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CHRISTIAN ROSENKRUTZ (invented in 1623 but allegedly b. 1378 - d. 1484) Credited for creating the occult society known as  Rosicrucian Order. There have been dozens of groups calling themselves "Rosicrucian" throughout the centuries, and there are several in existence today. The most well known one today is probably the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross based out of San Jose, California.  Christian Rozenkruts, supposedly changed lead into gold, discovered ever-burning lamps, lived for 106 years, had amazing powers...and in reality never actually even existed!!! Christian Rozenkrutz was a hoax that has gotten a lot of milage since its creation.
The Rosicrucian order first came to the attention of the world in Paris in 1623, when anonymous leaflets were distributed around the city announcing the “invisible college” coinciding with a new book published by a bookseller titled Fama Fraternitatis which detailed the life of the previously-unknown Christian Rosenkrutz.The book claimed Rozenkrutz had traveled to Turkey, Moroco, and Egypt to study alchemy...a trip that would have been unlikely for a lone European Christian at that time in Muslim controlled lands. The book claimed Paracelcus had learned his secrets from an earlier book by Rosenkrutz...but in reality Paracelsus had no powers, and  he certainly never heard of Rosenkrutz since the hoax came about years after Paracelsus died.  Paracelsus makes no mention of a Christian Rosenkrutz in any of his writings, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Fama Fraternis said the Rosicrucians were going to give millions of dollars worth of gold to rebuild the Roman Empire, since they could easily manufacture large quantities of gold and had no use for it. It’s not hard to see why people would be attracted to such an order...why, for strictly spiritual purposes of course!
     The whole Rosicrucian legend was started as a joke to make fun of occultists by a Lutheran minister named Valentin Andrea, who later admitted to the hoax.  Andrea’s family crest is a cross with four roses, which is where he got the idea for the rose & cross symbol of Rosicrucianism. Historians who examined the book in our times have said the book is clearly a political tract written in the form of a satire. Andrea was depressed over the devastation brought about by the 30 years war, and wrote a tract of political satire, and also to poke fun of people who believed in the occult and alchemy. In fact, most of the material for Fama Fraternis, is actually plagiarized from a book published in 1615 titled Reformation of The World, written by Trajano Boccalini. (The History of Magic and The Occult by Kurt Seligmann,  p.287). And while scholars of history recognize Fama Fraternis as a book of political satire, the problem with satire is that it often goes over the heads of the intended audience!
    Even though the tract was meant to mock people who believed in alchemy, several people who read the tract took it seriously. People began to earnestly look for this Rosicrucian Order. Some were willing to oblige the seekers. There are numerous police records of scams that took people’s money in exchange for the hope of joining this order. Various "Rosicrucian" groups arose to meet the demands of the naive and greedy, hoping to find the secrets of changing lead into gold and have eternal youth.
   Many were simply outright scams where people gave money to confidence men in exchange for information to be delievered later...and never heard from them again. In the years following the publication of Fama Fraternis, the Paris police recorded several incidents of such scams where people were willingly separated from their money in hopes of learning mystical Rosicrucian secrets.
    Some modern day occultists, in order to save face,  have begun to say Christian Rozenkrutz was merely "symbolic", and not an actual person. Anyone who follows Rosicrucianism proves Andreas’ joke right...that occultists will believe anything! Nevertheless, many people even today belong to one of the various Rosicrucian orders...each one claiming to be the only true order and all the others fake. The truth is, they’re all fakes, since it’s all based on a hoax, and was never really intended to be taken seriously!
    The largest Rosicrucian Order today is the “Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross” based out of San Jose, California. Some close rivals include the “Rosicrucian Fellowship” in Oceanside, California, the “Builders of the Adytum”, and the “Rosicrucian Society” of New York (which claims the order's founder was Jesus Christ reincarnated as a woman, apparently taking a cue from the Shakers).    Each Rosicrucian Society considers itself the only “real” Rosicrucian order, and the rest are fakes. Like the Freemasons, they claim they helped build Solomon’s Temple. Most offer mail order or internet courses in the occult and it is possible to be a member without ever leaving one’s home as long as the membership dues are paid. Of course, one wonders why they need money if they're able to change lead into gold.
    The “AMORC” group claims it has been in existence for thousands of years (which of course it can’t prove), claiming the Egyptian Pharo Amonhotep IV was it’s founder. Members keep an altar in their home with busts of Amonhotep and Nefertiti on their altars along with an alchemical cross. The Pharo Amenhotep was a proponent of sun worship whom Lewis called “the Son of the Sun”. Sorry guys, but Sun worshippers and people who keep an altar with Egyptian idols on it cannot be Christians!
    The real founder of this order wasn’t an Egyptian Pharo, but rather a marketing genius named H. Spencer Lewis. Lewis started the order in 1903 with a press conference claiming the order had resurfaced after 108 years of dormancy, and “proved” his powers by changing lead into gold (by slight of hand, no doubt). The bar Lewis claimed was gold was allowed to be passed around for the reporters to examine...but no scientists were present. Of course, the expirement has never been duplicated since. Thanks to this publicity stunt and massive advertisement in newspapers and magazines, AMORC quickly grabbed many followers (no doubt hoping they too could change lead into gold), egar to plunk down a few dollars each month for monthly pamphlets supposedly giving secrets of the occult. 

    Oddly enough, for someone who could create gold, Lewis wasn't above a little bond fraud. According to the newspaper, The Sun, in an artcile dated Tuesday, June 18, 1918 revealed Harvey Spencer Lewis arrested on a charge of bond fraud. 'The raid followed information that for several weeks has had the attention of the District Attorney's interest in the case comes through the allegation that Lewis and his associates in the so-called American
Rosae Crucis were selling fraudulent 6 per cent gold bonds." Lewis also claimed he had devised a way of evding the draft.

    The order has a grade system similar to Freemasonry. Grades 1-8 can be earned through mail order study. Grades 9 10 11 and 12 are called the “Illuminati” and the members of these levels are said to meet out of the body on the astral plane. This is the clverest gimick of all, making members think they can be part of the legendary Illuminati! But of course, invitaions are given “on the astral plane” by members who can travel out of their body. Since no Rosicrucian can really travel out of their body (also called “Astral Projection”), the last three degrees exist only in the minds of deluded Rosicrucians. 

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    AMORC publishes about 3 dozen books for sale with catchy titles (for boring books) like Mental Poisoning, The Secret Teachings of Jesus, and Mastering the Cycles of Fate. Lewis, like Heindel, borrowed a lot of ideas from Blavatsky, including the idea that he was in telepathic communication with a being called "Coot Hoomi". Lewis decided to spell it Khuthumi to make it look more Egyptian. In any event, "Coot Hoomi" was later determined to be Blavatsky's play on words for "Col. Olcott", a naieve, but devoted follower of Blavatsky's. There is no real "Coot Hoomi", no matter how you spell it.
    Lewis claims Rosicrucianism came to America with the early settlers. The introductory pamphlet, The Mastery of Life even shows an early settler’s village and claims it is “a Rosicrucian settlement”. In reality, the settlement was that of Quakers, not Rosicrucians. The booklet also quotes several famous people - - from Benjamin Franklyn to Socrates - -and indicates they were Rosicrucians (they weren’t).  Like Wiccans, Freemasons, and Neopagans,  Rosicrucians created a fake history for themselves.  Also like these groups, they claim to teach how to develop occult powers. Psychometry, telepathy, astral projection, and spirit communuication are some of the powers they claim to teach.
   One of the lesser known groups, the Rosicrucian Fellowship, was founded by a Max Van Grass. Grass later changed his name to Max Hiendel (not much of an improvement) after a trip to Germany where Hieldel claims he was intiated into the Rosicrucian Order. Heindel's occult system seems to be nothing more than Blavatsky’s Theosophy word for word. The order boasts it doesn’t sell it’s lessons like it's chief comprtitors, those awful AMORC Rosicrucians, but gives them away instead. The catch 22 is you have to by the order’s books to take the courses.

    The Rosicrucian Fellowship, the other leading brand of Rosicrucianism,  offers  an astrology course, a (very innacurate) occult Bible course, and a “philosophy” course, which is really just Theosophy. Expect to spend a couple hundred bucks on the books for these courses (unless you're smart enough to avoid them). You may have a hard time finding them, but what a coincidence, the order just happens to sell them all. 

    This order claims it goes all the way back to the Babylonian Mystery schools and shows a Tower of Babel on their literature. One wonders how exactly they can be a “Christian Mystery School” if this were the case. In the order’s magazine, Heindel wrote an article that said that Rosicrucians worship “the Solar Logos”, or in other words, they worship the Sun. AMORC also seems to entertain the idea of sun worship, and at one time offered rose incense for sale in their catalog with the note that in ancient Egypt incense was offered at morning noon and evening to “the sun god”.
MAX HEINDEL Founder of the Rosicrucain Fellowship. Born Max Von Gross to a Dutch noble family, he grew up in poverty, just the same. While his family were blue bloods, they didn’t have the green stuff. His mother scrimped and managed to get he and his siblings a good education. As an adult, Van Gross immigrated to the United States and got a job as an engineer. Von Gross became enamored with the occult and racial hogwash of Arinosophy on a trip to Germany and later changed his name to Max Heindel. Swallowing the whole racist Aryan  nonsense of Theosophy and Arinosophy, he wanted his name  to sound more German. He claimed to have been initiated into Rosicrucianism while in Europe and started the Rosicrucian Fellowship in Oceanside, California. The Fellowship became a rival of sorts to the more well known AMORC.  The Fellowship claims to give free lessons in Esoteric Bible Studies (which are woefully inaccurate!), Astrology, and Western Philosophy (which is actuality just a course in Theosophy). The catch to the “free” lessons is that you have to buy the textbooks for the courses...all of which are published and sold exclusively by the Rosicrucian Fellowship.
    Although the Rosicrucian Fellowship claims to be a Christian outfit, the evidence speaks otherwise. The group used to feature the Tower of Babel Ziggurat on their object the Bible records as having been offensive to God. Like all occult societies, The Fellowship claims to be much older than it really is, and says it’s origins  go back to the Babylonian Mystery schools although it offers no actual proof (it can’t since it’s a lie), which would certainly be a strange claim for a Christian outfit! Heindel taught Lucifer was a “benefactor” to mankind, rather than a devil, who gave man knowledge. Heindel revealed in a 1933 edition of  Rays From The Cross magazine that the god Rosicrucians worship is “The Solar Logos”, or in other words, a sun god, which would certainly mean they are Neopagans rather than Christians!  Rosicrucians claim to able to heal people with occult powers at a distance (called absent healing) and push a vegetarian diet. Lucifer apparently wasn’t much of a benefactor to VanGorss/Heindel, and he was said to have spent the last decade of his life in both poor health and dire straights do most occultists it seems!
Max Heindel He simply rehashed previous occult teachings and died broke and sick anyway!

PASCHAL BEVERLY RANDOLPH (1825-1875) He wrote many books about sex magic (which he called the “rites of Elusis”), and how it could enlighten people. Good luck trying to decipher his convoluted writings written in a muddled 19th century colloquial English. His works inspired people like Aleister Crowley, the members of the O.:T.:O.:., and Henri Gamache, and are still in print.

   Randolph was the illegitimate son of a plantation owner and a barmaid (Randolph once remarked his parents "did not stop to pay fees to the justice or to the priest."). His mother died from smallpox when he was 5, and he went to live with a half sister. He ran away from home at 15 and became a sailor. When the spiritualist  movement kicked off, Randolph jumped on the bandwagon, appearing on stage as a medium and advertising his services.

    There have been legends and claims about Randolph that have arisen that have been questionable. One is his supposed friendship with President Abraham Lincoln, and being denied to ride on the train carrying Lincoln’s body because he was a Negro.  He claimed to have been a medical doctor, although how and when he received his training is unclear. An early advocate of “free love”, in February 1872 Randolph was jailed for promoting immoral sex, although later acquitted.  He married his second wife, Kate, while still legally married to his first wife, meaning Randolph was a bigamist.

    Apparently Randolph’s sex magic didn't bring happiness, because he committed suicide at age 49, leaving his wife and son to live in poverty. Sex magic doesn't get you anything except perhaps a venereal disease. Sex magic isn’t’s nothing more than an excuse to have sex and a way for gullible people to be seduced. When you realize this, you will be a step closer to a better life. Would you want to wind up like poor Mr. Randolph?

P.B. Randolph Bigamist and fake who committed suicide.
RUEBEN SWINEBURN CLYMER (1878-1966) A Rosicrucian rival to H. Spencer Lewis...and more or less, Max Heindel. Clymer was an unlikely follower of P.B. Randolph. As mentioned, Clymer made public the charge that H. Spencer Lewis was initiated by Aleister Crowley. One group of Clymer's Rosicrucians eventually merged with another Rosicrucian group that has  ties to Aleister Crowley's Thelema...ironically coming full circle and becoming a sort of “cousin” to the AMORC (well, technically, at least)

     Clymer bought P.B. Randolph’s occult archives from his widow, and kept Randolph’s books in print. Clymer claimed he succeeded Edward H Brown (known as 'Eulis') as head of a Rosicrucian order, but this has been proven false. Clymer created his 'Fraternitas Rosae Crucis' in 1920, two years before Brown actually died, and simply invented the story of being Brown's sucessor. His official biography boasts that 3,000,000 people received Clymer’s teachings during his lifetime, which sounds very unlikely. My guess is the number is probably closer to a few hundred...and that number would be stretched out over more than half a century. Had his audience rose to 3,000,000, his organization would dwarf the AMORC...which is hardly a house hold name, either. Clymer’s group never achieved the commercial success or membership numbers of his rival, the AMORC, or even the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

    Clymer had his own bizzare views of Christianity and race, which makes it so unusual he chose to follow Randolph. Swiburne claimed “Jesus was an Aryan in whose veins flowed Aryan blood” [Handbook of Today’s Religions], even though his idol Randolph was black. Clymer was said to have a portrait of Jesus on his wall, depicting him as a blond haired, blue eyed impossibility since Jesus was a middle eastern Jew! Jesus certainly didn’t appear different from other people since he was able to blend into a crowd and since Judas had to point him out to the Romans [ref. Bible verses] and could escape crowds by blending in, impossible of a blue eyed Aryan [Bible verses]

    Some of his teachings sound chillingly similar to those ideas espoused by Nazis. Clymer was a strong believer that expectant mothers should follow an occult regimen of diet and meditation to bring about a race of “Supermen”.  A biography written by the Rosicrucians (probably ghost written by Clymer himself) from 1955 states "Dr. Clymer is convinced more firmly than ever that racial or blood purity is an absolute essential to the attainment of the highest degree of development not only for the individual, but also for the country alike... He felt that the man who loses his race pride begins to deteriorate. This applies to all races as well as individuals."  So Clymer was just yet another Neo-Nazi wolf in Theosophist sheep clothing.

   Oddly enough, Clymer's hero was Paschal Beverly Randolph, who's father was said to be white and his mother was of Negro, Indian, and a little white ancestry! This would seem to fly in the face of his “racially pure” hogwash hate teaching. The Rosicrucians dispute Randolph's Negro ancestry...even though Randolph seems to have identified himself as one in his own writings, and claimed he was denied riding on the train carrying Linocln's body because of his dark skin!

    Claiming he was trained as a medical doctor, Clymer was a actually strong believer in many quack forms of medicine like Osteopathy. He was considered a quack during his lifetime. This is probably why he never attained the financial wealth most doctors would have.

  R. Swineburn Clymer, quack, fraud,  and racist.

AMORC's success didn’t go unoticed by Rosicrucians of rival groups who didn’t like it one bit. R.Swineburn Clymer sued Spencer in court and revealed some very big skeletons in Spencer's closet. One of these skeletons was Aleister Crowley! It seems the “Ascended Master” that supposedly intiated Lewis was none other than Crowley, who “initated” Lewis in a ritual that took placed behind closed doors for 3 days (and knowing Crowley, could have involved gay sex and/or drugs and/or animal sacrifice, considring what his biographers wrote of him). Clymer seemed to think Spencer only spent 1 day and not the whole three days supposedly required for the ritual. Clymer also found inconsitancies in Spencer’s story, and later published them in a book.

Even though Clymer didn’t get the dough he was hoping to get from AMORC through his lawsuit, he did succeed in embarassing his rival, at least a little bit. Clymer, however, was no schoolboy himself. A look at Clymer’s writings reveals some pretty unflattering things he himself believed and taught:
“Jesus was born of Gentile parents through whose veins flowed Aryan blood"
Regardless of the Rosicrucian group, NONE of them conforms to what is taught about Jesus in the Bible. Clearly the Bible says Jesus was born of Jewish parents. If he had been a "blond haired blue eyed Aryan" as Clymer taught, he would not have been hard to distinguish from the masses. The Bible reveals Jesus looked so ordinary that the Sanhedrin paid Judas Iscariot 30 pieces of silver to point him out. It also says Jesus was able to blend in with a crowd when a mob wanted to kill him. That's not something he could have done if he looked like a member of the 70's Disco band ABBA.
Jesus taught He was the only way to Heaven, not that there were many different ways. No where did Jesus teach all religions were true or that all religious writings were equal. No were is there any record that Jesus retired to a monastery.
The Rosicrucians are fakes and fruads! If they want people to think otherwise, let them change lead into gold under cheat proof conditions. If they can change lead into gold, why do they need your money every month? If the members of their “Illuminati” level meet by traveling out of their bodies at will as they claim, let them prove it. Lets set up a test: Have them astrally project and describe the contents of a locked room under cheat proof conditions. Why didn’t they use their “gifts” of mental powers or the “science” of astology to forsee the World Trade Towers/Petagon/Flight 19 attack on 9-11-2001?

In 1995 in the French Alps, a mass suicide of a Rosicrucian group calling itself The Order of the Solar Temple took place. The occult ritual suicide ocurred on the Winter Solstice, a time sacred to the sun god in Neopagan religions and Thelema. According to Max Heindel of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, Rosicrucians worship "The Solar Logos" as god, in other words, they're sun worshipers. The Order Of The Solar Temple Group must have similar beliefs.

On December 23, on a remote plateau of the French Alps police found 16 charred bodies arranged in a star formation with their feet pointing to the ashes of a fire. A year earlier another Solar Temple group committed a similar suicide ritual. Like the rituals of 1994, they all died by stabbing, asphyxiation, shooting and/or poisoning. Their bodies were burned to a crisp as part of a "cleansing ritual".
In 1997 in Stolkholme, Sweden yet another Solar Temple group killed themselves in a mass suicide claiming 48 members. Farewell letters left by the believers stated that they believed they were leaving to escape the "hypocrisies and oppression of this world." and that they were going to the star Sirus. Its top 33 members were known as the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross (an alternative name for the Rosicrucians), and were headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. Swiss police were on a heightened state of suicide watch in anticipation to the summer solstice on June 21.
Gerard Ramseyer, the top justice official in Geneva, said police was maintaining a "discreet surveillance" of 10 people believed to be known members of the suicidal Solar Temple Sect. Two of the 10 under surveillance are believed to be children.  All the suicide/murders and attempts occurred around the dates of the equinoxes and solstices which are occult holidays to Wiccans, Neopagans, and Thelemites. Police think there are at least 100 people in Switzerland who were formerly close to or had been members of the suicidal cult.
It is believed that The Solar Temple group continues to exist, with thirty surviving members in Quebec at the St-Anne-de-la-Pérade center, with from 140 to 500 members remaining worldwide.  (The Florida Times Union, July 22, 1997) (NOTE: A  Rosicrucian occult is hardly Christian, but this group is misidentified as a "Christian" group by the so-called "Ontario Consultants for ReligousTolerance". The group is run by two Neopagans and an Athiest, and seem to have tolerance for anything but Christians. )



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