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Satanist killer Caius Veiovis with hideous implants and tatoos

2016 JAN Houston, TX - 18 y.o. Satanist Edward O’Neal IV was arrested for the murder of his "friend", 16 y.o. Ryan Roberts, which was done as part of a Satanic ritual, according to reports. Robert’s body was discovered Jan. 19 in a wooded area near the Hwy 610 overpass off Holmes Road, roughly eight miles east of Pasadena. According to reports from Channel 13, the boy’s mother said a neighbor came forward with information that led police to the suspected killer. "He confessed to his cousin, in detail," Roberts told station KHOU reporters. “He sat there and said that he hit my son in the back, stabbed my son multiple times in the side,” Christina Roberts said at the time of O’Neal’s supposed confession. “My son was screaming and begging for his life and then the final blow was to the neck.” Roberts said O’Neal was so close to her son that he had lived with the Roberts family for a spell—and was even at her home during the search for Ryan. In January, KHOU interviewed the father of a teen whom Christina Roberts believed had killed her son—weeks before police even named a suspect.At the time, the dad, who spoke anonymously, said his son was a devil worshiper but not a murderer. “They was best friends. He go to his house, he come over my house.”, the man told KHOU.The father said his teen was in a psychiatric ward and has a history of mental illness. “I knew that. He’s worshpping the devil and stuff,” the man said. In an article from around the same time, a man named Edward O’Neal III apparently went on the record with Houston’s ABC 13 and told the station that Ryan Roberts was his son’s “best friend.” “He goes over to that house, they come over to my house, they eat,” he added. “I know his mother, brother, sisters. I don’t know what happened.He sitting here in my house, looking at me in my face, trying to help me find my son,” Roberts told KHOU. “He knew everything and come to turnaround, he was the one who killed my child.”Prosecutors said on Thursday that O’Neal voluntarily confessed three times to the killing, and tried to commit suicide two days after Roberts’s body was found, ABC 13 reported. (KHOU ABC TV)

Wiccan Sarah Miller2015 Clifton, IL Wiccan Sara Miller 36 of Clifton Illinois was arrested on 08/07/2015 on charges of sexual abuse of a minor. Miss Miller allegedly  performed oral sex on her own twelve year old son in the back of their family’s barn. The twelve year old later told friends at school and they told a teacher who notified the authorities. Miller admitted she had performed oral sex upon her son when questioned by authorities. An attorney for miss Miller said that his client was only practicing her religion and is a victim of "religious discrimination". Right. The alleged a Ritual abuse was allegedly part of "a Wiccan ceremony that cerebrates pleasure". It's unknown if she was inspired by The Good Witch's Bible by Gavin and Yvonne Frost, or if she got the idea on her own.
2015 Madrid, Spain A man and a woman of Nigerian origin have been arrested over claims that they forced Nigerian women into prostitution and deployed voodoo to keep their victims under their control. The two suspects were arrested at their home with police finding false identity documents and several objects linked to Voodoo rituals there. The ‘madam’ and her accomplices had control over their victims, using  aggression and threats as well as resorting to traditional Juju voodoo practices, such as animal sacrifices,according to police. 

The young Nigerian woman who filed the complaint had herself been lured in 2011 to Spain by the "Madam" who promised her legitimate work. However, when she arrived in Spain, she was kidnapped and held in an apartment in Madrid. Her abductor then forced her to work as a prostitute in several Spanish cities, Bordeaux, France and Oslo,Norway, claiming she was owed a 60,000-euro ($66,000 US) debt. According to Amnesty International, the victims are forced to take a pledge of obedience during the Voodoo rituals, which they were then persuaded into believing that they would fall ill or become insane if they failed to obey their pimps. (Ruters)

2015 May Mumbai, India  In may a "baba", (a Hindu priest), was arrested for sexually exploiting as many as 22 young girls by Indian authorities. The unamed Guru claimed he had the ability to embody a djinn, “a spirit,” who would make money rain down on a virgin’s family if the spirit was sexually satisfied.  His network of loyal suppliers would go out into the city and prey on vulnerable families who were desperate for a way out of poverty. The suppliers then brought the girls to the baba.

The Hindu priest was arrested following new police training in techniques dealing with sex trafficking. Police raided the Priest's house just in time to save a 15 year old girl from being raped. While examining the apartment, police found drugs and a variety of “how to” books on hypnosis and occult healing rituals. The baba admitted to police he had raped at least 22 girls in the past. Both the baba and an accomplice were arrested on the spot. The baba had promised girl's family he would cause "paiso ki barish",i.e., “the rainfall of money”, in exchange for having sex with a "djinn", which would take the form of baba and look exactly like him. The baba's evil magic spirits don't seem to be able to get him out of jail, oddly enough.  (IJM)

Sunrise, FL 2015 Sunrise Police are calling for more victims to step forward after Voodoo priest Brogenet Cinor, 48, was arrested in June of 2015 and charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl, who is now 16. The Voodoo priest reportedly coerced other women intosexual relationships with threats of Voodoo curses, too. Police are investigating incidents with two other victims, the Sentinel reported. "He was using the victims' belief in voodoo and curses," Sunrise Police Officer Cindi McCue told the Sun-Sentinel. "They believed they could die if they didn't follow his instructions." Cinor allegedly sexually abused the girl, who is now 16, in a backyard shed in an attempt to cleanse the evil that lived inside her when her mother brought the girl for a spiritual reading, police said.


2015 May Santa Clarita, CA "Suspicions about the Masonic Fraternal Police Department — whose members trace their origins to the Knights Templar — were aroused when various police chiefs in Southern California received a letter in late January that announced new leadership for the group," the LA Times' Matt Hamilton wrote. One of California Attorney General Kamala Harris' (D) staffers was arrested in May 2015 and "accused of operating a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years," The Los Angeles Times reported. Of course, there was no such police force, and occultists aren't known for their truth telling ability...but claiming to be Law Enforcement when you're really not is a crime, anyway. 

"Following an investigation, officials said, sheriff’s investigators searched two sites in Santa Clarita and found badges, weapons, uniforms and law enforcement paraphernalia." The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department said in a statement that the Masonic Fraternal Police Department was not a legitimate police force and that Kiel, Henry, and Hayes were arrested for allegedly impersonating police officers. The Times called attention to a now defunct website purporting to represent the Masonic department. The site claims the police department is widely respected and operates in 33 states...which it didn't. 

"The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the 'World.' Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the 'Knights Templar's' back in 1100 B.C.," the site says. "When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first!" Well, they're first in going to jail for claiming to be Monic cops, at any rate. 

July 2015 New York, NY Psychic Priscilla Kelly Delmaro was arrested for scamming a lovesick patron out of over $700K over a two year period starting in 2013, in an attempt to bring back a lost lover. According to the New York Times, the 32 y.o. victim paid Delmaro $713,975 for her services, including $56,000 to eliminate a "stalking" spirit, $40,000 for "a fake funeral ritual to make the spirit think the man was dead," $80,000 for "a bridge of gold in the other realm," and $30,000 for a "time machine" made out of a Rolex watch. "The girl didn’t want to be with me, and the girl had categorically made that clear," he explained to investigators. The victim finally lost faith in Delmaro after she failed to "reincarnate" Michelle, who died in February 2014. So he took his case to the NYPD, whose officers arrested the psychic and her "companion," 27-year-old Bobby Evans, in late May of 2015. 


Sept. 2015 Clevland, OH Psychic Gina B. Miller was arrested andPicture of "Psychic" Gina Miller charged with with scamming clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, gift cards and open lines of credit for two decades. The list police made of items found at Miller's home she recieved as payment was five pages long, including furs, Rolex watches,designer purses and of course, cash. Mentor police report they recovered $20,000 in cash at her Mentor business and home in Madison. Police said Miller operated Psychic Reader at 7496 Mentor Ave., convinced clients that harm would come to them or their families if they did not pay her. Police believe that more victims — who may know her under a different name — have not yet been identified. "Many of these victims may be afraid of Miller, convinced that she has the power to bring harm to them or their families," a press release reads. Anyone who believes Miller has scammed them should call detectives at 440-974-5763.


2015 SALEM, MA — An investigation into a heroin dealing in Salem resulted in the arrest of two men August 7, including Richard Watson, a well-known psychic and member of the Wiccan community living in the self-styled “Witch City.” Reaction to the story was swift. Watson’s church revoked his credentials, and people took to social media to condemn his alleged involvement.
According to the Salem News, police received information about heroin being sold out of Watson’s apartment at 100 Bridge Street, and made some undercover purchases before obtaining a search warrant and raiding the premises. Inside the place, they found Watson and another man, Javier Pena-Abreu, sitting at a table on which there was reportedly a pile of heroin.

Reverend High Priestess Lori Bruno of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, where Watson was an ordained minister, issued a statement denouncing the news. She said, in part: "[A]fter the news article I saw today and having also been directly informed about this, I and our clergy counsel have come to the decision to revoke the ministerial credentials of a trusted minister to humanity, Richard Watson. It is with much sadness that I do this, because I trusted Richard Watson to carry on the creed of our people." Watson’s bail was set at $50,000,  Pena-Abreu’s was set at $500,000. 

Pena-Abreu is no stranger to police encounters, and was free on a $20,000 bail resulting from another heroin-trafficking arrest last year. He invoked his right to remain silent. Watson, on the other hand, cooperated with police by showing them the remainder of the heroin in the apartment, totaling more than two ounces. Police allege that $10-15,000 of the drug was passing through the apartment on a weekly basis.

This was not the first time that Watson, or his apartment, had been touched by less-than-legal activities. In 2007, during the so-called “witch wars” over psychic licenses in Salem, Watson arrived home to discover a grisly scene. As was reported by the Salem News at the time,

Richard Watson said he went back to his Bridge Street apartment on the night of May 26 to a disturbing scene: his roommate, Sharon Graham, dressed in black, surrounded by four young men, also all in black, standing around a jar. Inside that jar was the eye of a raccoon, police say. And in two trash bags in Watson’s refrigerator was the rest of the critter, which had been dismembered.

Graham was one of the people who later pleaded guilty to leaving parts of that raccoon on the steps of two psychic shops. Watson was a witness in that case, and claimed at the time that Graham had pressured him to not testify.


2014 Eubank, Kentucky- Rex Allen Murphy, a self described Wiccan who claims he comes from a "family of Warlocks" was charged by the Sheriff’s Department in Eubank Kentucky, and held on a $50,000 bond for sexual battery on a minor. Murphy, who oddly enough doesn't see a conflict with his being simultaneously a "Warlock" and a Sunday School teacher, threatened to kill the boy (whom he met at church) using his “warlock powers”, if he told, and said he could “cure” him of his “battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality.” Some Wiccans combine Christianity and Neopaganism, and a few branches of Wicca (such as Gardnerian) disdain homosexuality. It's unknown exactly what Murphy's affiliation (if any) to what Wiccan/Neopagan groups were. 

He was arrested after the victim reported abuse to the authorities. Only a small amount of detail has been released given the severity of the case. According to Eubank Chief of Police Colin Hatfield: “The details were very graphic and to the point. Upon tracking down the suspect, Rex Allen Murphy  and interviewing him, he did in fact confess to the allegations. “The victim stated that the suspect told him on numerous occasions that by brushing his skin or shaking his hand…he could tell his sins by the power he has. He comes from family of warlocks.

“He was very scared, because the suspect, in the victim’s eyes, had been threatening his life in the form of Wicca, witchcraft, black magic.” The crimes allegedly took place over six months in a church, and eventually at the accused’s home. Police are investigating whether there are more victims. Rex Allen Murphy represents the worst type of scum. This is why this website inform people not to be afraid of witchcraft by any name or any form. The ONLY power it has, is the power to scare people who believe in it. Don't believe in it. 


2014 Oklahoma - Chances are you've heard of some Native American tribes who claim getting high on Peyote is part of their religion, or Rastafarians who claim smoking pot is their sacrament of choice.  Wiccan Lori Potarf decided to take it to the next level and told police using Meth was her religious right. Lori Potarf and Richard Lee Henderson were stopped while driving on U.S. Highway 91 because their vehicle had a broken tail light, The Duncan Banner  reported.

Both had Crown Royale liquor bags containing syringes , a spoon and traces of methamphetamine, the paper said. Henderson did not claim he was a witch, police said. Blessed be, anyway! They both went to jail, despite Potarf's claims. 


2014 Clemmons, North Carolina - In October, 35 y.o. Pazuzu Illah Algarad (who's real name is John Alexander Lawson) was arrested after human remains were found on the property he was living on. He was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up to be a High School dropout and got into the occult and filed his teeth into points with a Dremel tool. He adopted the name of Pazuzu – the demon mentioned in The Exorcist – and cultivated a personality that was "a combination of Charles Manson, Anton LeVay and Aleister Crowley," according to Camel City Dispatch . He began claiming Iraqi descent and started friending real Middle Eastern jihadists on Facebook.So he sounds like he knew what he wanted out of life.  

For people around Clemmons,NC, Algarad was the local boogeyman. The house on Knob Hill (belonging to Algarad's mother, who lived with him and Burch and is legally blind ) featured a front door ominously painted black and festooned with upside-down crosses, Arabic script (that apparently read  "The House of Devils") and a long diatribe against police. A message board post from 2013  described it as "disgusting," with refuse – human and animal – littering the floor and an overpowering odor. 

Bianca Heath, who claimed to have lived with Algarad for a month in 2005, told the Huffington Post  that he had mentioned the graves to her. "Paz told everyone. But I never believed him. I'm sure no one else believed him either. He laughed about the skeletal remains when telling the story on why he did what he did." 

"The story," Heath says, "is that Algarad picked up two prostitutes at two separate locations, killed them and ate them, before burning some of the remains and burying the rest." (Huffinton Post, People)

Satanist killer Caius Veiovis with hideous implants and tattoos

2014 New Orleans - In March a prominent figure in the Wiccan/Pagan community, Kenny Klein, was arrested for child pornography. Klien is a well known Pagan musician and an amateur photographer, and has been arrested in New Orleans on 25 counts of child pornography, involving images found on his computer of children under the age of 13 engaging in explicit sexual activity, according to this news story  from the Times-Picayune. 

     Klein recorded a number of Pagan religious music albums and toured with his now ex-wife Tziporah. Klien was a member of the Blue Star coven. He also wrote articles for the Huffington Post , covering events such as Mardi Gras . Klien is also an occult book author who wrote The Flowering Rod: Men and Their Role in Paganism, Through The Faerie Glass, Fairy Tale Rituals, Fairy Tale Magic, all published by Llewellyn. It's not hard to think he used his fairy tale themed occult books to seduce kids. (Times-Picayune)


2014 Lakeland, FL Super Sheriff Grady Judd announced that nearly $2 million worth of methamphetamine was seized and 13 people arrested in  one of the biggest meth busts they've had in recent years. In a press conference Judd laid out the details of the bust, known as "Operation Hoodoo Voodoo", which involved 25 suspects distributing drugs across county and state lines, a stockpile of military-grade weaponry and a Voodoo priest.

“It’s about drugs and money and guns," said Judd. "This is the kind of firearms that our special agents and our detectives and our deputies face everyday as we fight this war on drugs."Judd said officials seized about 44 pounds of methamphetamine, worth nearly $2 million, and that the suspects were stockpiling more than 100 dangerous military-style weapons. The meth was being distributed around Central Florida, in Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Seminole counties.

According to authorities, the gang did nothing without consulting a Voodoo priest first. Judd said "The day we served all the search warrants and made all the arrests, he told them, 'Don’t worry about it, everything is fine.', Well, I agree with the Voodoo man, everything is fine. Polk County is safe and there’s a lot of drugs not in central Florida.” Officials said that of the 25 suspects involved in the organization, 11 of them were currently receiving federal/public assistance. (Baynews 9)


2014 Sunbury, PA - A self described teenage Satanist and her husband are facing the death penalty for the murder of a man she met on Craig's List. Miranda Barbour, 19, is to stand trial on charges that she and her husband, Elytte Barbour lured a stranger with a Craigslist ad and then stabbed him to death as a human sacrifice. Although Barbour claims she has killed dozens of people and stopped counting the number of victims after #22, police doubt her story and believe the total body count is 1. Accused "Craigslist Killer" Miranda Barbour claimed most of the victims from her six-year cross-country killing spree were in Alaska, where she claimed to have shot her first victim when she was just 13. Alaska State Police said they hadn't seen any evidence of serial killer-style slayings, after an investigation.


2013 Moscow, Russia - An 18-year-old student suspected of committing a ritual murder in the Moscow Region on Walpurgis Night last year faces imprisonment of up to 15 years if proven guilty, regional police said. The investigation revealed that the student with a 21-year-old accomplice, both of whom practiced occultism, had beaten a man to death with nunchucks at a suburban cemetery on the night of May 1, 2012, and later carved a swastika on his forehead with a knife to shift the blame on skinheads, it said in a statement. It also revealed that prior to that crime the two performed a ritual act over the body of another man the accomplice killed in 2010 by chopping off his head and placing it on an anthill. The criminal case against the student has been sent to court, but the fate of the accomplice will be decided separately as he was found to suffer from a mental disorder and may be put in a clinic. (Reuters)


2013 Mississippi - Members of a group calling itself "The Satanic Temple" were arrested for indecent exposure in a graveyard. The group performed a "Pink Mass" over the grave of Catherine Idalette Johnston, the mother of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr. The ritual was intended to turn the dead woman gay. The captain of the Meridian PD, Dean Harper, told local news station WTOK-TV that the  charges were for trespassing, malicious mischief, and indecent exposure because one member placed his genitals on Catherine Johnston's grave. While the stunt was obviously done to protest the Westboro group, it hardly does much to dismiss the idea Satanists are purely into it for shock value. (The Huffington Post)


2012 Mexico City - The seven members of a cult that worships the Spirit of Death (La Santisme Muerte) were arrested  for sacrificing two 10-year-old boys and a 44-year-old woman. The Holy Death cult, claims to have five million members around the world, has its principal church in Mexico City. The group is condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and is not recognized as a religious denomination by the Mexican government.

The group’s leader was Silvia Meraz, who “convinced the rest of the group to offer human sacrifices to the Holy Death since it would bring them economic and health benefits, and it would give them protection”, according to police.

“Her preference was to cut the throats of the victims, arguing that the Holy Death preferred it that way and would tell them where there was money to steal, which would be part of the reward,” the AG’s office spokesperson said. The other suspects - three men and three women - range in age from 20 to 83.

The Holy Death cult, popular among drug traffickers and some other Mexican criminals, is a blend of Christianity, Indian traditions and folk beliefs. Investigators are trying to determine whether additional people were involved in the killings and if there are more victims. (Ummid News)


2011 Long Island, NY - A self described bisexual Satanist caused a situation that lead to the death of a Nassau County Police officer. Geoffrey Breitkopf, a 40-year-old Bureau of Special Operations officer and a 12-year veteran of the force, was shot and killed in March in an apparent 'friendly fire' incident in Massapequa Park, New York. Breitkopf was fatally wounded while attempting to arrest Satanist Anthony DiGeronimo in the Long Island suburb around 8pm.

     The suspect, DiGeronimo, who was also shot dead as he lunged at officers with knives, was a self-proclaimed Satanist with a large collection of knives and bladed weapons. 


2011 San Joaquin Valley, CA - Satanist Stanton Zaharoff LaVey (the only grandson of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey), 33, and his girlfriend Mishael Nicely (a.k.a. Sharon Hate), 24, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a 19-year-old they knew on Wednesday, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department reported. Authorities said the girl went with the couple to their home, where they smoked marijuana together. The girl told authorities that the couple would not let her leave. 

     She was tackled and bound with tape at her hands and across her mouth, she reported.The couple sexually assaulted her and forced her to watch pornography, she reported. She was allowed to leave at 3 a.m. A few days later the 19 y.o. dropped the charges against the pair. Stanton LaVey has said in interviews he has had several run-ins with the law over the years and even spent his 21st birthday in jail. (Visalia Times-Delta ) 


2011 Pittsfield, Mass - Caius Veiovis, a 31 y.o. Satanist, was arrested for murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the deaths of three men in Massachusetts. While most defendants wear suits and get conservative haircuts before going to court, it probably wouldn't help Veiovis. Veiovis had surgical implants in his head to resemble devil horns, and has spiked nose piercings and angry tattoos across his body. The heavily-pierced Satanist changed his name from Roy Gutfinski to Caius Veiovis with Veiovis a god of the underworld and Caius a character in the Twilight saga. I was just thinking of how many murder cults there were inspired by The Lost Boys and wondered if there would be any inspired by Twilight. I guess shouldn't think so much. (The Sun UK)


2010 GADSDEN, AL  Evan Francis Brown, 20 y.o., of Albertville, Ala., was arrested on a warrant for second-degree assault, a felony. Police say in October Brown heated a fork or a spoon on the stove and used it to burn a "V" into a 17-year-old's forehead. With friends like that, you don't need enemies. Brown allegedly tied the teen up, tricking him into believing they were playing a game. Brown claims that he is a Satanist, and also a "vampire". he goes by the nickname "Vamp". 

       Sergeant Wayne Keener of the Gadsden PD said in an interview "We went to the residence where he had lived. It was filled with satanic symbols on the wall. It was some kind of cult," 
Cops also found was a book on witchcraft stolen from the local library. The police department has condemned the house. 

(Reuters, CBS/AP)

2010 Johannesburg, South Africa - A 17-year-old boy was been arrested in Ravensmead, Cape Town in connection with a Satanic murder, Western Cape police said. Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said a beheaded body was discovered at a derelict primary school in Ravensmead on Thursday. "This gruesome discovery was followed by a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the crime, which led detectives to an address in Connaught Road Ravensmead [where] a search warrant was executed," he said.

"A search at the residence of the suspect led to the discovery of the head buried in the front garden last night... paraphernalia suggesting that Satanism was a possible motive was found at the residence of the suspect."

The teenager was arrested on a charge of murder.


2010 North Carolina - On April 14th U.S. Marshals arrested Waco “White Wolf” Tohausen, 37 y.o., in North Carolina  on rape and pandering charges involving a five-year-old Ohio child in 2007. Tohausen was indicted for Rape and Pandering Sexually Oriented Materials involving a five year old victim. The crimes, which were committed back in 2007, where recently indicted back on December 21, 2009. Tohausen is associated with a Wiccan Group known as the "Temple of the Crystalline Star and the Lustration of the Ancestors.” A spokemen for the group denounced his actions stating it violated the "Wiccan Rede". That's the problem when your religion is based on a statement like "An' It Harm None, Do What Ye Will"...pedos never feel like they're harming their victims. (AP)




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