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What, exactly, does Scientology say about space aliens?

In the materials for OT III (Operating Thetan level 3), L. Ron Hubbard writes that, 75 million years ago, the head of the Galactic Federation, made up of 76 planets [yes, a United Federation of Planets, like on Star Trek!], was a being named Xenu. Faced with an overpopulation problem, he brought beings to this planet, blew them up with hydrogen bombs, and packaged them. Their spirits now infest our bodies: he says "One's body is a mass of individual thetans stuck to oneself or to the body." Scientologists at this level try to rid themselves of these thetans (spirits) by helping each one to remember the painful experiences of being blown up like that.

But don't worry... it seems Xenu didn't round up all the good guys, and enough of them were still around to catch him and his henchmen and put them in an electrified cage inside a mountain on another planet. The cage is powered by "an eternal battery" which should last 75 million years. Since Incident 2 took place 74 or so million years ago, we still have a million years until we need to change batteries. 


Scientology is somewhat like an occult order, which is no doubt where Hubbard got the idea of the grade system from. In fact Scientology appears to be an occult order run like a business, not unlike the A.M.O.R.C. Hubbard was in the California branch of Aleister Crowley's O.T.O (Ordro Templi Orentis or Order of the Oreintal Temple) during the 1940's which has 11 grades or "degrees".

 Scientology does indeed teach that many of our problems are caused by the ghosts of space aliens that are stuck to our bodies. However, that teaching is considered "confidential" and is only taught to Scientologists who have reached a certain level, known in Scientology as OT III - so a lot of Scientologists are actually unaware that this is an important Scientology teaching.

Even though Scientology has eight levels, it takes many years and many thousands of dollars just to reach OT III, and many Scientologists never even make that level during their involvement with Scientology. Once they reach that level and are told the secrets about Xenu, they are then told they must not reveal it, because (aside from obviously sounding unbelieavble and scaring people away) Scientologists believe it  may trigger an engram that will cause whoever hears it to have pnumonia if they haven't had Scientology auditing. Millions of non-Scientologists have heard the Xenu story, and rest assured none of them went insane or got pnumonia because of it.

So Scientologists below the OT III grade will tell you the Xenu space opera isn't true, because they honestly have never been told about it, and even if they did ask about it, they would be told it isn't true. They simply don't know about it. Scientologists at OT III and above are going to deny it for obvious reasons, and because they don't want people getting pnuemonia and going crazy. Of course millions of people saw the South Park episode where this was all covered and didn't go crazy and get pnuemonia....hmmm.

But thanks to people who have left Scientology (people who have "blown the org" in Scientology lingo), there has been made available audio recordings by L. Ron Hubbard himself talking about the Xenu saga which is  known as "Incident 2". The lecture, by the way, is lecture number 2847 found on tape number 6810C03 Class VIII -10 titled Assists. There can be absolutlely no doubt that Scientology secretly teaches this!

Xenu is not alone!

There are other Scientology teachings that relate to space aliens, and much more accesible than the Xenu material the Church of Scientology gets all huffy about. The book Have You Lived Before This Life?, described in Scientology advertisements as "a cold-blooded account of your last years", contains dozens of case histories of memories experienced by Scientologists, some of which include adventures in outer space.

Case Number 4 (the actual names of the people are not mentioned anywhere in the book) claims that one of his past lives took place "nine galaxy periods ago. I was a male, born of space parents...At nine years of age I asked my father if I could join the space academy. However, this does not occur until I am 14. I am 15 when I go with other boys and girls for three months to learn all about sex and homosexuality. When I am 16 I kill my father while fighting on the planet and I join a space-ship. "   He then "recalls" later in that life taking part in a space mutiny in which he killed the captain of the ship because he thought he was sleeping with his wife. Nope, no Fruedian fantasy stuff there...just good old past life recall.

This is far from an atypical case recorded in the book. In fact, about half or so fo the cases mentioned in the book deal with past lives that take an impossibly long time ago on alien planets!

> Case Number 5's past life  takes place 78 Trilion years ago near a "space factory" where gold pendants were made. Hmmm... maybe that's where those places that buy broken gold send theirs?

> Case number 6's past life takes place a mere 1,600 years ago on the "planet of perfection". 6's job was to operate machines. One such machine was "...a sort of God, it being the big boss giving us our orders by the use of a beam. And no man having the right to originate a thought, other than a copy of what the big boss says (machine)."

>Case number 9 doesn't tell when exactly his past life took place or what planet, but it did involve a space ship being hit with a meteor. He "recalls" being a cat-like creature such as a Moutain Lion " A gas was released in my cage which made me quiet and I was given as a pet to a woman who was eventually aboard this space ship. She took me into her room. I lay down next to the bed and she, taking a drug of sorts, lay on the bed. However, she died and I was dragged out and thrown from the ship." At some point he  was hit by a meteor that sent him flying "a mere 500,000 miles per hour." Frankly I think the space animal cruelty people should have been notified!

> Case No. 10 probably wins the prize for oldest past life! He (or she) claimed he (or she) could remember some 55,000,000,000,000,000,000 years ago. That's not a typo. I don't know what the name of that number is, and I'm too lazy to look it up.  Considering the Earth is a mere 4 or 5 billion years old, it apparently didn't hapen on this planet. Heck, the Universe is only 14 billion years old, so there's a real head scratcher! It seems while he was going outside to repair the spaceship, he was hit by a meteor, survived that, but then later he fell off the ladder he was on into the ocean and was killed by a Manta Ray. Ironic, huh?

> Case No. 13 "recalled" living on the planet Mars without a body 469,476,600 years ago. it seems he was a naughty fellow who vandalized a temple until he was shot dead by a Bishop with a ray gun while the congregation chanted "God is love". As punishment he was given an robot body and put on a flying saucer.  Well hey, he did vandalize a Martian temple!

>Case 15 "recalled" living 1,015,550 years ago and also had a robot body until it "burnt out". Hopefully it was under warranty.

> Case No. 33 got a little more creative with her story, "recalling" the crystal empire of Alloa. Poor thing was on a space ship when "the ship exploded and the terrific energies blasted the crystal momentarily into subspace, reappearing in the carbon dioxide ice of Frozen Ledera III. The super-heated crystal shattered into a million fragmentary crystals, and I, my beingness and harmony destroyed, listened for 50 billion years for a lost sound. Slowly, as aeons passed, I realised that life cycles had commenced on this planet and I became interested. At the 35th life cycle I found myself again looking." 35 and looking again? Sounds like a lot of women I know.

>Case No. 35 said that "23,064,000,000 years ago I was a very happy being who, with many others, strayed to the planet Nostra. All that we had there, to show what we were, were little gold identity discs. On seeing a great number of robots descend from an immense space ship, we wandered down and were a bit teasing to these robots who seized our discs by clapping their big claw hands upon either side of them and took them from us ..." People remember...don't tease the robots!

> Case No. 36 "recalled" that "Seventy-six trillion years ago, being in space, and totally at Knowingness, I decided to create a game. I closed down to having 'A Space',  and created blobs and geometrical forms. Considerations about to create postulate a no-creation, and a duration, namely, time." Um...Ok then.

>Case No. 37 "recalled" living for 440 years with no body on a planet taken over by black magic.  The incident took place "some 2,000,000,000 years ago in an area of the physical universe many galaxies away." A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Come on, admit it, you were thinking it!

>Case No. 38 took place on the planet Setus, but only a mere 3,750 years ago. During that life, a war broke out. Case No. 38 said, "When I was 22  I was given the task of destroying an enemy ship that had broken through the protective screen."

>Case No. 39 took place "17,543 years ago on a 'Space Command' post on Earth. I had the idea that I could go to Mars incognito to learn how they handled disorder." Martians handle disorder better than Jupiterians or Plutonians? WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THAT??? Later No. 39 wound up in a robot body too, and claimed " When the monotony of the robot life began to bore me I began to give all my reports a double meaning to amuse myself. " Ha ha! I bet he was a hoot at robot parties! I wonder if he knew R2-D2?

>Case No. 40 took place 25,016  years ago and invovled "a civilisation advanced in electronics, space-travel and mind control, e.g. electronic irradiation and brain operations were used for controlling people." in which he was one of the ruling members. He also had his own space slave girl. Giddy up!

>Case No. 41 "recalled": "It appears that I was in charge of a Sector of a star system and that I caused some de-struction [sic] in this Sector (like causing its disintegration). " Ouch! That's GOT to look bad on his resume! There's just no way to put a positive spin on blowing up a star system!

So, you get the idea. Don't believe me, read it for yourself in Have You Lived Before This Life subtitled A Scientific Survey; A Study of Death and Evidence of Past Lives by L. Ron Hubbard. You can probably pick up a used copy cheaply on Amazon.  It almost makes the Xenu material seem tame by comparison, so I can't see why they get so riled up about it.

According to the book, at least one "Pre-Clear" said "This is all silly, it is all my imagination." to the auditor, who assured him it all was real.

I for one would seriously have to doubt that! Sorry.  To critics of Dianetics/Scientology, the auditing process seems to be nothing more than hypnosis, and people are capable of all sorts of crazy hallucinations under hypnosis, including being aliens in past lives zillions of years ago.

So, you're ready to spend $250,000 or so to reach OT VIII now, aren't you?

Even the glossary in Scientology's What Is Scientology? contains a definition for the phrase "space opera", which, according to Scientology, relates to periods on "the whole track" (that is, our whole history, going back through many lives and millions of years), and it contains "space travel, spaceships, spacemen" and so forth.
So, you get the idea. Don't believe me, read it for yourself in Have You Lived Before This Life? subtitled A Scientific Survey; A Study of Death and Evidence of Past Lives by L. Ron Hubbard. You can probably pick up a used copy cheaply on Amazon.  It almost makes the Xenu material seem tame by comparison, so I can't see why they get so riled up about it.

Even the glossary in Scientology's What Is Scientology? contains a definition for the phrase "space opera", which, according to Scientology, relates to periods on "the whole track" (that is, our whole history, going back through many lives and millions of years), and it contains "space travel, spaceships, spacemen" and so forth.

Scientology sued The Washington Post over publication of the Xenu story - and the suit claimed trade secret violations, not defamation. In other words, Scientology was upset because the paper was spilling its secrets, not because the story was false. In addition, Scientology has sued individuals who have published the OT III teachings on the Internet for copyright violations - again confirming that they do indeed claim ownership of these materials.


You can download a free copy of the 3 different Ebooks "The Bare Faced Messiah", "The Scandal of Scientology" and "A Piece of Blue Sky" as simple text files. The Ebooks are in notepad which is included with Windows. Even people with Linux should be able to read them!  Download by clicking here:


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