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Is this website for sale?

Yes. The price is $65,000. 

Is this a Christian website?

No. It's now an atheist website.  It used to be an online ministry of sorts, until my skepticism in the supernatural grew to the point I lost my faith.

How can you say these LIES about famous occultists?? You're a [BLEEP] [BLEEPING] [BLEEP] BLEEP]! And you mother [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP] with a sheep too!

And the thing one ever points out a "lie", they just rant and rave and send me emails that blast me out of my chair. If you have a beef, take it up with Adian Kelly, Professor Ronald Hutton, The Amazing "James" Randi, Houdini, etc, and all the other people that have exposed the fakery. It's the 21st century, and I don't believe in magic...even if you misspell it with a "k". True, when I was younger I did, but I grew up.  If you don't agree, I really don't care. :) 

I'm going to throw a curse on you and this website! No point in begging for mercy, it's too late! So what do you think about that, Pumpkin?

(((YAWN))) Cool story, Bro. Get a life, loser. Or at least get a hobby. Seriously. I've been hearing that bullcrap for over 10 years now. There's no such thing as magic. If you want to act like a jackass about it, go ahead. 

But aren't you afraid of all these hexes and curses thrown on you?

Since there's no such thing as I probably get more hexes and curses thrown on me than any other person on the planet, and nothing happens. In fact, when I became an atheist, I thought of taking the website down, but then I realized all the occultniks would think they're silly superstitions had worked somehow. So ironically...all those hexes and curses kept the website online in a way!

Why don't you give occultists equal time?

Um...why? Do they pay my bills? Are they going to give me "equal time" on their websites? No? Oh, OK. Then I don't have too. I might evntually be puting occult books online that are in the Public Domain so people can read these things first hand for themselves. You can consider that equal time.

What is your phone number?

1-900-976-don'tbothertoaskme. Thanks but the idea of weirdos and schizophrenics  calling me on the phone at 3am to tell me there's a demon in their house just doesn't appeal to me somehow.  Go figure. Maybe you're not a weirdo, but I really don't want to take a chance. If you can't tell me something through an email, then you can't tell me. Period.

What is the connection to this website and the late pop singerMichael Jackson?

None whatsoever. Someone noticed the name "Moreno" on a prop tombstone in the Thriller video. And since there's a page that mentions fake ex-Jesuit Father Alberto Moreno Rivera, they thought somehow there was a connection. 

OK, the truth is Michael Jackson faked his own death and he's living at my house...NOT!

I don't know any of The Jacksons, never knew or met Michael Jackson, but I have seen Bubbles The Chimp at the Great Ape Center, and I do own some Michael Jackson CDs. Does that count for anything?

What made you become an atheist?

A lot of reasons. Studying the ways various religions come into creation for one thing. It occurred to me if modern religions like Mormonism, Wicca, Scientology, etc., have followers which cover up the faults of their creators and re-write their histories to put them in the best possible light, perhapsall religions - -even Christianity - - were as well. When my wife ran off with another man, the doubts in back of my head came up to the front. There will be whole pages about atheism too. 

Ha! You're really still a Christian, aren't you?

Again, no. Denying Christ would be the last thing a Christian would do. I eliminated all gods except one...and then eventually I eliminated the one. 

What do you have against Wiccans, Satanists, Scientologists, and all the rest?

Absolutely nothing! If you can't read an opposing view, don't bother to come here. 

Is Doctor Zoom Zoom really a doctor?

Well, I don't play one on TV. lol I will be playing one in a movie soon. Does that count? I have a Doctor of Divinity degree from the diploma mill/ ordination mill The Universal Life Church, and that's the same "degree" occultists have. At least one Wiccan I know of scammed her way on to a TV show with one. I also awarded myself a Doctor of Demonology degree. If Anton LaVey can award himself a Doctor of Satanic Theology degree, I have just as much right. So yes, in the occult world, I would apparently be considered a "Doctor" In the regular human world...not so much.

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