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Some of you may be saying, "Look, in a free world, you can believe whatever you want to believe. If someone wants to pay someone thousands of dollars to find out about spacemen millions of years ago, it's their right isn't it?"

To do something of one's own free will is one thing.  There have been several people who left Scientology who have made allegations of coercion into staying, brainwashing, fraud, physical abuse, being forced to work in almost sweat shop like conditions, and even murder. Before people join Scientology they should hear all sides of the story.


Why do people protest Scientology?

Scientology locks people up.

There are over two dozen allegations that Scientology has held individuals against their will.These illegal acts were not committed by rogue Scientologists - they were in accordance with Scientology policy. Scientology held Lisa McPherson against her will for 17 days, according to Scientology's own logs. She died in their custody. The state of Florida decided not to prosecute the two felony charges filed against Scientology in her death after Scientology used relentless pressure to get the medical examiner to make a partial change in the cause of death. Her estate sued Scientology for wrongful death and false imprisonment; the suit was settled in May 2004, with all details kept confidential.

Scientology names Head of Greek Orthodox Christian Church, #1 on their SECRET "ENEMIES" list. So much for their "Tolerate Other Religions" ads on TV!

Scientology lies.

Lying to people to get their money isn't just unethical - it's illegal. It's called fraud. Scientology claims there is a scientific basis for all their processes. There isn't. Scientology claims it's compatible with other belief systems, like Christianity. It's not. Scientology claims to be the fastest-growing religion in the world, with 8 million members, utilizing infallible technology developed by a physicist and war hero. They're lying.

Scientology is breaking the law.

In addition to false imprisonment and fraud, Scientology engages in the illegal practice of medicine by prescribing auditing and vitamins to replace legally-prescribed medical treatment.Scientology also extorts money from its members, telling them it's scientifically proven that their lives will become worse if they don't pay for expensive auditing.

Scientology has a long, well-documented history of criminal activities.

High-ranking Scientology executives were convicted of extremely serious crimes in the United States for breaking into government offices and stealing documents. Founder L. Ron Hubbard was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in that case, and the defendants stated in their stipulation of evidence that, at all times, he acted as supervisor of the illegal activities. Scientology itself was convicted of similar crimes in Canada. When Scientology then tried to destroy the reputation of the prosecutor in the case, they were hit with the biggest libel fine in Canadian history. L. Ron Hubbard was convicted of fraud in France.

Scientology attacks free speech.

Scientology says that "public statements against Scientology or Scientologists," "writing anti-Scientology letters to the press," and "testifying as a hostile witness against Scientology in public" are all "Suppressive Acts" - high crimes, according to "Introduction to Scientology Ethics." The book goes on to say that people who do such things "cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings."

In accordance with this policy (and others like it), Scientology has tried to silence all criticism:

Scientology framed journalist Paulette Cooper for sending bomb threats after she wrote a book critical of Scientology. Scientology sued book and magazine publishers - including Time magazine - in an attempt to prevent any future criticism by scaring publishers with the prospect of enormous court costs. Scientology sued critics for copyright infringement, even though the copyrights to some of the documents in question may have been lost to the public domain years ago.

Scientology tried to unilaterally shut down the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup - unintentionally bringing Scientology to the attention of hundreds of free-speech advocates. Scientology imposes gag orders in settlement agreements, preventing those who have suffered most from telling the world what they know. Scientology routinely threatens legal action against critics, alleging copyright infringement, trademark dilution, and dissemination of trade secrets - often in situations in which its allegations are baseless.

 Scientology hurts people.

Lisa McPherson Memorial page

Scientology routinely pressures members into spending more money than they can afford on expensive courses. Scientology's disconnection policy destroys families. Scientology betrays the trust of well-intentioned people by falsely claiming to have a scientifically-proven technology to save the world.

Scientology ruthlessly attacks its critics with everything from frame-ups to unannounced visits to the homes of family members to libellous fliers distributed to their neighbors and business associates.

And sometimes, Scientologists die under suspicious circumstances.

Suicide, Psychosis, & Scientology

How could reports of Scientology suicide and psychosis problems be factual and hidden so long?

Scientology's security isolation and "policy" denial of negative information is how it works. Scientology members are forbidden to talk to each other about anything negative that happens to them while undergoing Scientology initiation techniques. The only Scientology staff with whom they are allowed to discuss the negative effects of Scientology are forbidden themselves to disclose the true nature, severity, or number of these negative experiences to anyone but one or two other individuals whose primary job is to prevent this type of information from getting out to the public.
Members are deceived into thinking and rationalizing that any such reports they might accidentally hear are caused by something wrong with that individual (but not with Scientology) or that the path through the secret initiation levels is a narrow and perilous "wall of fire" and casualties are normal and to be expected. Members have no idea they are being used as guinea pigs for dangerous psychological control experiments and have no idea that many people before them may have suffered dire harm because of these techniques.

Reported Deaths/Suicides/Psychosis While Practicing Scientology
(If you were buying a new house and the community that it was in reported this kind of death rate, would you choose to live there?)

The reports listed in this questionnaire were not written by . They were either sent to us or found by personnel in already public materials. has compiled editorial summaries of the material to represent what has been reported thus far about certain dangers of Scientology and to encourage those with additional or better information to share what they know. We do not have the resources to investigate each report that we receive. We can only list the reported allegations as a starting point for other investigators.

As you may realize, it is not easy to gather information on this subject. Incomplete reports may serve as reminders to others and result in more complete information. We must use the incomplete reports as a starting point. We apologize for any errors. The sheer volume of information and the fear surrounding Scientology make some errors inevitable. We do not intend any discourtesy to the victims of Scientology and we want to correct any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in this data.

Any inaccuracies will be corrected upon receipt of documentation that a report contained herein was, in fact, inaccurate. has received a number of denials and Scientology form letters, but not one single documented report of error in these reports. To balance the subject as best we can, in this edition we are starting to report even the undocumented denials. Given both sides of an allegation, the reader must conduct his own investigations and draw his own conclusions.

This questionnaire contains allegations, opinions, and beliefs which disclose events and actions that may be a serious threat to the public health and well being. This questionnaire was created to assist in collecting reports for governmental investigations of Scientology.

"I have taken what I consider to be the most expedient way out of my present predicament. I harbor no resentment against anyone, except the Church of Scientology. They have a great deal to do with my demise. To play with people's defense mechanisms in the manner that they do is a criminal thing at best. l hope they can be outlawed." -- Suicide note by James Hester

1. Quentin Hubbard died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 1977, from a hose hooked to the tailpipe of his car. Quentin was L. Ron Hubbard's second son, OT7, and a Class 12 auditor.
Prior to his suicide, he had disappeared from his home in Clearwater, Florida, and was found unconscious in a car next to the Las Vegas airport. (Coroner's report is attached as Exhibit U. He died unidentified, as a "John Doe.") The engine of the car was on and a hose ran from the exhaust pipe (although it appeared to have fallen off when the authorities arrived) to the window, making it appear to be a suicide. But, like his father's death, there were a number of nagging questions . For example, Quentin was found unkempt with a beard stubble, a state that no one who knew Quentin could accept. (He was ultra-meticulous in his appearance.) Or that the license plate of the car was missing and found under a rock some distance away. Or that his wallet was gone, making identification impossible. Or that a near-empty bottle of liquor was found, as if he had been drinking, when Quentin did not. Or that there were needle marks on his arms, when he did not use drugs.
> Flo Barnett a.k.a. Miller died from several gunshot wounds. She was David Miscavige's mother-in- law. Just before her death she was reported to have had an argument with David Miscavige and threatened to go public and sue Scientology.

>  Noah Lottick jumped to his death in New York, May 11, 1990, one block from the 46th St. Scientology org ... clutching his last few dollars, tightly to his chest as he did so.

> Rodney Ramando jumped to his death at the L.A. org in 1986.

> James Stewart jumped to his death in Edinburgh Scotland. He was on OT3, a class 7 auditor, and the Executive Director of the Durban Org.

> Lila Leighton Brown jumped to her death in San Francisco while a public PC in 1978.

> An older woman from Switzerland jumped to her death off the pier in Clearwater while on the OT levels. Immediately after her suicide the GO sent several Co$ staff to the RPF.

> John Colletto, SO staff, became psychotic and suicidal while on OT3. Very shortly afterward he shot his wife, Diane Colletto, to death. This occurred in 1979 in front of ASHO in LA. Shortly afterward he killed himself. The GO made great efforts to keep the whole event silent.

> Bob Schafner was on OT3 and having problems. He rode a bike under a truck, dying instantly, in 1987 or 1988.
11. In 1975 a man in LA shot himself to death with a rifle while on OT3.

> Gene Trout, OT7, L10,11, 12.

> Jim Hester, Miami, Florida.

> Jane Winkler, OT7.

>. Martina Douglas committed suicide at East Grinstead, England.

> David Baker, OT3, Tech Sec at East Grinstead, 1984.

> Lee Johnstone, GO staff, was "baby watched" before he committed suicide at East Grinstead in 1985.

> Rita Smith, at East Grinstead, 1987.

> Steven Craine, at East Grinstead.

> Susan Meister shot herself to death aboard the Apollo in 1971 after an intense argument with Hubbard.

>   Guardian's Office Agent David Sandweiss was ordered to kill himself using Process R2-45 (a bullet to the head) after he had broken into a psychiatrist’s office in the Las Vegas area and was caught in 1977. When he refused to commit suicide, he was murdered by two Guardian’s Office agents who forced him to take a gun to his own head. David’s wife Lisa Sandweiss, the sister of Lavenda Van Schaick, witnessed this murder as she was hiding in the bushes in the front of their Las Vegas home. On May 27, 1996, Lavenda Van Schaick spoke out about this murder and asked to add some additional data to the Internet. She disclosed that in 1977, when she was on post as Ethics Officer at the Las Vegas Org, David Sandweiss told her in an ethics cycle (not only as her brother-in-law) that he had been the lover of Quentin Hubbard, who was L. Ron Hubbard's gay son. Lavenda believes that L. Ron Hubbard murdered his son Quentin, bypassing his wife Mary Sue Hubbard, who at the time was the head of the Guardian's Office. Lavenda claims that L. Ron Hubbard murdered Quentin because of his homosexuality. This theory explains why Mary Sue and L. Ron Hubbard were estranged for the last eight years of Hubbard's life. After David Sandweiss confided in Lavenda that he had been Quentin's lover, Lavenda refused to give the Guardian's Office David's name. Several days later, Lavenda was brutally raped by two Guardian's Office agents named Artie Maren and Bob Harvey at the Las Vegas home of Guardian's Office agents Chuck and Mattie Reese. Lavenda's six year old daughter Sabrina was kidnapped and held by the Guardian's Office for three days. Lavenda herself was driven in a white Volkwagen van to an undisclosed location and brutally raped, beaten, kicked in the uterus, urinated upon, was drugged with sodium pentothal and rendered unconscious. Lavenda believes the purpose of the rape and beatings was to force her to give the Guardian's Office the name of Quentin's lover.  David Sandweiss' death was ruled a suicide by the coroner. So was Quentin Hubbard's.

22. A woman who "drowned" in a bathtub at Flag.

23. Ernie (last name unknown) was a Scientology suicide in 1978 or 1979 in LA.

24. Laura (last name unknown), girlfriend of Skip Press, committed suicide in 1986 or 1987.

25. D. Dewhurst, a public PC, committed suicide in his car behind the Vancouver, Canada Scientology mission.

26. There is a report that an individual who had just gone clear committed suicide in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

27. Quentin Schnehager, a Copenhagen staff member, hung himself just before a Sea Org mission was to arrive in his organization.

28. A London public PC threw himself in front of a train while depressed during auditing.

29. Karen Fuller died on course while on OT3.

30. Paulette Cooper's book reports a person who left a suicide note emphasizing that it had "nothing to do with Scientology."
31. Hubbard claimed that a publisher committed suicide by jumping from a window after reading Excalibur, the early version of the OT Levels.

32. A friend of Ari Salonen's committed suicide in Stockholm.

33. Michael Leube, a 10-year Scientologist and sea org member committed suicide in July, 1989.

> "Oscar A." hanged himself on 21.9.1987. He was an Italian  Scientologist.

> Mario M. on 1.1.1988 he hanged himself. Previously Massimo B. tried to commit suicide cutting his veins. he was an Italian Scientologist.

> Michael Leube, a 10-year Scientologist and sea org member committed suicide in July, 1989.

> John Buchanan committed suicide in May 1994 to escape his debts he had incurred due to Scientology's expensive auditing.

> Patrice Vic Patrice was badgered to come up with more money for Scientology and saw suicide as his only escape. He jumped before the eyes of his little children.

> Richard Collins, 24, threw himself 200ft to his death after a Co$ refused to let him leave,"Even after Richard had died, the harrassment continued. Unaware of the suicide, Tony Clark sent increasingly angry and threatening letters" [Shot of letter 'I'm not the one who will miss out. In ten years time I will not be thinking life is awful and want to kill myself.. so why not be bloody ethical and get yourself sorted. See you soon. Best Regards TC']


> Phil Valinski died during auditing at La Quinta in California.  Scientology withheld information from his family, according to reports.

> John Roberts became comatose and died at East Grinstead.
> (first name unknown) Van Sefers died at Flag or on his return to Europe.

> A Scientologist named Christopher (last name unknown) died on this rundown. Scientology (Western Division) was reported to have quickly settled a wrongful death case with his family. An ex- GO/OSA member recently reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon's 3 counties to cover up this case.

> A woman given the protective pseudonym "Allison" by Corydon in his book tells of almost dying because of it.

> Paride Ella, 22 from Grassobbio Bergamo, Italy, ceased to live after a 5 days agony. He had similar symptoms - vomit and diarrhoea - as the ones felt by Giuseppe Tomba, 26 from Solaro, Milano, Italy. Both had been recieving treatment at a Narcanon in Italy.


These need investigation and verification because of suspected coercion to induce already weakened, infirm or ill persons to buy dangerous additional "services," commit suicide, or speed their own deaths by abandoning normal medical practices for economic, convenience, or political reasons.
40. Yvonne Jentzsch. A report from a recent defector implies Yvonne actively resisted doing the EOC but was forced to do it. She reportedly was having major problems with her husband, Heber Jentzsch, and with L. Ron Hubbard. Since she was such a popular executive, the EOC may have been politically driven to stop a doubt/PR/security problem in the highest levels of the group.

> Phoebe Mauerer.

> Sue Todd Hunter, OT5, was audited extensively while known to have cancer, which she later died from.

>There is a lot of information in FBI records and elsewhere that Scientology operatives tried to get Paulette Cooper to commit suicide.

>A bogged Toronto public pc became psychotic and was sent a letter implying that suicide was her best road out.


> An older male sea org member died at Flag between November, 1989 and April, 1990. A former Flag sea org member overheard a GO/OSA agent talking about keeping the death quiet. 46. Michael Bonnin died during auditing on the upper levels.

>Maria Echevarria's son died at Clearwater Florida.

> David Orin Cloud died in a 1983 car accident after being depressed and receiving Scientology services secretly.

> A real estate broker died mysteriously in the Clearwater Florida area. Prior to his death, this individual had an argument with David Miscavige over some property Miscavige wanted to buy from him. He was not a member.

> Doreen Gaul and James Sharp were teenage Scientologists murdered in LA. John McMasters, the first Clear, disassociated from Scientology in part because of these deaths. He felt that the vindictiveness of Scientology's actions were somehow connected to the deaths.

> John Kennedy died in 1966, in Rhodesia, allegedly while cleaning his gun. He was a Scientologist who had strong conflicts with the local group and had left Scientology to set up his own mental health institute.

> The Seattle Times reports that William J. Fisk was murdered by Russell Johnson at the Seattle org during class. The story says it was because Fisk was having intercourse with Johnson's wife. Johnson's wife was a Scientologist and Russell was not. Fisk had bragged of being able to control Johnson's wife.

> The Franchise holder from Stuttgart Germany was summoned under duress to Flag and then died in a salvage operation while in Florida.

> An individual named Brown was killed. Steve Fishman connected him to a Scientology project called GOLDCORE.

> Jim (last name unknown) was found dead in Queens, N.Y. while on an ethics handling.

> John Peterson, formerly one of Scientology's leading attorneys.

> Although he did not die, Terry N. Prueher was told Scientology had a contract on him and was later involved in an shooting where a bullet grazed his forehead.

> Although the targeted individual did not die, in 1988, Milan Nekuda, who has some association with Scientology, tried to kill a woman.

> An army officer watching a demonstration of how to use an E-meter to find subversives committed suicide shortly after the demonstration.

> Ezio Confleti, a Toronto public pc, in 1991, possibly was drugged to induce a heart attack. He did not die.


> Steve Fishman, a former GO/OSA operative, reports that after he was caught by the government in 1986, he was ordered to commit suicide to save Scientology from being exposed for crimes he had committed on their behalf.

> John Breedlove was at Scientology's Flag land base in the 1970's. He told his mother he was told by Scientology to commit suicide and that Scientology could get anyone to commit suicide if they wanted. He did commit suicide after he left Scientology.

> One of Hubbard's first wives, Sara Northrup Hubbard, appears to have been coerced by Hubbard to try to commit suicide to protect his reputation.

> Jaime Lee Nureyev, the ex-wife of Steven Fishman, was run over and killed by Marc Aronow, driving a Green Jeep, on December 29, 1993 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one week after she agreed to testify on Steve Fishman's behalf in the Fishman / Geertz case in Los Angeles. Miami Scientologist Ivan Durekovich boasted on the Internet in January of 1996 that he had met with Jaime Lee Nureyev before she was murdered, yet refused to elaborate when asked to disclose the reason for the meeting.

>  According to the records, Heribert P. died august 28, 1988, during the night from a heavy epileptic attack. He hit his head on the night table. The scientology doctor reports that he prescribed vitamins for his patient -dispite regular attacks- in stead of treating him with proper medication. Such medication was indeed not detected in his blood during the post-mortem

> Josephus Havenith (45) An autopsy report lists his death as "probable drowning" but notes that his head was not under water. He died in February 1980 at the Scientology Fort Harrison Hotel in a bathtub filled with water so hot it had burned his skin off.

> (Name Unknown) 1989, dead in the basement, next to the heating boilers. Carbon-monoxide poisoning . Ex-scientologists have alleged in affidavits and a declaration that the boiler room was used for Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (gulag).

>Gabriella Bramucci, 55, Tests showed that the cancer, started in the breast, had moved to the liver. On August 6th 1998 she went back to the hospital, where she died. "She died - says Michieletto - because she didn't follow treatment. Dianeticists can act like this. According to them, every desease is psychosomatic, and they treat it with a 'touch assist'. And so, at the age of 55, my wife died."


> Mary Sue Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's wife, 1954, 1980-1981.

> L. Ron Hubbard, during his auditing on various levels,  went through suicidal periods.

> Peter Lewis, ED of the LA Org, was locked up by Scientology for days after his suicide attempt.

> Manfred Eichorn attempted suicide at East Grinstead in 1991, then was "baby watched."

> Lawrence Wollersheim attempted suicide immediately after receiving L-12 and other upper level auditing.

> Margery Wakefield.

> Robert Hart, 1971.

> Ari Salonen, 1982, Finland.

> Sandy Fuller.

> (first name unknown) Anderson.

> Hana Eltringham, now Hana Whitfield.

> Paulette Cooper's book mentions an individual who became psychotic and suicidal on OT3 and committed himself to avoid suicide.

> Robert Kaufman (from Paulette Cooper's book).

> Monica Pignotti, who was Quentin Hubbard's auditor when they were both in the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force).
> Mario (last name unknown).

> Cooper's book mentions another individual who threatened suicide but didn't because he was afraid it would invalidate Scientology.

> In 1992 a Toronto male public pc jumped off the Bloor/Dansforth viaduct.


84. Diana Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's daughter, OT7, around 1980. Diana tried to leave Scientology in the 1990's but was "reacquired" by the Sea Org. She is the only one of Hubbard's children still in Scientology.

> Hedi Delgro, at East Grinstead, probably September 1992. An isolation order was written on her after she became psychotic and threatened or attempted suicide.


> Two Swedish public PC's, one from Stockholm and one from Malmo, became psychotic after Flag security checking.
> Bruce Welch was locked up on the Apollo for weeks after he became psychotic.

> Carl Barney was locked up aboard the Apollo after he became psychotic.

> Marianne Coenan was locked up in Pomona in 1991.

> Sam Binion or Benion became psychotic while on OT3. It is reported that Heber Jentzsch was involved in physically restraining him and ripping off his clear bracelet so he wouldn't give Scientology a bad name.

> An individual named Robertson shot DMSO into himself while psychotic.

> According to an ex-Sea org member, it was a common occurrence both on the Apollo and in Clearwater to have staff and RPFer's who became psychotic locked in the bathroom.

> Charles Manson had 150 hours of auditing. The GO hid this information but it showed up in documents seized by the FBI. According to Manson in the book Helter Sketler, he claimed he had reached the level of "Theta Clear".

> Ann Rosenblum's affidavit tells about GO/OSA members bragging about driving 2 defectors/critics into a mental institution with nervous breakdowns.

> Dave Voorhies, in Seattle, Washington, became psychotic on OT3 and was given Thorazine which the Scientologists told him was vitamin B.

> Hana Eltringham, now Hana Whitfield.

> Bill Howie, on OT3. He was a high level, long term Sea org executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.

> Willie B. Wilson, on OT 3 in the late 70's or early 80's. He was a wealthy Texas oil man. 99. A Beverly Hills pediatrician who joined the Sea Org and then became psychotic.

> Travis Harris became psychotic while auditing on the Apollo in 1974.

> L. Ron Hubbard became psychotic while auditing on OT3, and had many other psychotic episodes according to defector affidavits.

> Steve Fishman. (See Lonesome Squirrel: on the Internet at this URL

> Ann Rosenblum became psychotic while on the RPF.

> An affidavit from a former high ranking auditor states that if staff members became psychotic on the OT levels they were sent to the RPF. This may indicate an attempt to cover up Scientology-induced psychotic episodes within the organization.

> Roxanne Friend was told she wasn't ill and needed more auditing when she had cancer. In 1990 she refused auditing, was declared psychotic, and kidnapped to Flag.


> A former NOTs C/S reports that he knows of individuals who were ordered by the GO/OSA to reverse audit security risks.

> Reverse auditing was done on Arthur Running Bear. He did become psychotic from the auditing.


There are reports that Scientology is letting staff members with cancer or other serious and expensive illness go without treatment. They work them until they drop, and by then the cancer or other illness has progressed too far. Please contact if you have any knowledge of this subject. There may be people in this position now who still could be helped.
108. Ed Brewer, an LA sea org member was left to bleed to death trapped in a car. He was left without medical attention and without calling for help while other staff members who were with him went back to the Guardian's Office to get instructions on what to do so the accident would not create a PR flap.

> Sally Esterman Chaleff, a 20 year Sea Org member died a painful and slow death of treatable and operable cervical cancer. She was denied almost all care that could have saved or extended her life.

> A child was run over at the Scientology nursery in Clearwater. This may be a covered up negligence situation.

> Stacy Moxon Meyer's (daughter of Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon) died at "Gold Base" very unusually; Myer slipped or lost her balance and fell from a ladder leading into the vault, then grabbed a wire as she fell. Myer died instantly when she touched a 7,200-volt wire connecting two transformers in the 10-foot-by-10-foot vault, authorities said. According to OSHA's investigation report, Meyer  had looped electrical wire through a slot on a 230-pound steel manhole cover to slide it off the vault on the northeast side of the film studio. OSHA fined the Church of Scientology several thousands dollars for safety violations.


> Arlene S. Heller describes the stress Scientology put her family through, which caused a mental breakdown and suicide attempt in September of 1981. Her daughter was a member.

 > Lawrence Wollersheim believes that Scientology harassment was a major factor in his father's heart attack.

 It is  ironic that the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, was taking a "psych drug" (Vistaril®) when he died considering how opposed Scientology is to such drugs and Psychaitry in general.  Witnesses testified that Hubbard died acting like a raving lunatic. Exactly when Hubbard died is debatable. Ron DeWolfe (L. Ron Hubbard Jr.) believed his father was dead in 1980. Just days before LRH died, he signed a new will giving control of his $640 million dollar estate to David Micavige. Of course, there were some skeptics that questions if Hubbard had not faked his own death in 1986 to avoid the authroities, pointing out he wrote a lot of books for a dead man (namely, the 10 volume Battlefield Earth saga). People who have read the novels say they don't seem to have actually been written by L. Ron perhaps Battlefield Earth is one crime he isn't guilty of.

Hubbard's personal physician was taken away from Hubbard's death bed care to Nevada gambling by David Miscavige after Hubbard had his stroke.Why would Miscavige physically remove Hubbard's personal physician when Hubbard was so ill?

Hubbard was a man who planned long in advance for every eventuality. He had secret hide outs, secret bases, money in foreign accounts and an long existing last will created before the seemingly bogus 1986 will. Then, on the day before he dies, most likely seriously psychologically and physically debilitated and most likely incompetent, he suddenly has to make a totally new will that disinherits his wife and children and that now totally benefits the persons who have totally controlled his health care and environment. Was Hubbard already dead when the suspicious last will appeared on the day before Miscavige claims he died in 1986?

Miscavige waited almost a day to call the undertakers and the coroner after Hubbard allegedly died. Was the delay in calling the undertaker and coroner the exact time that was needed for Miscavige, Starkey and the inner circle of Scientology to forge a new will for Hubbard as some ex-Scientologists claim? Was the stroke the real cause of Hubbard's death or did Hubbard die because he was mentally enfeebled, vulnerable, and veiled in a secret life that would help hide the fact that he was an easy target for those who would gain from his death financially or were at risk if he continued to live?

These are questions that have remailed unaswered for over 20 years, and it's past time to answer them!


Okay. Here is the long awaited CoS (Flag) processing price list, from "Raw Meat" to OT8, with a glimpse beyond even that.

========== ========== ========= =====
Processing Intensives Cost per Total
Step Required Intensive Cost
 or Course (IAS)
========== ========== ========= =====
Life Repair 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Purification RD ----------- $2,560 $2,560
TRs & Objectives 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Scn Drug Rundown 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
ARC Straightwire 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 0 3 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $16,800
Grade 1 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 2 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 3 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
Grade 4 2 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $11,200
New Era Dianetics 3 x 12.5 hr $5,600 $16,800
Clear Certainty RD 1 x 5 hr $2,800 $2,800


*Solo Course Part 1 ----------- $3,200 $3,200
*OT Preparations 2 x 12.5 hr $3,300 $6,600
*Solo Course Part 2 ----------- $1,900 $1,900
*OT Eligibility 2 x 12.5 hr $3,300 $6,600
*OT I ----------- $2,000 $2,000
*OT II ----------- $3,800 $3,800
*OT III ----------- $6,500 $6,500
OT IV ?2 x 12.5 hr $6,500 $13,000
OT V 4 x 12.5 hr $7,400 $29,600
OT VI set-ups 2 x 12.5 hr $9,250 $18,500
OT VI ----------- $12,800 $12,800
Pledge Intensive 1 x 12.5 hr $9,250 $9,250
OT VII ----------- $3,500 $3,500
(per year) over 2 years $3,200 $6,400
OT VIII ----------- $10,000 $10,000
OT VIII auditing ?2 x 12.5 hr $7,400 $14,800


Now...that assumes you don't run into any significant trouble along the way. Better round it up to at least $290,000 to allow for review auditing when things go wrong. These prices include the IAS discount.  These prices have already had the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) discount deducted. Of course, there are other discounts to consider, usually given for buying up as much as you can in advance. Let's be very generous and knock it down to $250,000 (16% discount over the whole bridge)

While the Church of Scientology may call this "The Bridge To Total Freedom", ex-Scientologists call it "The Bridge To Total Bankruptcy". Many people have mortgaged their homes,  cashed in insurance policies, lied to parents, and taken out loans they had no hope of repaying to try finance this "bridge".

You can download a free copy of the 3 different Ebooks "The Bare Faced Messiah", "The Scandal of Scientology" and "A Piece of Blue Sky" as simple text files. The Ebooks are in notepad which is included with Windows. Even people with Linux should be able to read them!  Download by clicking here:


You can download a free copy of the 3 different Ebooks "The Bare Faced Messiah", "The Scandal of Scientology" and "A Piece of Blue Sky" as simple text files. The Ebooks are in notepad which is included with Windows. Even people with Linux should be able to read them!  Download by clicking here:

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