performed a sex act on one child, and talked of Satan's power. She threatened to kill them and their parents if they ever told anyone what happened, but fortunately, they told as soon as their parents got home.  Court records stated "Decided. True Finding of child molestation affirmed." This minor's name was submitted to the central registry as a founded sexual abuser. (AP)

1997, India In Nov., Dharam Vir chopped off his son's head and offered it to the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali, in a belief that a human sacrifice would earn him divine favors. He ordered his son to lie on the ground and then beheaded him. The police said he murdered his son because he was driven by his own religious beliefs. (Reuters)

1997 Nashville, TN In July Satanist Christa Gail Pike killed another female, 19 y.o.Colleen A. Slemmer, that she felt a rivalry with, and carved a pentagram into her chest. The court found that this murder involved torture, and medical experts thought the injuries were inflicted when the victim was still alive. A group of "others" were named who helped her but Pike didn't give information about them. The pentagram she was wearing was admitted as evidence. "A witness stated that as the Defendant described hitting Slemmer in the head with a piece of asphalt and carving a pentagram in her chest, she danced around in a circle, smiling and singing." She was convicted and recieved the death penalty. Another member of the coven surfaced, Tadaryl D. Shipp,21, and was convicted for his part in the torture slaying in 1999. Judge M.B. Leibowitz sentenced him to 25 years, and said said Shipp treated the victim  with "gross cruelty while at least partly satisfying an interest in Satanism". (AP)
1997 St. Petersburg, Florida According to Satanist Eddie Lee Sexton's 5 children, he beat them, conducted 'marriage' ceremonies with his daughters, had regular sex with them and fathered several of their children, encouraged his children to have sex with each other,  practiced Satanism including, "invoking spirits" and engaged in other bizarre conduct. He threatened his children if they discussed "family matters" with others, & trained his children how to kill FBI agents. During the trial, son Willie Sexton, said his father convinced him he had Satanic powers and sexually abused him. While living in Jackson Township, his daughters  were forced to undergo "shaving rituals". Daughter Lana testified she was taken to the master bedroom for the purpose of punishment. Once inside the room, appellant held L. down, while Eddie shaved her entire body with a razor. While shaving her, Eddie cut her leg, put the blood on her finger, and made her sign a paper, saying that she was selling her soul to the devil."... Sexton engaged in a standoff with police in Ohio shortly before coming to Florida, fleeing to prevent his children from being taken into custody, and directed the killing of his infant grandchild. Sexton was convicted and sentenced to death for the participation in the murder of his son-in-law. Why do people always run to Florida? Criminals, please don't come down here. (AP)

1997 Pearl, MS Luke Woodham kills his mother then proceeds to kill 3 students and wound 7 others at Pearl High School. As he leaves the building to kill students at a Junior High, the vice principal gets his .45 from his car and holds it to Woodham's head until the police arrive. Woodham said Grant Boyette, an older friend, confided that he worshipped Satan and asked Woodham to join his group, (called "The Kroth") saying Woodham had "the potential to do something great." Boyette promised that he could either get his ex-girlfriend  back or get even through Satanism. Woodham said,"You can send demons to go and do things. I've seen them," he said. "I know what I was dealing with. I felt like I had complete control, complete power over things. I know it's real in spite of what people thinkWoodham said he got the idea for the shooting after he became involved in Satanism, which he said bestowed "power over many things.", apparently like spending the rest of your life in prison. Investigators discovered Boyette -- whom fellow Satanist called "father" -- plotted to take over the school and kill students and parents. Boyette lived a double life, and even  attended a Baptist Church, although his friends knew he was a Satanist. Boyette was later charged and convicted with being the mastermind in Luke's high school shooting spree.When will you gus learn, the occult only brings misery and ruin? (CNN)

1997 Chicago IL Dr. Michael Swango, the illusive "Doctor of Death" is finally captured. Swango murdered at least 30 patients and colleagues during his career. Swango was first suspected of murdering patients at an Ohio hospital he worked at as far back as 1983. Swango tried to poison his co-workers with a pitcher of iced tea, which got him arrested. Police searched his home and guessed it...tons of occult and witchcraft literature and paraphenalia, in addition to poisons and how-to-kill survivalist books. Convicted of aggravated battery from poisoning his coworkers, he serves 5 years, is released, re-establishes himself as an MD with forged papers and gets a job at a WV hospital. In 1992 "Dr. Satan" landed a job at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Swango got cocky enough to apply to the AMA who ran a background check and discovered who he really was. The AMA told the boobs at the VA, who then simply discharged Swango to avoid a scandal, and Dr. Death is free to murder yet again. Your tax dollars at work, folks. The AMA re-discovered Swango posing as a Psychiatrist Northport Veterans Administration Medical Center , and once again his patients were dying for no reason (perhaps other than sacrifices to Satan, that is). Eventually, word got out about Swango, and he fled overseas. In November 1994 he surfaced in Zimbabwe and got a job at Mnene Hospital...and  his patients began dying mysteriously. A year later the poisonings were traced to him, and he was arrested in Zimbabwe... and  escaped before his trial, and hid out  in Africa and Europe. In March 1997, he applied for a job at the Royal Hospital in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, using  false credentials. In June 1997 on a flight that had a layover  in Chicago,  he was arrested by Federal authorities. Three years later, on July 11, 2000, Michael J. Swango plead guilty to killing three of his patients, and fraud charges & sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Now he'll have plenty of time to read all his occult books. How much do you want to bet he gets made a trustee in the prison infermary?(Reuters)

1997 Paducah, Kentucky – Michael Carneal, 14, was known to his classmates as a Satanist and frequently dressed in all black.  On 12-01-97 he opened fire on a small prayer group of Christians.  Three girls died as martyrs for Christ and five other students were wounded for Christ.  Another student tackled him, and it was soon revealed that Carneal had a pistol, two rifles, and two shotguns, along with 700 rounds of ammunition, all of it stolen.  He’d threatened earlier to “shoot up” the school, but no one had taken him seriously. Could it be because Satanists are always saying how they don't kill people and so no one believed him?(AP)

1997 Stolkholme, Sweden An Rosicrucian occult order called the "Order of The Solar Temple", that based itself on the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn killed themselves in a mass suicide claiming 48 members. Farewell letters left by the believers stated that they believed they were leaving to escape the "hypocrisies and oppression of this world." and that they were going to the star Sirus. Its top 33 members were known as the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross (an alternative name for the Rosicrucians), and were headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. Swiss police were on a heightened state of suicide watch in anticipation to the summer solstice on June 21. Gerard Ramseyer, the top justice official in Geneva, said police was maintaining a "discreet surveillance" of 10 people believed to be known members of the suicidal Solar Temple Sect. Two of the 10 under surveillance are believed to be children.  All the suicide/murders and attempts occurred around the dates of the equinoxes and solstices which are occult holidays to Wiccans, Neopagans, and Tehelmites. Police think there are at least 100 people in Switzerland who were formerly close to or had been members of the suicidal cult. It is believed that The Solar Temple group continues to exist, with thirty surviving members in Quebec at the St-Anne-de-la-Pérade center, with from 140 to 500 members remaining worldwide. (NOTE: A  Rosicrucian occult is hardly Christian, but this group is misidentified as a "Christian" group by the Ontario Consultants for Religous Tolerance. The group is run by two Neopagans and an Athiest, and seem to have tolerance for anything but Christians. ) (The Florida Times Union, July 22, 1997)

1997 Keokuk, Iowa A 14-year-old girl was arrested and charged with assisting attempted suicide after police discovered she supplied a boy with ammunition which he later used to shoot himself in the chest on 9-28-1997. Fortunately, the boy survived and got medical treatment. Police Chief George Morgan said the teens  interviewed in connection with the boy's suicide attempt admitted they were involved in occult activity, and had apparently formed their own Satanic coven. (Iowa Courier10-12-1997).

1997 Simferopol,Crimea In Oct. a group of youngsters aged 16-17 suspected of performing satanic rites was detained by the police of Simferopol. Local law enforcement bodies suspected in spring that a ritual murder had been committed when a dismembered body of a dead young woman was found in the city cemetery followed by several incidents of vandalizing graves at city cemeteries were registered. One of the participants in these acts was arrested in Sept. He confessed to having practiced Satanism for several years. In 1997, he vandalized two graves and removed sculls and bones to perform "magic rites". He also took away metallic plates from tombs to make knives for a ritual. Crimean police reported that in the attic where the man practiced satanic worship they found a black crucifix turned upside down, sculls of different animals, earth taken from a graveyard and a diary where the man thoroughly described his satanic practices. The diary helped trace other cult members.(Reuters)

1997 Tyumen, Serbia In March, Russian police announced that they were searching for the ringleaders of a Satanic cult in western Siberia. The cult is believed to be from the city of Tyumen, 1,400 miles east of Moscow, where five young people have been found hanged to death in what, at first, authorities though were suicides. Later, the discovery of cabalistic jottings in the belongins of the dead youths revealed their involvement in a seven-stage initiation ceremony that culminated in ritual suffocation. The first death occurred in April,1996. Denis Abramov, 19, was found hanged in his room at home in the village of Roshchino. In May Dima Bronnikov, 17, and in July, Stas Buslov were found hanged from a tree. Three days later his friend Sergei Sidorov, 18, hanged himself at home. So did Tanya Stankeyeva, 22, in October. All the victims were friends and used to meet in a basement, which was equipped with a kind of Satanic altar and had walls painted with diabolical signs and cryptic symbols. The mother of Sergei Sidorov said her son admitted to her shortly before his death that he was involved in a cult. "Mama, I'm a Satanist. I know it is bad, but I cannot escape. They are terribly strong." Mr. Buslov, the father of one of the victims, discovered that 36 young people between the ages of 12 and 22 have hanged themselves in Tyumen province in the past year. While there is no known connection to any cult, the high number of deaths have shaken the whole of western Siberia. A spokesman for the provincial prosecutor's office said: "We may be dealing with a serial killing, though it is not clear if this is murder or incitement to suicide." The leader of the cult is said to be a man in his 40s, who, helped by two younger acolytes, exerted enormous influence on naive provincial children. But, thanks to what the locals call the "Russianness" of the police, there seems little chance of catching those responsible.(Reuters)


1998 BRADENTON, Fla. Paula Green-Albritton along with her son Jimmy Lee Clarke, owners of Green's Funeral Home in Bradenton,Florida, were arrested after police discovered she stuffed voodoo dolls into a corpse in a death curse against her competitors in the burial business and other enemies. Albriton invoked the voodoo deity Damballah in the hope that people whose names she had written on notes pinned to the dolls would die. She allegedly severed the left hand of the corpse of the corpse and placed 12 dolls inside the chest cavity. ``These dolls were placed inside a body that was to be buried and will decompose with time,'' voodoo expert Rafael Martinez said in his report, which police gave to Reuters. Richard Woodie of the Westside Funeral Home was one of least two people whose names were attached to the dolls who were connected to the funeral home business. ``Be gone and may you rot in the grave Richard Woodie -- Damballah curse him as I curse him, and spoil him as a spoil him -- by the fire at night,'' one note said. Green-Albritton was arrested last month a. She pleaded not guilty Friday to tampering with a corpse. No date was set for trial.  Not only did the curse not work, but Albriton faced  charges that carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail or a $10,000 fine.(Reuters)

1998 Sayville, NY Life imitates art. Serena Martin was said to have several mutual friends with Melissa Joan Hart, star of the sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch ( I like that show, actually). Both grew up in the same town of Sayville. Like Sabrina, Sareena (she even had a witch name!) used to cast spells one her hated rival, also a pretty cheerleader. But unlike Sabrina, Sareena's magic didn't actually work (well, neither did Sabrina's, it was all special FX). Sareena Martin and victim's own mom killed the popular cheerleader Charity Miranda by tying her up and putting a plastic bag over her head. Police said Miranda's mother, Vivian, 39, and her daughters recently began studying the West Indian religion of Santeria, and "raised religion to a heightened degree." At first they told police it was done to "drive the demons out", but later admitted the girl was a Santeria sacrifice, apparently having gotten no results with killing chickens and goats. Police also found occult symbols on the window of the crime scene, and other items associated with Santeria. The pair are now facing life in prison. Coincidentally, Sayville's High School has a rivalry with Amityville...yes, that Amityville. When you have Jesus, life is much easier.  Before you smother someone with a plastic bag, give Christ a try, OK?(AP)

1998 Santa Monica, California Satanists Glen Mason, 23 Elizabeth Ann Mangham, 17, and Dennis Ronald Scott, 24,  murdered 13 y.o. Shevawn Geoghegan in a Satanic Ritual.  Detectives found dead animals and Satanic symbols near the scene of the crime. Geoghegan's  body was found on 2-26-98, wrapped in a blanket in the basement of a vacant mental hospital that police said was frequented by teens who were into their own brand of satanic worship. Geoghegan was a friend of the three suspects and voluntarily went to the hospital on the night of her slaying. She had been strangled with a belt. The case was profiled on "America's Most Wanted" which lead to the capture of the fugitive Scott in Alabama in 1999.  Birmingham police found Scott in a section of town known as Five Points South, a popular spot with youth who are into alternative culture. Police said Scott had been hard to capture because he lived under numerous aliases, including the name of a dead friend, Jimmy Ronald Turner. Mason and  Scott were convicted  of murder, and Mangham pleaded no contest to manslaughter. (AP)

1998 Donskoi, Russia In Feb., Police in Donskoi arrested members of a satanic cult whose ages range from under 20 to 80. The cult members stood trial on charges of two ritual murders, but the regional court returned the case for re-investigation. The prosecutor's office appealed the court decision to the Russian Supreme Court which ruled that the regional court gave the evidence inadequate scrutiny. After re-investigation, in 1999 A court of the city of Donskoi sentenced the cult's memebrs to eight to nine years in prison. The cult's leader Yelena Kuzina, 80, was sentenced to five years in prison and her oldest son, second in command in the cult, to ten years. Most of cult members are teens. All of the satanists were convicted on charges of murders with aggravating circumstances.  Defense lawyers of the satanists said they would protest the sentences. (ITAR/TASS/February 12, 1999)

1998 Hyvinkää, Finland  Three members of a Satanic were charged with the brutal murder and dismemberment of a 23 year old man that occurred on 10-21-98 in a small town near Helsinki. Finish Authorities had recently become concerned over acts of vandalism, such as desecration of graveyards, suggesting young Finns were showing an increased interest in Satanism. Police said, however, that the Hyvinkaa case was the first murder linked to a Satanic cult. The sex and ages of the members were two men  23, 20, and a girl, of 17. Body parts of the victim were found on rubbish tips in the Hyvinkaa area, which lead to arrests.The trial revealed that the murder involved torture, mutliation, canibalism and necrophilia. After he was killed the threesome cut of the victims head and limbs and removed some his internal organs, including the victims heart. The three openly described themselves as Satanists. One of the three had a previous conviction for the attempted burning of a church. The court also found the 23-year-old man guilty of torturing and killing his dog as a sacrifice on Hallowe'en. Amazingly, the leader (the 23 y.o.) only recieved a 21 year sentence and the other two receieved even lighter sentences. (Interfax)

1998 Death Valley, California After an expose in Time magazine, Castaneda disappeared from the public view in 1973, and began in the last decade of his life to organize a secretive group of devoted followers. Castenada started his cult comprised mostly of former and current female lovers that he called his "witches". After Casteanda's death in 1998, the female cult members dissapeared. Witches Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar, Kylie Lundahl, and Amalia Marquez vanished the day after Castaneda's death. A few weeks later, Patricia Partin, Castaneda's adopted daughter as well as his lover (sick!), disappeared. Some former Castaneda associates suspect the missing women committed suicide because of remarks they made shortly before vanishing, and Castaneda's frequent discussion of suicide in cult meetings. Achieving transcendence through "a death nobly chosen"  had long been central to his ludicrous teachings, along with drug use and "magic". The skeletal remains of  Castenada's adopted daughter/lover Patricia Partin were found in the California desert in 2006. DNA identified the remains. The remains of the other cult members have yet to be found. It might be worth noting that another hippie drug guru, also went to the desert, and called his female lovers/followers witches too. His name was Charles Manson. (AP)

1998 Melbourne, Australia Wiccan High Priest Angus Fletcher, a ounsellor in Caulfield, was sentenced to 10 years' jail for having had sex with two 15 y.o. girls who'd been sent to him for help. Prosecution said Fletcher virtually enslaved his victims with drugs & "Wiccan witch-talk" so they'd believe being tied up, spanked, put in a dog's collar and sexually abused was "part of a pagan rite". Fletcher said he believed it too. Swearing an oath on a charred stick, he said Wicca not only allowed him to have sex with the girls, one of whom was a reincarnated "Celtic princess" <snicker>, but to cast a spell to stop them testifying against him, even if it meant their death. It also apparently let him advertise one on the internet as a "submissive teen schoolgirl" who was "bruisable and will take belt and paddle". Justice David Harper, hoever,  declared: "Religion can never be a cloak for the sexual exploitation of children." Fletcher would later claim he was being "persecuted by Christians"(Reuters)

 1998, Pike County, Ohio; In Nov., Michael Paul Dillard, 20, was convicted of felony child endangerment for burning a boy during a satanic ritual. Dillard used candle wax to burn crosses on the chest, genitals, arms and back of the 14-yr.old. Dillard confessed to torturing the boy, his 13 yr. old brother & a 12 yr. old friend. An accomplice held their legs while Dillard poured wax on them. "It burned," the younger boy testified. "I tried to get loose." One of the men told one of the boys to holler out Satan's name, but he refused to do it, the younger boy testified. See, "Man guilty of burning teens in satanic ritual," (AP)

1998,  South Africa Naledzani Mabuda and his wife Helen Madidida confessed to killing their 23-month-old son. The father, a traditional healer and spiritual medium (called a "sangoma", or witch-doctor), confessed to the ritual Voodoo killing of his son because "his ancestors had threatened to destroy him if he did not". Police found the boy's head, legs, hands and genitals buried under various parts of the floor in the couple's house. Later searches revealed the poor toddler's intestines, liver and other internal organs from a series of ritual "graves" on the nearby mountainside. The couple were refused bail after another local traditional leader banned them from the village. He testified that the couple had committed a crime of the "greatest evil" and that the townspeople were terrified. The case was remanded to trial for May 4 when a series of villagers were asked to testify about ritual human sacrifices as part of traditional African beliefs. Africa still needs Christian missionaries!(Reuters)

1998 South Africa Some good news. In January, witch-doctors, or sangomas, claimed that ritual murders and killings related to the medicinal quest for body parts had decreased by more than 90 percent. A news article reported that police estimate that several hundred people, many of them children, are killed in South Africa each year for their body parts. Female genitals, breasts and placentas are used for infertility and good luck, while hands burned to ashes and mixed into a paste are seen as a cure for strokes, and hearts for heart disease. Blood is given to impart vitality and brains for political power and business success.(Note the Good Witch's Bible mentions similar rubbish) (Reuters)

1998 Oregon  Michael James Hayward and three Satanist friends were members of a "Death-Metal" band, who loved violence andlistened to their own Death-Metal music which included lyrics to "The Pick-Axe Murders," An Experiment in Homicide," "Hammer smashed face," Meat Hook Sodomy," "Gutted," and "Living Dissection". They planned their crime and went to a Dari Mart store, killed a female clerk and brutally beat another one. The evidence of "Death-metal" music and Satanism was admitted into court testimony and was upheld because it partially explain the motive for the crime and the motive for the degree of brutality used. (AP)

1998, Lubuk Pakam, Indonesia; Indonesian sorcerer, Achmad Suradji, 47, was sentenced to death in April for murdering 42 women as part of a bizarre attempt to boost his magical powers. The case first came to light in April last year when police, following up a missing person's report, found a body buried in a sugar cane field near Suradji's house. When they went to question the sorcerer, they found women's shoes and handbags. Over the next few weeks, a further 41 bodies were unearthed close to his village. According to the police, Suradji said that he had a dream in 1986 in which the ghost of his father had told him to kill a total of 70 women and then drink their saliva in order to enhance his mystical powers.(Reuters)


1999 August Albuquerque, NM - A 20-year-old man who reportedly scrawled satanic symbols and wanted to be known as the "Dutch Master Killer" has been arrested in the killing of a bisexual man. Marine Lance Cpl. Ryan S. Davis of Albuquerque was arrested on a warrant out of New Mexico. Great to have Satanists in the military, ain't it? David Perea Jr., was shot apparently for no other reason than his sexual orientation, said Albuquerque Police Department Violent Crimes Detective Rick Foley."I've not heard of us having a homicide related to a hate crime before in Albuquerque. I cannot recall anything in the 15 years I've been here where (a killing was) related to anyone's orientation," said Marlene Thomas, a police records supervisor. Apparently Satanists can be first in something, after all. Police and the district attorney's office are looking into whether Davis was involved in other violent crimes, said Julie Altwies, Bernalillo County deputy district attorney. She said such incidents may have taken place in Bernalillo County and in other states but gave no specifics.Foley said Davis admitted to killing Perea and also "confessed to committing some robberies in Albuquerque" but gave no details. (AP)

1999 Sao Palo Brazil Brazilian police arrested a witch doctor on charges of murder and grave robbing after finding 16 skulls and other bones buried beneath his home. The remains of a small child also were found, as was a photo of an infant with the words "Para Morrer," or "To Die," written on the backside. (Reuters)

1999 Sawetto, South Africa A Mozambique man, Maeoriko Manyike was sentenced to life in prison for ritual murder and mutilation. Manyike mutilated a 15-yr-old boy and tried to sell his genitals which he had cut off. According to a news report: "Ritual or 'muti' murders are common in South Africa where people are prepared to pay well for portions made of human parts which they believe will bring good health or good fortune." What? You mean African Voodoo isn't a life affirming earth based religion???(Reuters)

1999 Kitchener, Ontario In Sept., Wiccan High Priest Kenneth James McMurray pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault on minors. McMurray held himself out as a leader of a group based on the Wicca religion. He preyed on abused teenagers and required them to engage in a series of homosexual acts which he called "Mandatory Requirements" (the Great Rite) which they would be tested on. He told them that they would "become better people spiritually if they participated in these acts(kundalini)". Some members were afraid of McMurray because they thought he had special powers. Apparently his special powers include landing in prison. (AP)

1999 Dayton, Ohio In August Satanist Kenneth J. Smith pled guilty to several years of  sexual imposition against a child; he appealed the designation as a sexual predator. The trial court documents also noted that alcohol was used, that defendant had threatened the victim, and that the child was made to participate in Satanic ceremonies .(AP)

1999, Kiev, Ukraine The supreme court sentenced Satanist Dmitry Dyomin to death for the riual killing a 15-year-old girl whose tongue he then boiled and ate. Dyomin belonged to a Satanic cult and with the help of two Satanist accomplices had severed the girl's head with a kitchen knife. Dyomin later lacquered the skull and kept it in his room. Skulls, books on black magic and upside-down crucifixes were found during a search of Dyomin's house. his accomplices, Valentin Chelyshev and Alexei Andreyev sentenced to 13 and 8 yrs. in jail, respectivley.(Reuters)

1999, Allentown, Georgia Minnie Pearl Thompson, 44, was considered  a  "root worker" (i.e. Voodoo sorceress) amongst her local community. Her money spells appraently didn't work, becuase she had to suplement her income by selling crack. The Ocmulgee Drug Task Force discovered she was moving over a quarter of a pond of crack per week. Police wiretaps discovered Minnie had buried a dead chicken in her yard "for protection". When police raided her house, they discovered, among buring candles, roots, voodoo dolls and such things, and white powder scattered on the floor. "She said it was Law Stay Away powder," said Wilkinson County Sheriff Richard Chatman. didn't work. She recieved life in prison w/o parole! Her boyfriend, Sam Rozier, 33, an apostate Christian minister, was also arrested.  Rozier had met Thomas in 1998 and moved in with her not long afterward. He told drug agents she must have put roots on him to make him join her drug scheme."If he'd had his way, the roots would have been his defense," Bache said. "He really, really believed that's what happened to him." Rozier told the agents her spell entered him through the food she fed him. Full of remorse and shame, he told Bache: "I should have left those biscuits alone." Indeed, he should have left it all alone and stuck with Jesus! He got 18 monhts in the Atlanta Pen. (AP)

1999 Tulsa, OK -James Ryan Bunnell originally told the cops he had gotten a gun from his parents' dresser drawer to kill a skunk the family dogs were chasing and then tripped over the threshold when he went back into the house, accidently killing his 15 year old brother. If he hadn't been smoking pot when the police arrived, it might have made his story more believable. The police really doubted his story when they found a blood soaked pillow with four bullet holes in it. Later the landlord discovered occult books & the Satanic writings of Brunnell's in a Bible.  Bunnell stated in his writings that he was the "Son of Satan" and desired to kill his entire family as a sacrifice to the Devil, according to testimony heard in Rogers County District Court. Bunnell also wrote, "I want to rape young girls and feed upon their flesh." Perhaps he was imitating Anton LaVey, who admitted to dining on the leg of a 20 year old girl. Bunnell pleaded guilty to manslaughter and recieved 35 years in prison.(AP)

1999 Littleton, CO Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris  kill 12 students, a teacher, and wound 23 others at a shooting at Columbine High School, before killing themselves. Several students stated that some were killed for stating they believe in God. Later, 50 homemade explosive devises were found at the school and their homes. The story shocked the nation and the world. The pair were said to be fascinated by violence, Satanism, Nazism, Nietzche, often spoke to each other in German, and always wore black trench coats that was part of the get up of the set of outcasts known as "The Trenchcoat Mafia". According to some witnesses one victim, Cassie Bernall, 16, was said to have been asked by her assassin if she were a Christian, and was then shot (even though some claim it didn't happen). Feeling like outcasts at school, (even though they were friends with each other) Their need for recognition and power led to a fascination with Satanism, Nazism, Adolph Hitler and death..(AP)

1999 St. Petersburg, Russia Police recorded several acts of Satanic vandalism. In northern St. Petersburg, a cross was twice cut to firewood at a church for disabled persons. The first time a big bone from an unidentified animal was found on the altar.  Later one of the cemeteries of the town was desecrated. In the Southern part of Russia, in Stavropol, Police think Satanists were the culprits who burned a 6 foot cross at a county hospital. The cross was consecrated by Patriarch Alexis II two years earlier and was erected by the staff of the hospital. The hospital chaplain considers the attempt to burn the cross simply to be "a sinful boyish trick."(Reuters)

1999 Palatka, Florida William Tyler Black, 17, and Jeffery Burton Carter, 16, were arrested after their teacher said they told him of a "Columbine like assault" they hatched. The teacher  told investigators that Black, an 11th-grader at the time, and Carter, a 10th-grader at the time, said they considered themselves outcasts because they worshiped Satan and that they had a plan for killing people at Palatka High School. Luckily the plan was discovered and stopped in time before it could be carried out. (AP)

1999 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Darrel Wayne Harris, 17 was tried for attempted murder as an adult  for repeatedly stabbing a friend he asked to participate in a Satanic ritual. The attack caught the victim, Robert Menendez, 22, and the ritual's other participants by surprise, officials said. Authorities said the two struck up an acquaintance through e-mail and an interest in Satanic web sites, which they frequently visited at public libraries. They met in a wooded area along S.W. 20th Street around 4:15 a.m. to perform the ritual along with Harris' unidentified girlfriend and at least one other person, Detective Mike Reed, a police spokesman, said. Investigators said the two sliced their hands, mixed their blood and drew a pentagram in the dirt while chanting. Harris then allegedly took the bloodshed one step farther and turned the butcher knife on Menendez, striking him as many as nine times in the neck, Urruella said. "He was very lucky to have survived," Urruella added.(AP)

1999 New York, NY  37 y.o. old Psychic and fortuneteller Pamela Miller was arrested for making a woman in her 40's believe she had a curse and taking $50,000  in "donations" of her money over three years to get rid of it. It was the 13th arrest under Operation Crystal Ball, a seven-month-old effort by the New York City Police Department's Special Frauds Squad to address the problem of illegal fortunetelling.(AP)

1999 Madrid, Spain In March a Belgian woman died from injuries suffered during a Satanic ritual in southeastern Spain. Police in the town of Villajoyosa  arrested four suspects in connection with the death, including the woman's husband. State radio news said the woman, a mother of two in her 30s, had gone into a coma and later died in hospital. Her husband was reported to be a Spaniard but there was no information on the nationalities of the other suspects. The radio and daily newspaper El Mundo cited police sources as saying the woman and those taken into custody were members of a Satanic cult. "They were practising a particular ritual of their group which produced serious injuries, presumably caused by a knife, and burns on many parts of her body," El Mundo quoted the police sources as saying. (Reuters/March 22, 1999)

1999 Warsaw, Poland In March, a 19-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy were killed during a ritual Satanic mass in southern Poland, police said Thursday after finding their cut up and burned bodies. Another teenage cult member who survived was taken to hospital with multiple knife wounds. Police have arrested a 19-year-old cult member suspected of having carried out the killings. The two victims were members of a sect which staged the black mass in a disused bunker on the outskirts of the town of Ruda Slaska, but did not know they were to die, a spokesman said. Police have arrested a 19-year-old cult member suspected of having carried out the killings. (Agence France-Presse/March 4, 1999)


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