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L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology books usually have something like this in the beginning of the book:

"The only reason a person gives up a study or becomes confused or unable to learn is because he or she has gone past a word that was not understood.Therefore, in studying Scientology, be very, very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. If the material becomes confusing or you can't seem to grasp it, there will be a word just earlier that you have not understood. Don't go any further, but go back to BEFORE you got into trouble, find the misunderstood word or phrase and get it defined."

    Scientology has a vocabulary all it's own. According to Management Technology Terms Defined by L. Ron Hubbard, there are 6,600 made up words and terms alone! Dianetics/Scientology has many terms and abbreviations that are totally confusing to us "wogs" (i.e., a non-Scientologist...see what we mean?), therefore you may want to browse the definition of these words before you begin. Hey, you wouldn't want to dissapoint L. Ron, would you???

    This list is intended to facilitate the reading and interpretation of the Scientology Papers by translating acronyms and abbreviations that are frequently used but rarely defined (even in the Administrative Dictionary).

    * 1.1 - Pronounced "one one". Means that someone is "covertly hostile" - they smile to your face, but will stab you in the back. Hubbard said that homosexuals and psychiatrists are 1.1.

    * 2D - The second Dynamic. In Scientology, the second dynamic refers to family, children, personal relationships and sex. Can be used in a variety of ways, including: "She was my 2D" means "I was dating her". "Going out-2D" means cheating on your partner, or committing "deviant" sexual acts. "I need to handle my 2D" can, depending on context, mean "I need to fix my relationship with my partner/spouse" or "I need to find a boy/girlfriend".

    * 2WC, two-way comm, two-way communication - Talking between an auditor and a PC or a supervisor and a student. Also TWC, Two-Way Comm. "Use 2WC on the PC to a win."

    * 3D - The third Dynamic. Refers to groups one is a part of. This can mean work, school, a sports team, a wine tasting club, or anything else of that nature.

    * 4D - The forth Dynamic. Means "mankind".

    * Aberration - An instance of insanity. Also, another term for an engram, psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions of all kinds and classificationsor a hidden memory of pain and unconsciousness.

     * Aberee:  any aberrated individual.

    * ABLE - Association for Better Living and Education. One of many Scientology front-groups.

    * Ack/Acknowledgement - Used to end a cycle of communication in Hubbard's communication theory. Usually a "good", "ok", "I got that", or "thank you."

    * AD - After Dianetics. Used on issues such as HCOBs and HCOPLs (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins and Policy Letters) to show the year. It is based on the Christian calendar, but with a base year of 1950 with the release of Hubbard's book "Dianetics"; thus AD 15 = Anno Domini 1965.

    * Analytical Mind - The Dianetics/Scientology definition of the Concious Mind.

    * Anonymous - The name of an anti-Scientology group comprised mostly of computer hackers.

    * ARC - Affinity, Reality, Communication. Pronounced "A-R-C".

    * ARC Break - An ARC Break refers to sadness, upset, or anger resulting from an argument or negative situation. "You haven't spoken to Bob in days. Did you two have an ARC break?"

    * ASI - Author Services International: Scientology's personal publishing house.

    * Auditing - What Scientologists call counseling. An E-meter is often but not always used. On the lower levels, an auditor guides the PC (pre-clear) through various questions supposedly designed to elicit a certain result. On the higher levels of Scientology, a person will audit themself (known as solo-auditing) by mentally asking themself questions and using the E-meter to find the right answer. Auditing seems to be a mild form of hypnosis. Some people are more suseptible to hypnosis than others, and over time the more a person is hypnotized, the easier it becomes to hypnotize them. People are capable of being brainwahsed through hypnosis, and also can have hallucinations, such as having lived as an alien millions of years ago in a past life.

    * BC (also SHSBC) - Briefing Course (also St. Hill Special Briefing Course). One of the longest courses (if not the longest) in Scientology.

    * Black PR - To slander someone in the media or online in order to discredit their statements. Can be used as noun or verb.

    * Blow - To blow means "to leave without permission" or "to leave before something is completed". One can "blow staff", "blow course", "blow session", or "blow the org". It is a very, very serious offence in Scientology to blow. People who leave without permission in this way are usually "declared" (See Declared). Depending on context, "blow" can also have a positive meaning. It can mean 'to go away', eg. "My pain just blew!"

    * Blowing Your Case - Making it impossible to be audited is known as "blowing your case". For instance, if a Scientologist who has not yet reached OT III finds out accidentally the Church of Scientology teaches that Xenu killed millions of aliens 75 million years ago creating "Body Thetans" (ghosts of aliens) that infest millions of people, they may have made themselves ineligble to be audited by learning this too soon, thus they have "blown their case".

    * Blown Out - Excited, happy, thrilled. Having a feeling of being so happy that one is elated and feels disconnected from their body. "I just finished a course and I'm so blown out!"

    * Body Thetan - Basically alien ghosts that infest human beings and cause them all kinds of problems. Only Scientology can remove them.

    * Book One - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

    * Bridge, The - Shortened from "The Bridge to Total Freedom". All of Scientology doctrines put together are referred to as "the Bridge". If one is progressing through their Scientology studies and sessions, they are "going up the Bridge."

    * Bridge (2) - Short for "Bridge Publications", a Scientology operated enterprise.

    * Bull Baiting Session - A proceedure that takes place days before auditing can begin where the Pre-Clear must endure hours of taunting, insults, and yelling by the auditor and not show any emotion, but sit quietly instead. As a by-product, it is also believed to be a source of Scientology brainwashing.

    * Cadet Org - The Sea Org for children, and for the children of Sea Org members.

    * Case Gain, making case gain - Having successes in Scientology, making progress.

    * Clear - A person who has removed all their "engrams" is said to be a "clear".

    * Cog. - Cognition

    * Comm Ev - Stands for Committee of Evidence. This is the Scientology version of a trial. During a Comm Ev, the accused is required to sit before a panel of Sea Org members who evaluate their "crimes". If you are accused of misdeeds and ordered to stand before such a panel, you are said to be "Comm Ev'd"

    * Conditions, to do conditions - A set of formulas to be applied to one's life depending on the state of one's life. For instance, if you are doing exceptionally well, you would apply the steps outlined the condition of "affluence". If you have done something bad, the org may require you to do a "treason" condition. The various conditions, from worst to best, are: Confusion, Treason, Enemy, Doubt, Liability, Non-Existence, Danger, Emergency, Normal, Affluence, Power Change and Power. There are specific formulas for each of these conditions. Lower conditions (those below "normal") are frequently used as punishment.

    * Counter-Intention (or CI) - Having or acting as if one has a purpose that is contrary to the purpose of the group. Often used to refer to malicious or stubborn refusal to do as ordered.

    * Course - One of many set study programs in Scientology where the Scientologist studies Hubbard's texts and practices using various aspects of the texts. If one is regularly going to church to study Scientology doctrine, they can be said to "be on course".

    * C/S - Case Supervisor. This is the person who evaluates the auditing records for each session and checks for auditor mistakes. It can be used as a verb and a noun: "My files were sent to the C/S." or "I was up all night C/Sing."

    * Co$ - Church of $cientology with the "S" replaced with a "$". A slang term you may come across on the Internet used by defectors and those opposed to the Church.

    * Dianetics -  The first Scientology book written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1950.  the complete title is Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health subtitled A Handbook of Dianetic Proceedure.

     * Dianetics(2) - The procedures mentioned in the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. The forerunner of Scientology. Basically, Dianetics says supressed memories, including prenatal memories (an impossibility) are the cause of all of humankind's problems. Dianetics involves a process that seems to be not much more than talking about one's troubles and hypnosis. After L. Ron Hubbard got in trouble with the FDA and IRS, he created the "Church of Scientology" which is really just Dianetics with reincarnation thrown in

    * Dead Agent - A verb, meaning to slander a person or dissprove a piece of information to such an extent that he or it can never be used against you. "We need to dead agent that article."

    * Declared, to be declared - To be labeled a Suppressive Person (i.e., evil) and thrown out of Scientology. People who are declared may not have ANY CONTACT with Scientologists, and Scientologists can be declared for talking to a declared person.

    * Dev-T - Developed Traffic. Annoying, frivolous actions or activities that cause hassle. "This paperwork is really Dev-T."

    * Doctor Of Scientology - A degree no longer given out by the Church of Scientology. At least one member of the Manson Family was said to have had such a degree...probably one reason they're no longer given out.

    * Downstat - A person who does not produce enough, or a state of not working hard enough. "She's such a downstat." or "If I'm downstat this week, I won't get any time off." See also: stats, upstat.

    * Dropping The Body - Dying; When L. Ron Hubbard died, it was said that he "dropped the body".

    * DTMSMH - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

    * Elron - L. Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology.

    * E-Meter - Short for "The Hubbard Electropsychometer". A Galvinistic Skin Resitsance meter used in Scientology auditing. A sort of primitive lie detector. A similar device was used by Chiropractors and Psychologists in the decades prior to Scientology at least as far back as the 1920's.

    * Entheta - Something negative. Sad emotions, bad news, an angry letter, a violent movie - all of these things can be said to be "entheta".

    * E/O (or EO) - Ethics Officer. Responsible for the "crime and punishment" division of any given church.

    * EP - End Phenomena

    * EPF - Estates Project Force. When one first joins the Sea Org, one must do a sort of "orientation boot camp" for several weeks or months. This boot camp is called the EPF.

    * E/S - Earlier/Similiar

     * Ethics Violation - Any violation of church rules, or displeasing a superior. For instance, telling family members you were being forced to work 18 hours a day for $30 a week is a serious Ethics Violation.

     * Exteriorize - Astral Projection; to have the soul seperate from the body at will.

    * External Influence - A term used to describe anything which might influence a Scientologist, such as newspapers, television, the Internet, letters or phone calls from family and friends, etc., External Influences are considered bad things, so phone calls and mail are monitored by staff members.

    * Fair Game - A policy outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in 1968. When a person is seen to be a threat to Scientology, they may be declared "Fair Game". COS is then to use any and all methods (slander, frame up, physical harm, etc.) of scilencing that person for good, according to Hubbard. The following year, Hubbard said to discontinue using the term openly because of the bad publicity it generated, but the policy still remains in place.  Paulette Cooper was one such person declared "Fair Game". See "Operation PC Freakout".

    * Flap - A major problem or serious incident. "There was a huge flap at the org."

    * F/N - Floating Needle

    * Freezone - Groups that practice Dianetics and Scientology but are not part of any official Scientology group. The name "Freezone" was used by one of the first such groups, but was used later as a term to describe any such group.

    * GO - Guardian's Office. This was the church's investigation branch until the FBI caught them doing some nasty stuff. They were disbanded, and replaced by OSA. See also: OSA

    * Good Roads, Good Weather - Keeping all information to outsiders positive and not giving out any information which might put Co$ in  a bad light. For instance, members of Golden Era Productions would not tell relatives "I'm being forced to work 18 hours a day for $30 a week", they would instead say "I love it here! Everyone is so nice, and I'm learning a lot!".

    * Goldenrod - It is Scientology policy that all SP Declare orders are printed on a piece of goldenrod colored paper. In Scientology, only ethics orders are printed on paper this color, so an SP Declare (see Declared), which is the most infamous kind of ethics order, is often referred to as "a goldenrod".

    * Golden Era Productions - The media production company of Scientology that makes films, videos, and TV commercials. Defectors that worked at Golden Era tell stories of being forced to work 18 hour days for $30 a week, and horrible living conditions. The Church of Scientology responded to such charges that the Golden Era members were like "monks" who had taken vows of poverty, thus circumventing the law by abusing Freedom of Religion once again.

   * Hobby Horsing - Doing things in one's spare time that aren't Scientology related, i.e., watching TV, reading books in a library, going to a movie, etc., Hobby Horsing is frowned upon.

    * LRH - L. Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology.

    * HCOB or HCO PL - Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin or Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter. A piece of writing issued by Hubbard. A lot of Hubbard's writings and texts are referenced like this: HCO PL 10 October 1965.

    * KSW - Stands for Keeping Scientology Working. This is a policy letter (text) that is required reading material in almost every Scientology course, to be read each time someone starts a new course. Critics interpret this policy letter as a bigoted outline of how Scientology plans to destroy other belief systems. Scientologists interpret this policy letter as Hubbard's directions for the continued prosperity of Scientology.

    * Manson, Charles - Career criminal who joined the Church of Scientology while incarcerated in the 1950's and later became infamous for the Tate-LaBianca murders carried out by his hippie cult (known as "The Family") under his command. Manson claimed he reached the level of "Theta Clear" while in Scientology. It is believed by many that Manson learned the techniques of mind control and brainwashing while invovled in Scientology that he later used in the Manson Family. Manson was also involved in a COS splinter group called "The Process Church of The Final Judgment". Manson was a white supremacist who, over the years, has been linked directly or indirectly to the murders of over 100 individuals.   Critics have speculated that Manson may have been used by COS to silence people who posed a threat to Scientology, but this has never been proven.

    * Mark VII Quantum - The latest model of E-Meter produced and sold by the Church of Scientology, retailing at almost $5,000, but probably not costing more than $100 to produce by some estimates. Only members of the Church of Scientology are sold E-Meters, but many used ones turn up on Ebay and Craig's List, and some even turn up in yard sales and thrift stores. See "E-Meter".

    * MEST - Matter, Energy, Space and Time. The physical universe.

    * MEST Work - Manual labor.

    * Narcanon - The drug rehab program of Scientology, said to have a very high failure rate.

    * New Arcturus - The planet Venus. According to an article printed by the L.A. Times in the 1980's, Scientologists of the highest levels are told that they will go to New Arcturus when they die to be with L. Ron Hubbard.

    * Non-Enturbulation Order - An order issued to you if you are very close to being thrown out. The order basically warns you that if you upset anyone else, or if the ethics officer receives any bad reports about you, you will be in serious trouble.

       *   Off Purpose - Same as Hobby Horsing. Doing something non-Scientology related, i.e., watching TV, reading non-Scientology books, going to the movies, etc.,

        * Operation PC Freakout - After Paulette Cooper, a defector from Scientology, wrote a tell all book,  the Church of Scientology started a slander campaign that almost drove her to suicide. The code name for this operation was named "Operation PC Freakout". Fortunately the plot was uncovered.

     *  Operation Snow White - A plot carried out by the Church of Scientology during the 1970's to infiltrate the IRS and destroy any and all incrminatiing evidence against the Church. Eventually the plot was discovered by the authorities, and several members of COS, including Hubbard's third wife Mary Sue, went to prison. Hubbard lived hiding the rest of his life after this incident.

    * Org - Short for "orginization". A Scientology church. Some of the more famous orgs have their own names (see below), while local orgs are referred to as "[City] org", eg. Boston Org.

    * OSA - Office of Special Affairs. Pronounced "Oh-sah". Often referred to by critics as Scientology's Secret Service. They are the intellignece gathering, lawsuit,  public relations, and dirty tricks branch of Scientology according to ex-Scientologists. If someone in the Sea Org or Golden Era wanted to take a leave of absence, they would first have to ask the OSA.

    * OT - Stands for Operating Thetan. This is someone who, according to Scientology, has attained a high spiritual level. There are currently 8 OT levels. One begins the OT levels after attaining the state of Clear. An OT is supposed to be able to control Matter, Energy, Space and Time. Yeah, right.

    * Out Ruds - A state of being tired, hungry or upset. Hubbard states that someone tired, hungry or upset cannot be properly audited, and that 'out ruds' must be dealt with before someone goes in session.

    * Out Ethics -  Doing something you're not supposed to be doing, such as Hobby Horsing or being Off Purpose.

    * Overt - A sin or crime.

    * O/Ws - Overts and Withholds, which essentially means sins and secrets.

    * Out Tech - Diverging from what Scientologists believe is "standard" Hubbard doctrine.

    * Out TRs - Losing your temper or becoming flustered. See also: TRs

    * PC - Pre-clear. The person receiving auditing who is not yet reached "clear".

    * Pink Sheet - When a course supervisor finds that some student does not fully understand materials he studied earlier, the supervisor will write a 'pink sheet' for the student. The pink sheet contains orders to re-study that section of the materials, and lists which materials are to be re-studied before continuing on. It is called a pink sheet because it is only issued on pink paper.

    * Potential Trouble Source (or PTS) - Someone who is connected to a Suppressive Person (SP). According to Scientology a PTS will often be sick (in fact, they believe that PTSness is the only reason anyone gets sick), have emotional ups and downs, and not be able to get very far in life.

    * Psychosomatic Illness -  An illness which is not real but imagined to be real. Dianetics/Scientology puts a lot of stock into the psychosomatic illness theory to the point that it is taught practically all illnesses are psychosomatic, and thus Dianetics/Scientology auditing becomes the cure-all for every disease (only it isn't).

    * PTP - Present Time Problem

    * PTS - abv. for "Potential Trouble Source"

    * PTS/SP (course) - A major Scientology course in which one's learns Hubbard's thoughts on evil people, and how to deal with them, and what happens when one is connected to an evil person. See also: Potential Trouble Source, Suppressive Person.

    * Purification Rundown - A process of "detoxification" in which Scientologists give up all perscription  and over the counter drugs, take large amounts of vitamins and minerals, and subject themselves to hours of saunas.

    * R2-45 - According to L. Ron Hubbard in his book The Creation of Human Ability, it is a way to effectively exteriorize but is not approved by society at this time. R2-45 means to shoot someone in the head with a .45 calibre handgun. It's uncertain if Hubbard was joking when he wrote this, and according to ex-Scientologists, he wasn't.

    * Raw Meat - Someone who just joined Scientology, or is thinking about joining Scientology. This is commonly used among the staff and Sea Org members, but not really among the public.

    * RD - Run Down

    * Reactive Mind - The Dianetics equivalent to the Subconcious Mind. If a person is knocked unconcious, the Reactive Mind kicks in and records every thing going on at the time of the accident, creating "Engrams".

     * Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) - When a Sea Org member has done something considered particularly bad, they are isolated from the rest of the Sea Org members in the RPF program. People on the RPF are not allowed to walk (they run everywhere), are not allowed to speak to another Sea Org member unless spoken to, and spend most of their time doing manual labor. This is a very controversial program. Scientologists call it "rehabilitation", critics call it "slave labor". According to one Russian defector from Scientology who was stationed at the Sea Org in Clearwater, if a person had a choice between regular prison or RPF, they would chose prison. Some people have been known to remain 10 years or more in RPF.

    * Reg - Registrar. Someone responsible for raising money for the org. Can also be used as a verb, eg. "She was regging money."

    * RPF - See Rehabilitation Project Force. 

    * RPF's RPF - A program for people who get in trouble while on the RPF. The work is even harder and the living conditions are even worse than those given to the RPF.

    * R/S - Rock/Slam; a certain type of E-Meter neddle movement.

    * RTC - Religious Technology Center. This organization is run by the top-echelon of the Sea Org. They own all the copyrights to L. Ron Hubbard material.

    * Ruds - Rudiments. Pronounced "rudes".

    * Sea Org (or SO) - The inner core of Scientology. Sea Org members run and operate the churches, raise money, give auditing, and perform any number of other tasks. They sign a 1 billion year contract, promising to return and serve in their next life (no kidding). The Sea Org began in 1967 when Hubbard bought three ocean liners and took to international waters along with a few hundred loyal followers to avoid the authorities.

    * Sec Check - Security check. A confessional given while on the e-meter. Sec checks can take anywhere from three weeks to a year or longer. The E-Meter's function as a lie detector becomes much more obvious in Sec Checks.

    * Senior - Boss. As in, "I have to get this paperwork checked by my senior."

    * Session - An auditing session. See auditing.

     * Squirrels - A term coined by Hubbard to denote people who corrupt the Scientology "technology". Using procedures to audit people deviating from the official manuals is known as "squirreling the tech". Freezone groups, est, Eckankar, and Sylva Mind Control Method are all considered to be "Squirell Groups", because the founders of those groups were members of Scientology who followed LRH's advice and started their own religions to make millions.

    * Sup - (pronounced 'soop') Short for supervisor. Someone who oversees the course students and course room at any org.

    * Stats - Statistics. Most Scientology staff members, Sea Org members, business persons and school children keep statistics of their work and progress in order to measure their production. See also: upstat, downstat

    * Suppressive Person or SP - An evil person. If someone is found to be an SP by the Church, they are "Declared", meaning they cannot have any contact with any Scientologist whatsoever.

    * TA - Tone Arm; part of the E-Meter

    * Teegeac - What the Earth was called 75 million years ago.

    * Thetan - A spirit

    * Treas Sec - Treasury Secretary.

    * TRs - Training Routines. These are basic drills done in Scientology meant to improve your communication skills. These include TR0, wherein two students sit across from each other with their eyes closed with the purpose of learning to "be there comfortably", and TR0 Bullbait, wherein one student must sit perfectly still while another yells, screams, tells jokes, or in any other way tries to get him/her to react. See also: Out-TRs

    * Twin - A course partner. Twins study everything on any particular course together, and help each other through the course. You can also say you are "twinning" with someone.

    * TWTH - The Way To Happiness. A very basic pamphlet containing 21 moral "precepts". Anyone who knows basic hygiene and has been to Sunday School as a kid has more or less already learned all these precepts.

    * Type III - Insane, crazy, criminal.

    * Upstat - A person who consistently works very hard and gets good results. "She's such a upstat." or "If we're upstat this week, we'll get Sunday off." See also: stats, downstat

    * Verbal Tech - Talking about Scientology doctrine, debating about Scientology doctrine, or discussing Scientology doctrine without physically referencing the applicable text. Hubbard was very cautious about people altering his writings from their original form, and so he forbade anyone from discussing the intricacies of Scientology without actually pulling out the appropriate book and referencing the doctrine directly. It is a high crime in Scientology to spread verbal tech.

    * VGI - Very Good Indicator

     * WISE - A group of Scientology business executives that seek to further the aims of Scientology, which include destroying organized psychiatry.

    * Withhold - A secret, something bad that you haven't told anyone about.

    * Wog - "Worthy Oriental Gentleman" - -A derogatory term meaning "non-scientologist".

     * Xenu (also spelled Xemu) - The Devil of Scientology. According to L. Ron Hubbard, Xenu was an evil alien emperor of a federation of planets who lived about 75 million years ago. Xenu killed billions of aliens and brainwashed their ghosts, which now infest human beings and are called "Body Thetans". Xenu and his evil henchmen were eventually captured and placed in an eletric cage inside a mountain  on another planet. The cage is powerd by an eternal battery that lasts 75 million years, so apprently members of Xenu's race can live a very long time. Scientologists below OT III are not told of the Xenu material, and Scientologists OT III and above are warned not to discuss it wth outsiders. (Screwy, ain't it? ). Even though officials from the Co$ have public  denied LRH's Xenu material, but tapes by LRH talking in depth about Xenu have been leaked onto the Internet.

If you're a Church of Scientology member reading this, I realize your church forbids you to read websites like this, but please ask yourself why????

Not according to ex-members!
( this article was copied from

Having watched with mine own eyes in 1969 as "PRE-CLEAR FOLDER ADMIN" turned into "CONFESSIONAL FORMULARY", we were asked to wear white "collars" and watched as a cross was dragged into the building through the front door... WHILE ALL THE STAFF WATCHED AND KNEW IT WAS MERELY A "JOKE" AT THE TIME TO FOOL THE US GOVERNMENT which I later, much later learned was IN THIS CASE:

"An individual processed with the aid of the E-meter was said to reach the intended goal of "clear" and was led to believe there was reliable scientific proof that once cleared many, indeed most illnesses would automatically be cured. Auditing was guaranteed to be successful. All this was and is false -- in short, a fraud. " Federal District Judge Gesell 333 F. Supp. 357; 1971 U.S. Dist.

I was there, so was Joe Harrington, so was Gordon Bell, so was Alan Walters...
"I attest this to be exactly the truth." says Roger Gonnet - Ex-director of Scientology in Paris
We joined an "applied philosophy" based upon "scientific" principles. (sure ...)

Claiming Scientology is a religion WAS and IS a LIE!
The Religious Cloaking described above was invoked by a Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, issued 12 February 1969 , on page 119 of the 1969 version of Volume 6 of the Hubbard Organization Executive Course ""All Orgs are now Churches" and "Stationary is to reflect fact than orgs are churches" and "All public literature must state that Scn is religious" It also states "This may or may not be publicly acceptable. This is NOT the point. It is a requisite defense."
"I trained Scientology Public Relations [staff] .... how to [ make scientology] appear to be a religion." said Ex-Scientology Executive Robert Vaughn Young in November-December 1993 Issue of Quill Magazine Scientology from the Inside Out,
"To me the 'Church' was a joke! For me it was never a 'Church.'" John McMaster ("Clear #1) in "Whatever Happened to Number One?" by Tom Joyce in The Saxon-Hamilton Journal, September 1985, page 26

    "The preponderance of the evidence indicates that the religion claim is merely a tax-evasion ruse and a fig leaf for a hugely profitable enterprise, where the logic of profitability and profit-making dictates all actions. Scientology is in reality a holding company, a business empire earning profits from a variety of subsidiaries. It is guided by considerations of economic consequences and benefits, a strict business strategy."

Marbourg Journal of Religion, Scientology: Religion or racket?
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, University of Haifa, Haifa 31905 ISRAEL From, "Scientology Religion or Racket?"

 " The Church of Scientology is a rich and vengeful religious cult, or as one critic puts it, 'a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia.' "

You can read 3 different Ebooks "The Bare Faced Messiah", "The Scandal of Scientology" and "A Piece of Blue Sky" as simple text files.  

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