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...and still one of the strangestwebsites on the Internet! 

Yes, a friend made me realize, there's no reason atheists can't have a ministry! So I changed the name back from "Uncommon Sense Media" to "Uncommon Sense Ministries" again. This is an online church for atheists, agnostics, non-religious, and people who don't believe in spooky things.  

It’s still a website devoted to skepticism and rational thought... and as always, weird, weird stuff. 

Here everything about the occult, witchcraft, and supernatural is stripped bare and laid out for all to see! We open up the hidden parts and probe deeply! Yes, here you will get the naked truth about the paranormal!

Humorous picture: "Skyclad" Wiccans hiding behind Uncommon Sense Media sign.



No, no no! It's nothing like that...

Well, that's what I get for hiring skyclad Wiccans for temps, I guess.  What we do here is expose all things occultic as the silly superstitious stuff as it actually is! There's really very little that can't be explained through logic, rational thought, and science. And what little bit can't be explained will be someday!

You'll see navigation for the website on the left. On these pages you'll find information on the Occult, Paranormal, and related subjects that you won't find anywhere else! Some of the more popular pages are:

"HELP! I'M CURSED!" It seems there are many people in the world today who feel like they’re “cursed”. Sometimes it’s because nothing in their life seems to go right, or it can be because a “witch” or “warlock” has claimed to have put a spell on them. Find out the truth about curses and hexes and be free of such thinking once and for all!

TRUE OCCULT CRIMES Yes, sometimes people do terrible things because of their belief in the occult. Murders, human sacrifices, rapes, slavery, blackmail, cannibalsim, assault, fraud, grave robbing…and the list goes on. Read about the documented cases from the last 100 years that made the headlines, and not urban legends. There's also a section on Psychic Scams you may want to check out. 

THE MYTHS OF ANTON LAVEY  In 1966, Anton LaVey started The Church of Satan and went on to write several books on Satanism, including the odious The Satanic Bible. Even though LaVey claimed people who followed his philosophy would find “Mastery over the Earth”, he himself died bankrupt in a broken down house he no longer owned! 

PAGAN RUNES USED IN NAZI GERMANY Even though many people label Hitler a “Christian”, the evidence speaks otherwise. Why did the Third Reich use pagan symbols on everything if they were Christians? According to documents from the Nuremberg Trials, Hitler actually planned to end Christianity during the war. 

SCIENTOLOGY: THE REAL X-FILES This site also has hundreds ofgovernment documents obtained through the FOIA. Read how L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, and Scientology have been on Uncle Sam’s radar for quite sometime! Plus, there are Scientology’s bizarre claims of space men who lived trillions of years ago! What connection did L. Ron Hubbard have to self proclaimed Anti-Christ and occultist Aleister Crowley? All this and even a glossary of Dianetics/Scientology terms are here. 

WICCA, THE "OLD RELIGION"??? We blow the proverbial lid off the cauldron and discover, among other things, Wicca isn’t Satanism. We also uncover Wicca isn’t a Pagan religion that survived Christian persecution by going underground for thousands of years, nor were the people executed during the Witch Hunt Era Wiccans. It was actually created around 1954! 

FAMOUS OCCULTISTS EXPOSED Thumbnail sketches of dozens of occultists...from Aleister Crowley to Merlin. Before you run out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of occult books, maybe you should see how these people fared in real life. for instance, Aleister Crowley started out as a wealthy heir, and died a penniless drug addict in a boarding house! The rest didn't do much better. 

 Yes, the really real truth about the Necronomicon. Really. 

You can read about other occultic stuff right here - - from Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, The Golden Dawn and more - - where it gets debunked once and for all!

This website looks at the occult movement throughout history. AND it's always done with humor. 

Blinky The Baphomet Says "This website really cracks me up. Really."

Blinky the Baphomet says, 

"Oh yeah, this  website really cracks me up. Really." 

New pages will be added all the time, so stop by for a spell (Get it? Witchcraft...occult..spell? Hehe hehe. OK, sorry.). 


Don't forget to award yourself a (fake) Doctorate of Demonology degree from (the equally fake) Miskatonic University! Click on the picture to download. Yes, in no time you can set up practice as a Doctor of Demonology! Good luck with that. (Copy of the real Necronomicon not included)

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